Robert Davis

Robert Davis

Professor of Biology

Office: Tredway B3
Ext.: 5265
P.O. Box: 5031

Robert B. Davis, Ph.D. Professor of Biology, earned a B.S. with major in Biology and minor in Geology from East Tennessee State University. He also holds an M.A. with major in Biology from East Tennessee State University. Graduate Teaching Assistant in biology and geology and Ph.D. degree in Entomology with minor in Botany from North Carolina State University.

Dr. Davis has also performed a Research Assistantship from The United States Department of Agriculture. He is published in U.S.D.A. Technical Bulletin And Journal of Tennessee Academy of Science.

A native of East Tennessee, he has taught field and pre-medical courses since joining Tusculum in 1970. Dr. Davis grew up on the family dairy farm in Jonesborough and he currently farms a 150 acre beef operation known as Grandview Farms.

He enjoys observing the dichotomy between practical, real life problem solving techniques in agriculture and the hypothetical techniques practiced in academia. He has an avid and active interest in, paleontology, wood working, metal working, lost wax casting of jewelry and cutting opals.

Dr. Davis' current research involves native medicinal plants with historic use as vermifuge as well as commercial production of vermifuge prior to 1900. He is also involved with description of a mutant population of Erythronium sp. discovered locally.