Mens' & Womens' Badminton Tournament Rules


1. First to reach 15 wins

2. Best two out of three

3. A player must win by five points if the score is 13 all

4. A player must win by three points if the score is 14 all

5. Coin toss determines serve

6. Serve rotates receiver on 2nd game

7. Players change ends at the end of game

8. One game all player changes end when leading scorer reaches eight

9. The shuttle cock must be below the players waist when serving

10. Serve twice on each side

11. Lets may be called by either player

12. One hour per match

13. Point penalties:

a. Delay of game

b. Damage to equipment

c. Offensive conduct

d. Offensive language

e. Accepting coaching during the game


a. Warning

b. Loss of 1 point

c. Loss of 2 points




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