Co-Rec Flag Football Rules



Each team may have a maximum of 7 players on the field at one time. Of those players, there must be at least 2 females. A team may begin a game with a minimum of 6 players, still with at least 2 females.


1. No casts, pads, braces are allowed above the waist.

2. No baseball caps, hats, or "do-rags" will be permitted, however headband and bandanas are allowed.

3. Each player must wear shoes that do not have any type of cleats attached to the sole.

4. Footballs will be supplied, but if both teams agree to the use of another football ÷ it shall be permitted.

5. Each player must wear shorts or pants that do not have belt loops, pockets, or exposed drawstrings. Pants and shorts must be a different color than the flags.

6. Teams must wear the same color shirts or pinnies will be handed out.


1. Team member must be a student, staff, faculty or alumni of Tusculum College.

2. A team member not have been a former intercollegiate football player within the last calendar year.

3. A Team member may be a current intercollegiate athlete as long as they are not currently in season and have notified their coach for their participation.

All of the following rules are according to NIRSAÔs 2001-2002 Flag and Touch Football Rule Book.

Periods, Time and Substitution

1. Two 24-minute halves. Clock will stop the last minute of the game.

2. Each team is permitted one time-out per half and one additional time-out during each tie-breaker.

3. Players may substitute freely between downs. A female must substitute for a female and so on. Penalty for substitution infraction ÷ 5yards.

4. A half may be extended by an "un-timed" down when, during the last timed down and dead ball interval there is a double foul, an accepted live or dead ball or an inadvertent whistle and the down is to be replayed.

Ball in Play

1. The offense must snap the ball within 25 seconds after the referee has sounded his/her whistle.

2. Delay of game ÷ 5 yards ÷ if a team delays the game with under 2 minutes left in the game, loss of possession will be the penalty.

3. Dead Ball ÷ if under 2 minutes, the first infraction shall be 5 yards, the second shall allow the offense to have a choice in placing the ball on the 3 yd line or yardage from the penalty.

Dead Ball

1. Forward pass strikes the ground or is caught simultaneously by opposing players

2. Backward pass or fumble by a player strikes the ground

3. Runner has a flag belt removed legally by a defensive player

4. Runner is legally touched with one hand between the shoulders and knees, including the hand and arm, once the flag belt is no longer attached.

5. Snap hits the ground

6. Muff of a kickoff or protected scrimmage kick strikes the ground

7. Passer is deflagged before releasing the ball


A fumble or backward pass is dead at the point it hits the ground. A ball goes to the team that last had possession. Just touching the ball is not sufficient for legal possession.


A ball in player possession is out-of-bounds when either the ball or any part of the runner touches the ground or anything else, except a player or game official, which is on or outside a boundary line. If the runner inbounds bumps into or is touched by a player or an official on the sidelines out-of-bounds, the ball is still in play.

Series of Downs & Number of Downs

A ball in player possession is out-of-bounds when either the ball or any part of the runner touches the ground or anything else, except a player or an official on the sidelines out-of-bounds, the ball is still in play.

Kicking the Ball

Punt ÷ the kick must be executed behind the scrimmage line within a reasonable time, neither team may cross the scrimmage line until the ball is kicked, and there are no quick kicks ÷ all punts must be announced to the Referee. Balls kicked into the end zone may be advanced by the receiving team.


1. The snap does not have to be between the snapperÔs legs. The player receiving the snap must be at least 2 yards behind the scrimmage line. Penalty: Illegal Procedure ÷5yds.

2. During the snap, the offensive team must have at least 5 players on their scrimmage line within one yard of the scrimmage line. Penalty: Illegal Procedure ÷ 5yds. From previous spot.

3. No player of the offensive team shall make a false start. A false start is any movement simulating the start of play. Penalty: Illegal Procedure ÷ 5yds. From previous spot.

4. Encroachment ÷ After the snapper has touched the ball, it is encroachment for any player to break the plane of his/her scrimmage line, except the snapperÔs right to be over the ball. Penalty: Encroachment ÷ 5yds. From previous spot.

5. Offensive players are responsible for retrieving the ball after the scrimmage down. The snapper will bring the ball from the huddle to the scrimmage line (first ball spotter). A towel may be used to help keep the ball dry and placed under the ball.

6. All offensive players must be motionless for one second preceding the snap, except for a player moving parallel to or away from the scrimmage line. Penalty: Illegal Motion ÷ 5 yds. From previous spot.

7. An offensive player that moves/shifts (other than going legally in motion) must stop for one full second before the snap. Penalty: Illegal shift ÷ 5yds. From previous spot.

Handing the Ball

1. Any player may hand the ball backward at any time.

2. During a free kick down, no player may hand the ball forward to a teammate.

3. A male runner cannot advance the ball through the scrimmage line. Penalty: Illegal Procedure ÷ 5yds. From previous spot.

Passing and Running

1. All players are eligible to touch or catch a pass. Only one forward pass per down.

2. A forward pass is illegal:

a. If the passerÔs foot is beyond Team AÔs scrimmage line when the ball leaves his/her hand

b. If thrown after team possession has changed during the down

c. If intentionally grounded to save loss of yardage

d. If a passer catches his/her untouched forward or backward pass

e. Second forward pass in that down

Penalty: Illegal Forward Pass ÷ 5yds. Pot of pass, loss of down ÷ if prior possession change

3. After the ball is snapped, and until it has been touched, there shall be no offensive pass interference beyond the offensive scrimmage line when the legal forward pass crosses the offensive scrimmage line. If officials erroneously indicate open/closed play Team A can either play replay or take result of play. Penalty: 10yds. From previous spot & loss of down.

4. After a legal forward passes released by the passer and until it is touched, there shall be no defensive pass interference beyond Team AÔs scrimmage line while the ball is in flight which crosses the Team A scrimmage line. Penalty: 10yds. From previous spot & automatic down.

5. If a pass is caught simultaneously by opposing players, the ball becomes dead, is considered a completed pass, and belongs to the offensive team.

6. If a male passer completes a legal forward pass to another male receiver, the next legal pass completion must involve a female passer or receiver for positive yards. Any foul, whether accepted or declined, shall have no effect on whether the next legal forward pass completion is open or closed. Open ÷ males are eligible to catch a pass, Closed ÷ males are ineligible to catch a pass.

7. One foot inbounds is needed for a legal reception.

Scoring Plays and Touchback

1. Forfeit game ÷ 1 point

2. Touchdown ÷ 6points (male), 9points (female)

3. Safety ÷ 2 points

4. Try: ball in play form 3yd line ÷ 1 point OR ball in play from 10yd line ÷ 2 points OR 20yd line ÷ 3 points

5. Try: a defensive player may intercept a pass or fumble and run it back for what would normally be a touchdown and score 2 points

6. Mercy rule: team is over 25 points with 2 minutes left to play ÷ game is over

Conduct of Players

1. There shall be no personal foul committed by any player, coach, or substitutes. (ie using fist, foot, knee, or leg to contact an opponent; tackling, unnecessary roughness, hurdling, roughing the passer, etc.)

2. Offensive players may protect the runner by screening. Illegal contact between the blocker/rusher will be called against the player determined to have initiated the contact. Penalty: Illegal contact ÷ 10yds.

3. Tampering with the flag belt in anyway to gain advantage including tieing, using foreign materials, or other such acts. Penalty: Unsportsmanlike conduct ÷ 10 yds.from previous spot, loss of down & player disqualification.

4. If a yellow card is issued to a participant they are to sit out for one play and a 10yd. Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty will be enforced.

5. Four unsportsmanlike penalties will result in forfeit.

Enforcement in Penalties

1. Pass play or during the protected scrimmage kick (before possession is gained) ÷ basic enforcement spot is the previous spot (where ball is snapped).

2. Kickoffs (before possession is gained) basic enforcement spot is previous spot (where ball was kicked from).

3. On all running plays the basic enforcement spot is from the end of the rules.

4. Live ball fouls committed by either team after B gains possession during a try or in OT shall be enforced at the succeeding spot.

5. All fouls are marked off from the basic environment spot except an offensive foul behind the basic enforcement spot which becomes a spot foul.

6. All dead ball fouls are administered separately and in the order of occurrence.



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