Mens' & Womens' Table Tennis Rules


1. Coin toss determines first serve and the loser chooses end

2. Single elimination best 2 out of 3

3. Replay point if let occurs from interference from another game

4. First person to 21 points wins the game

5. A player must win by two if the score is 20 all

6. There will be a two minute interval between game if needed

7. Switch ends after every game

8. In third game switch ends when one player reaches ten points

9. Five serves then rotate

10. One hour per match

11. Point penalties:

a. Delay of game

b. Damage to equipment

c. Offensive conduct

d. Offensive language

e. Accepting coaching during the game


1. Warning

2. Loss of 1 point

3. Loss of 2 points




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