Co-Rec Softball Rules


Players & Equipment

A glove must be worn and provided by every player


A player may not wear any type of cast, and knee braces must be covered with a neoprene sleeve

No exposed jewelry may be worn, and may be required to be removed by the umpire

All bats having more than one wall are illegal, bats with a barrel diameter larger than 2.25 inches are illegal, "Super Cell" bats are illegal, Titanium bats are illegal.

A team must have 8 players (2 females) to begin

In Co-rec, the females may not bat back-to-back

The Game

The game is started with a coin toss that will determine home/away status. There will be no time for warm-ups, but the pitcher will take 5 pitches. NO STALLING will be permitted, each inning begins with the third out of the previous inning. Each team will be responsible for providing a scorekeeper. A team not providing the scorekeeper must abide by the other scorekeepers records ö no challenge may be made.

Ending a Game

1. The Supervisor will announce no new innings at 60 minutes past the start time ö if the inning has begun ö it will be completed.

2. If a tie occurs there will be no added innings unless this is tournament play.

3. Ten Run Rule: If either team is winning by 10 or more runs after 5 complete innings of play, that team will win.

4. Forfeits: If a team doesnāt have the 8 players needed to play at the start time, or a forfeit is declared ö the team not at fault will win.


1. The pitcher shall take a position with both feet firmly on the ground and with one or both feet in contact with the pitcherās plate.

2. If a step is taken it can be forward, backward or to the side provided the pivot foot is in contact with the pitcherās plate and the step is simultaneous with the release of the ball.

3. Preliminary to pitching must come to a complete stop with the ball in front of the body. The front of the body must face the batter.

4. The pitcher shall not be considered in pitching position unless the catcher is in position to receive the pitch.

5. The pitch must be delivered underhand with a perceptible arc of at least six feet and not more than 12 feet from the ground. Penalty ö Illegal Pitch

6. The pitch shall be released at a moderate speed. The speed is left entirely up to the judgment of the umpire.

7. The pitcher shall not make "quick return" pitches nor shall they unduly delay the pitch after the batter is ready. Penalty ö Illegal Pitch

8. NO PITCH shall be declared and the action following will be igored when:

a. A base runner us called out for leaving base too soon

b. The pitcher pitches during the suspension of play

c. The ball slips from the pitcherās had during the windup or during the back swing

d. The pitcher pitches before a base runner is able to return to their base following a foul ball

e. The batter steps out of the box and the pitcher stops


a. When it is called, the pitch will be counted as a ball.

10. The pitcher may have five warm-up pitches before the start of the game

11. New pitchers are allowed a maximum of 5 warm-up pitches when they enter the game, but no more than one minute.


1. The batter shall not:

a. Have one or both feet outside of the batterās box or touching ant part of home pate

b. Step into the batterās box with an illegal or altered bat

c. Penalty: ball is dead, batter is out, batter is ejected from game

2. The batter must take his/her position 10 seconds after play ball has been called. Penalty ö pitch will be delivered and called a strike regardless.

3. Batter may not step from the batterās box without calling time to the umpire.

4. The second foul ball in a two strike count will result in strike 3.

5. NO INTENTIONAL WALKS will be granted.

Base Running

1. Base runners may leave a base as soon as a ball is hit or when the pitch crosses home plate.

2. When the ball slides away from its proper position (when a runner goes into it sliding feet first) the runner is assumed to be on the base and not in jeopardy to be put out unless they try to advance. If the player slides head first, they must hold on to the bag to avoid being called out.

3. FAKE TAG ö a fake tag or the motion of catching a throw falsely is a form of obstruction. This is characterized as unsportsmanlike conduct. Penalty - The offender shall be ejected, and the runners shall be awarded bases they would have reached if the obstruction had not occurred.


5. Out of the base path - IF a base runner goes out of the base path to avoid being tagged, they are out. A player is not required to slide into a base, however, a player may not deliberately or otherwise crash into a fielder who is attempting to make or complete a play. Penalty ö runner is out and the ball is dead. No other runner shall advance.

6. Out of Play ö Overthrows will be awarded 2 bases; Catch & Carry will be awarded when a player catches a fly ball in playable territory then goes out of play with the ball in their possession.



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