The Doak House Museum

There are five educational programs being offered at the Doak House Museum this year.

"Quill Mark & Ink Spot"

The daily school life of children is examined during this program. Students visit the home of Rev. Doak and his academy. During the visit they learn about bartering for an education during the 19th century. Rev. Doak's school had students "of good moral character" and this 19th century educational requirement is compared to today's Character Counts program that is mandated by the State of Tennessee. Write with a quill pen and make a 19th century copybook.

"Toys and Games of the 19th Century"

Watch the smiles appear on the faces of your students as they participate in the games of the 19th century. Go on a marble hunt, play a challenging game of marbles, make a marble, and create your own notepaper by using marble to paint. Marbles was one of the toys the Doak children would make and play. Other toys the students will explore are: Jacob's ladder, hooey stick, dolls, pick up sticks, blocks, nine pins, tops, and moon winders.

"Dig at the Doak's"

Participate in an archeological dig, examine artifacts, and make a 19th century brick at Rev. Doak's home. Tour the home of Rev. Doak and discover secrets as you explore the 19th century home.

"Down the Garden Path"

Explore the 19th century farm of Rev. Doak that includes the main house, springhouse, and academy. Discover plants, make a scarecrow, play bean bag games as you learn new rhymes. Hear the story of Johnny Appleseed and find out the importance of farming and gardening in the 19th century.

"Storytelling and Gingerbread" Grades K-2

Students will catch the gingerbread man at the Doak House Museum. The holidays will come to life for your students as they learn about 19th century holiday customs, listen to stories about the Doak family children and Miss Molly Mouse who lives at the Doak House. Make a 19th century ornament to take home, decorate your very own gingerbread man cookie to eat, and enjoy the story "The Gingerbread Man."

For more information and admission fees, please call the Doak House Museum at 1-800-729-0256 ext. 5251

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