Greeneville Federal Bank Information Literacy Classroom

Use Policy

Updated 8/2012


The Greeneville Federal Bank Information Literacy Classroom (ILC) is located in Room 206 in the Tusculum College Garland Library.  With seating for 30, it houses an instructor workstation, overhead LCD projector, projection screen,  and 24 laptop computers available for students to use during  information literacy instruction sessions.  The ILC’s primary purpose is to provide a space for librarian/faculty/student collaboration and information literacy instruction sessions in a structured classroom environment that limits interruption while allowing continuous accessibility and availability of computers in the Information Commons in the Garland Library. 


The ILC may not be scheduled as a regular teaching classroom for any regularly scheduled classes during any block. To do so would prevent other faculty from scheduling the room for Information Literacy sessions. Scheduling of the computers in the Information Commons for or in conjunction with classes that do not require Information Literacy instruction is possible.


 Information Literacy sessions are taught by Tusculum College Librarians in collaboration with TC  faculty and staff.   Tusculum College faculty  are encouraged to contact the library and speak to the appropriate librarian to schedule an information literacy instruction session.  Residential College faculty should contact Charles Tunstall, Reference and Instruction Librarian or Kathy Hipps, Information Literacy Librarian.  Graduate and Professional Studies faculty should contact Anne Reever Osborne,  Distance Learning Librarian, Graduate and Professional Studies, NE region.


Faculty inquiries may also be directed to Library Director Jack Smith in the event Mr. Tunstall, Mrs.  Hipps or Mrs. Osborne are unavailable.  Administrative and professional staff of Tusculum College wishing to schedule the ILC for faculty and staff workshops related to library and information research, should contact Jack Smith  to make arrangements.


Procedure for requesting a session in the ILC:


1.  Contact  the library at least 3 days in advance to speak with a librarian and to schedule an information literacy instruction session.


2.   If available, the room and technology will be reserved for the session time period requested  by the faculty member. If a session is no longer required, it should be cancelled by phone call or e-mail to the librarian with whom it was scheduled.


3.  During the session time period students will have access, at faculty request, to use  the ILC laptop computers within the ILC. At no time will the ILC laptop computers be allowed out of the ILC by students or faculty.


4.  If the ILC is unavailable at the requested time, an alternate date/time may be chosen or arrangements made to provide Information Literacy Instruction for the faculty’s class in the open computer lab in the Information Commons or in the faculty member's classroom.


5.  If an instructor would like to bring a class for library research during class time,  arrangements can be made with Charles Tunstall, Reference and Instruction Librarian or Anne Reever Osborne, DL Librarian to reserve the computers in the Information Commons for  a specific time. Such arrangements should be made as far in advance of need as possible.


Reviewed  and approved by faculty ad hoc committee of Programs & Policies August 5, 2009.


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