Newly Acquired Books May 2003 (276 titles)    
Call no. Titles Author  
REF HF.5386.A54.2002 AICPA Professional Standards    
REF.BL1005.L46.2001 Asian Mythology Leeming  
REF.BL303.C66.1997 Oxford Dictionary of World Mythology Cotterell  
REF.E185.96.B545.1989 Black Writers Metzger, May,Straub, Troksy  
REF.E77.P89.1998 Native Americans Pritzker  
REF.GR111.M49.C37.2001 Chicano Folklore Castro  
REF.GV875.A56.M336.2000 The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Record Book Madden  
REF.H5415.C5414.1992 Marketing Glossary Clemente  
REF.HA214.C53.2002 Claritas Demographic Reference Guide    
REF.HF5548.4.M525.G582.2002 A Guide to Microsoft Office XP Professional Presley, Brown, Malfas, Marrelli  
REF.HF5548.4.M525.G85.2000 A Guide fo Microsoft Office 2000 Professionall Presley, Brown, Malfas, Grassman  
REF.ML105.M66x.1995 The Norton Grove Dictionary of Women Composers Sadie, Samuel  
REF.NK1125.K64.2003 Kovel's Antiques & Collectibles, 2003    
REF.PE2827.`G37.2000 The Oxford Dictionary of American Usage and Style Garner  
REF.PN172.E52.2001 Encyclopedia of Rhetoric Sloane  
REF.PN1995.9.F67.W56.1999 Video Hound's World Cinema Wilhelm  
REF.PN1995.9.J6.L35.1997 The Media in the Movies Langman  
REF.PN41.C67.2001 Oxford Concise Dictionary of Literary Terms Baldick  
REF.PN41.R4.2002 The Reader's Companion to World Literature Hornstein, Percy, Brown  
REF.PN44.5.M27.2001 The Penguin Dictionary of Critical Theory Macey  
REF.PN4784.S6.S66.1996 Sports Style Guide & Reference Manual Swan  
REF.PN4820.A66.1996 Literary Journalism Applegate  
REF.PN59.G57.2001 Studying Literature: The Essential Companion Goring, Hawthorn, Mitchell  
REF.PS261.S515.1997 Encyclopedia of Southern Literature Snodgrass  
REF.QL757.E64.2001 Encyclopedic Reference of Parasitology    
REF.R121.T18.2001 Taber's Cyclopedia Medical Dictionary    
REF.RC1211.T43.2002 Team Physician's Handbook Mellion, et al  
REF.Z6940.C38.1997 Journalism, A Guide to the Reference Literature Cates  
B1348.B457.1999 Berkeley Berman  
B2948.K24.1998 G.W.F. Hegel Kainz  
B720.R43.1996 Readings in Medieval Philosophy Schoedinger  
B809.3.F84.2000 Cultural Studies and Critical Theory Fuery, Mansfield  
BF637.C45.K35.1994 How to Create Positive Relationships With Students Karns  
BF637.C6.V47.2002 What Works With Children Vernon  
BF637.H4.R36.1985 How Can I Help? Stories and Reflections on Service Dass, Gorman  
BF692.2.M33.1998 The Two Sexes, Growing Up Apart, Coming Together Maccoby  
BF698.3.K45.1998 Please Understand Me II Kiersey  
BL1124.52.E5.1998 Upanisads Olivelle  
BL629.5.S44.K87.2001 Living a Life That Matters Kushner  
BL785.W98.1991 Myth and the Polis Pozzi, Wickersham  
BP163.M4713.1992 Islam and Democracy Mernissi  
BS1199.W7.W65.1999 Women in the Hebrew Bible Bach  
BX9743.B7.H38.2000 Blood and Fire Hattersley  
World History      
D644.M32.2002 Peacemakers MacMillan  
D804.3.H6484.2001 A Holocaust Reader Morgan  
D804.33.H65.2002 The Holocaust and other Genocides Smith  
D810.D6.C37.1999 Nazi Gold Carpozi  
D860.M35.2002 The Ideas That Conquered the World Mandelbaum  
DA347.R47.2002 Bloody Mary's Martyrs Ridley  
DD404.M23.2000 Frederick the Great MacDonogh  
DE59.G74.1998 Classical Bearings Greene  
DF227.M4313.1998 Athens Meier  
DG242.G65.2000 The Punic Wars Goldsworthy  
DG65.G7313.1997 The Foundations of Rome Grandazzi  
DK260.F54.1997 A People's Tragedy Figes  
DS121.K385.1999 Reconstructing the Society of Ancient Israel McNutt  
DS146.U6.N45.1996 Terror in the Night Nelson  
DS558.A37.2000 After Vietnam, Legacies of a Lost War Neu  
DS558.R43.1998 The Wrong War Record  
DS559.8.D7.H33.2001 Northern Passage Hagan  
DS559.912.T45.1999 Shadows and Wind, A View of Modern Vietnam Templer  
U.S. History      
E184.E95.S73.1999 From the Old Country Stave, Sutherland, Salemo  
E185.61.C697.2000 My Soul is a Witness Collier-Thomas, Franklin  
E187.5.W35.1999 Colonial Women Waldrup  
E302.1.B16.2003 To Begin the World Anew Bailyn  
E322.B83.1995 John Adams and the American Press Brown  
E337.5.F33.2000 The Unvarnished Truth Fabian  
E415.9.S84.T74.2001 Thaddeus Stevens Trefousse  
E457.2.N6.2000 Lincoln and the Indians Nichols  
E467.1.M44.M55.2000 Second Only to Grant Miller  
E476.17.F83.2002 An Unerring Fire Fuchs  
E600.B87.2002 Success is All That Was Expected Browning  
E697.J44.2000 An Honest President Jeffers  
E748.S63.S57.2001 Empire Statesman Slayton  
E78.G73.T33.1998 Buckskin and Buffalo Taylor  
E806.B24.2002 The New Deal Badger  
E807.G44.1995 Secret Affairs Gellman  
E814.H377.1982 Working With Truman Hechler  
E847.C34.2002.V.3 The Years of Lyndon Johnson V3 Caro  
E872.O37.1991 Mass Media and American Foreign Policy O'Heffernan  
E886.2.K35.2001 One Scandalous Story Kalb  
E98.R3.B54.2001 The Mythology of North America Bierhorst  
F3429.1.M3.B617.2002 Lost City of the Incas Bingham  
F865.D94.1997 Volunteer Forty-Niners Durham  
Geography, Ecology, Anthropology, Sports
GE155.E84.M34.1999 The Everglades McCally  
GE180.E54.2002 Environmental Governance Kettl  
GF532.A4.L43.1993 Voices From the Amazon Le Breton  
GT580.N85.2000 Fashion in Costume: 1200-2000 Nunn  
GV1108.5.S58.1999 Death and Money in the Afternoon Shubert  
GV1589.B63.2002 The Body Can Speak Mertz  
GV35.B35.2002 The Gladiator Baker  
GV351.S48.2001 The Game of Life Shulman, Bowen  
GV573.G37.2002 Athletics in the Ancient World Gardiner  
GV742.3.H43.2000 The Art of Sportscasting Hedrick  
GV745.A85.2000 Athletic Protective Equipment Street, Runkle  
GV865A1.M376.1999 Moments in the Sun McGuire and Cormley  
Business, Economics, Management, Sociology
HC105.H66.1986 Engines of Change: The American Industrial Revolution, 1790-1860 Hindle, Lubar  
HC79.C6.B337.2003 Marketing to Women Barletta  
HD38.2.B83.1999 First, Break All the Rules Buckingham, Coffman  
HD4847.W67.1993 The Workplace Before the Factory Safley, rosenband  
HD58.8.K645.2002 The Heart of Change Kotter, Cohen  
HD66.K383.1998 Teams at the Top Katzenbach  
HD8072.A5136.1995 American Labor in the Era of World War II Miller, Cornford  
HE8700.8.B374.2001 The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting Barsamain  
HF5387.B32.1997 Defining Moments Badaracco  
HF5387.C36.1996 Case Studies in Business Ethics Donaldson, Gini  
HF5387.E8.2002 Market Operations in Electric Power Systems Donaldson, Werhane, Cording  
HF5387.S426.2000 The Good, the Bad, and Your Business Seglin  
HF5415.122.B36.2002 The Market Planning Guide Bangs  
HF5415.127.M47.2002 Managing by Defining Moments Meredith, Schewe, Hiam  
HF5549.5.T8.G74.2001 Retaining Valued Emplooyees Griffeth, Hom  
HF5549.H528.2001 Creating the Innovation Culture Horibe  
HG3294.Z8513.2002 Credit Suisse Group Banks Jung  
HN65.P878.2000 Bowling Alone Putnam  
HQ1075.5.U6.B37.2000 The Horrors of the Half-Known Life Barker-Benfield  
HQ1413.S67.G74.1984 In Her Own Right:  The Life of Elizabeth Cady Stanton Griffith  
HQ769.P448.1976 Living With Children Patterson  
OVERSIZE.HV6432.N38.2002 A Nation challenged New York Times  
HT114.A54.1995 First Cities Andrews  
Politics, Law      
JC88.S73.1998 Public Office in Early Rome Stewart  
KF2814.B46.2000 The Beginning of Broadcast Regulation in the 20th Century Bensman  
KF2910.S65.H47.1995 Legal Aspects of Sports Medicine Herbert  
KF4749.C74.1991 Creating the Bill of Rights Veit, Bowling, Bickford  
LA209.W28.1991 Liberal Journalism & American Education, 1914-1941 Wallace  
LB1042.G54.2000 Storymaking in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms Golden  
LB1062.S49.1992 I Can Problem Solve -- Kindergarten & Primary Shure  
LB1062.S49.1992 I Can Problem Solve -- Intermediate Shure  
LB1062.S49.1992 What Works When With Children and Adolescents Shure  
LB1065.P49.2002 Creating Confident Children Pierangelo, Giulani  
LB1139.23.M68.2000 Early 3R's Mountain  
LB11573.7.M28.2003 Weaving Through Words Mantione, Smead  
LB1527.M68.2002 From Literature to Literacy Moss, Fenster  
LB1576.B955.2002 Reading & Writing, Nonfiction Genres Buss, Karnowski  
LB1584.T87.1994 Essentials of Classroom Teaching Turner  
LB2282.82.M37.2003 What Works in Schools Marzano  
LB2805.C72.1992 The School for Quality Learning Crawford, Bodine, Hoglund  
LB2822.8.D37.2002 Enhancing Student Achievement Danielson  
LB2935.3.C65.2003 College Reading Research and Practice Paulson, Laine, Biggs, Bullock  
LB3013.3.B74.1995 Break it Up Goldstein, et al  
LB3013.3.W495.2000 Bully Busters Newman, Horne, Bartolmucci  
LB3013.S84.1983 Structuring Your Classroom for Academic Success Paine, et al  
LB3032.C36.1995 Block Scheduling Canaday, Rettig  
LC1099.D74.2003 Teaching & Learning About Multicultural Literature Dressel  
LC212.9.r4.2002 Reading, Writing & Talking Gender in Literacy Learning Guzzetti, et al  
LC225.3.H65.1998 Home School Relations Fuller, Olsen  
LC2771.P74.2002 Achievement matters Price  
LC3481.P54.2001 What Every Teacher Should Know About Students With Special Needs Pierangelo, Giuliani  
LC3969.O47.1992 Teaching Children & Adolescents With Special Needs Olson, Platt  
LC4031.F744.1998 I Am the Child Freeman, Dennison  
LC4713.4.G67.1994 Meeting the ADD Challenge Gordon, Asher  
LC5251.H383.1994 Developing Teaching Style Heimlich, Norland  
Music, Fine Arts
ML3530.J38.2000 That American Rag Jasen, Jones  
ML395.J37.2002 Black Bottom Stomp Jasen, Jones  
N6410.M566.1999 Baroque and Rococo Art and Costume Minor  
N6512.5.M63.F56.1995 Art Since 1940: Strategies of Being Fineberg  
N8528.J33.1995 The Painted Voyage Jacobs  
ND1807.F47.1998 Masters of Color and Light Ferber, Gallati  
Language and Literature
P106.C5244.2002 On Nature and Language Chomsky  
P94.5.W65.W686.1993 Visual Images of Women in the Arts & Mass Media Bentz, Mayes  
P94.H567.1998 Religion in the News Hoover  
P94.R87.2000 Coercion:  Why we listen to what they say Rushkoff  
P96.E252.U655.1994 Networks of Power Mazzoccco  
PA260.C57.1998 The Classical Greek Reader Atchity  
PE1112.B63.2001 Introducing English Grammar Borjars, Burridge  
PE1128.A2.E544.2003 English Learners Garcia  
PE2841.W654.1999 Dialects in Schools and Communities Wolfram, Adger, Christian  
PE3102.N42.C47.2003 Understanding Storytelling Among African American Children Champion  
PN1995.9.H5.W95.1997 Projecting the Past Wyke  
PN2067.J29.1998 More Costumes for the Stage Jackson  
PN2287.W454.W56.1997 John Wayne's America Wills  
PN4731.B675.1999 Discovering Journalism Bovee  
PN4731.F58.2001 From Watergate to Monicagate Foerstel  
PN4733.J59.1992 Journalism & Popular Culture Dahlgren, Sparks  
PN4738.I58.2002 Into the Buzzsaw Borjesson  
PN4749.M47.2001 Twilight of Press Freedom Merrill, Gade, Blevens  
PN4756.M385.2000 Legacy of Wisdom: Great Thinkers and Journalism Merrill  
PN4759.L85.2001 Daily News, Eternal Stories Lule  
PN4781.E88.1998 Custodians of Conscience Ettema, Glasser  
PN4781.J85.1981 The Journalism of Outrage Protess et al  
PN4781.S45.1994 Campaigns and Conscience Seib  
PN4784.I6.C59.2002 The News Interview Clayman, Heritage  
PN4784.O24.B56.2002 Death By Journalism? Bledsoe  
PN4784.O24.H33.1998 Sustaining Democracy? Journalism & the Politics of Objectivity Hackett, Zhao  
PN4784.S4.C36.2001 Yellow Journalism Campbell  
PN4784.S6.C73 Sports Writing-A Beginners Guide Craig  
PN4784.S6.D56.1998 Sports in the Pulp Magazines Dinan  
PN4784.T4.W56.1997 Mapping the Cultural Space of Journalism Winch  
PN4784.T5.R69.2000 Drive-By Journalism Rowse  
PN4785.G38.1992 Making the Newsmakers Gaunt  
PN4855.D64.2002 The News About the News Downe, Kaiser  
PN4855.L46.1995 News for All Leonard  
PN4855.N67.2001 Communities of Journalism Nord  
PN4874.D3.S76,1993 The Sun Shines for All Steele  
PN4874.W517.H64.1995 Theodore H. White & Journalism As Illusion Hoffmann  
PN4882.5.B87.1996 Nitty Gritty Burns  
PN4888.E65.F76.1998 Green Ink Frome  
PN4888.L3.N48.1992 The New Labor Press Pizzigati, Solowey  
PN56.B5.F69.1991 The Double Vision: Language and Meaning in Religion Frye  
PN56.M54.M6.1991 Modernism Bradbury, McFarlane  
PN6068.D38.1994 Daughters of Africa Busby  
PN6110.M8.G63.2001 Gods and Mortals Kossman  
PN81.C857.1997 Literary Theory, a Very Short Introduction Culler  
PN81.H227.2001 Literary and Cultural Theory Hall  
PN86.W35.1996 Studying Literary Theory Webster  
PQ7087.E5.O9.1997 The Oxford Book of Latin American Short Stories Gonzales-Echevarria  
British Literature      
PR1585.D38.1997 The Dating of Beowulf Chase  
PR3069.M27.W47.2000 Teaching Children & Adolescents With Special Needs Whitney, Packer  
PR4952.W6.I54.1992 Dickens, Women and Language Ingham  
PR6019.O9.U756.1998 James Joyce and Censorship Vanderham  
PR878.S6.I54.1996 The Language of Gender and Class Ingham  
PR9205.8.O94.1999 The Oxford Book of Carribbean Short Stories Brown, Wickham  
PR9494.3.N56.1997 Nine Indian Women Poets de Sousa  
American Literature      
PS1342.H5.H57.2002 A Historical Guide to Mark Twain Fishkin  
PS153.N5.H29.2001 Saints, Sinners, Saviors Harris  
PS3232.M67.2000 The Better Angel Morris  
PS3557.R3875.B87.2001 Burnt Umber Greene  
PS366.R44.H37.2000 A History of American Literary Journalism Hartsock  
PS366.R44.S68.1992 A Sourcebook of American Literary Journalism Connery  
PS541.T743.2000 Transcendentalism, a Reader Myerson  
PS589.A45.1992 American Women Poets of the Nineteenth Century Walker  
PS647.E85.G776.1999 Growing Up Ethnic in America Gillan, Gillan  
PS647.W6.H5.1985 Hidden Hands, an Anthology of American Writers, 1790-1870 Freibert, White  
General Science, Physical Science, Life Science
Q125.2.J365.1999 Intenious Pursuits Jardine  
Q127.G4.M4636.1990 Puritanism and the Rise of Modern Science Merton  
QE851.M35.2000 Discovering Fossil Fishes Maisey  
QL31.G58.A3.2000 Reason for Hope Goodall  
QL463.I7224.1999 Insect Lives Schultz  
QM23.2.M67.11999 Clinically Oriented Anatomy Moore, Dalley  
QM548.J46.2002 Hollinshead's Functional Anatomy of the Limbs & Back Jeenkins  
QP301.M375.2001 Exercise Physiology McArdle,Katch,Katch  
QP303.H35.2003 Basic Biomechanics Hall  
QP303.H354.2003 Biomechanical Basis of Human Movement Hamill,Knutzen  
QP3301.W6749.1999 Physiology of Sport & Exercise Wilmore, Costill  
QP360.5.P56.1997 How the Mind Works Pinker  
Medicine and Allied Health
R850.B365.2002 Conducting & Reading Research in Health & Human Performance Baumgartner, Strong, Hensley  
RA565.L54.2002 Life Support McCally  
RA776.D66.2002 Access to Health Donatelle  
RA776.H148.2003 An Invitation to Health Hales  
RB153.M55.2001 Pathogenesis of Infectious Disease Mims, Nash, Stephen  
RC1201.N38.2002 Proceedings--NATA 53rd Annual Meeting & Clinical Symposium    
RC1210.A84.1999 Athletic Training and Sports Medicine Schenck  
RC1210.C585.1997 Clinical Athletic Training Konin  
RC1210.C84.1995 Current Therapy in Sports Medicine Torg, Shephard  
RC1230.B347.2002 Performance Enhancing Substances in Sport & Exercise Bahrke, Yesalis  
RC55.O36.2001 Clinical Pathology for Athletic Trainers O'Connor  
RC552.B84.H53.2003 When Dieting Becomes Dangerous Michel, Willard  
RC591.E965.2002 Exercise-Induced Asthma Rundell,Wilber,Lemanske  
RC76.B38.2003 Guide to Physical Examination & History-taking Bickley  
RC925.5.E45.2001 Closed Kinetic Chain Exercise Ellenbecker, Davies  
RD1210.S785.1999 Therapeutic Modalities Starkey  
RD557.5.C58.1996 Shoulder Injuries in Sport Ciullo  
RD557.5.O68.1995 Orthopedic Therapy of the Shoulder Kelley, Clark  
RD558.E45.1997 The Elbow in Sport Ellenbecker, Mattalino  
RD595.P465.2003 Peripheral Nerve Injuries in the Athelete Feinberg, Spielholz  
RD680.W47.1998 Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Injury Whiting, Zernicke  
RD734.M34.2002 Orthopedic Physical Assessment Magee  
RD771.B217.M42.2002 Low Back Disorders McGill  
RD97.A527.2003 Fundamentals of Sports Injury Management Anderson  
RD97.A86.1996 Athletic Injuries & Rehabilitation Zachazewsski, Magee,Quillen  
RD97.I55.1999 The Injured Athelete Perrin  
RD97.S83.2002 Evaluation of Orthopedic & Athletic Injuries Starkey, Ryan  
RD97.T484.2003 Therapeutic Modalities for Sports Medicine & Athletic Training Prentice  
RD97.T485.2003 Therapeutic Modalities, Laborarory Manual Quillen, Underwood  
RJ506.H9.A84.1998 The AD/HD Forms Book Asher, Gordon  
RJ506.H9.M663.1998 Facing AD/HD Morris  
RJ506.L4.D451 Personalized Whole Brain Integration Dennison, Dennison  
RM300.W67.2002 Essentials of Pharamacology for Health Occupations Woodrow  
RM301.C515.2002 Pharmacology in Rehabilitation Ciccone  
RM700.H48.1996. Management of Common Musculoskeletal Disorders Hertling, Kessler  
RM721.F75.2000 Mosby's Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage Fritz  
Agriculture, Engineering, Computer Science, Photography
S592.6.C35.P67.2003 The Potential of US Forest Soils Kimble, Heath, Birdsey, Lal  
TA145.A358.2002 The New Engineering Adiutori  
TK7874.C64744.2002 Computer-aided Design of Analog Circuits and Systems Rutenbar, Gielen, Antao  
TR149.B573.H45.2002 The Photographic World and Humour of Cuthbert Bede Henisch, Henisch  
TR85.K55.1997 The Commissar Vanishes