Vol. 7, no. 2       TUSCULUM COLLEGE TATE LIBRARY   October 1996




Please note the following changes in operating hours occuring on some days during the month of October.


Oct. 7-10: 8 a.m.-10 p.m.; Oct. 13: Closed; Oct. 14-18: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Oct. 20: Closed; Oct. 21-22: 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Oct. 23-24: 8 a.m.-10 p.m.


Program Budgets:


We anticipate being able to announce exact library book/video budgets for programs during October. Please feel free to obtain and submit order cards in the meantime, noting selections in order of priority.




Any one any where any time may now find out via the World Wide Web what books, videos, and other items are in our catalog since 1990 (and also in sofar as our retrospective conversion is completed). For example, a complete list of our journal holdings can be viewed under the subject heading "journals." In the near future, we will be joining this effort with those of Greeneville-Greene County Public Library and Walters State Community College. You may now access our catalog via the TC home page or at http://tusculum.library.net


Helpful visitor and visit:


  Ms. Celia Szarejko, ETSU Systems Librarian and president of the Association for Libraries in Northeast Tennessee, will be the library's guest on Friday afternoon, Oct. 4. We look forward to her expertise as we begin our SACs preparations. On Monday, Oct. 7, Jack Smith will be meeting with Doug Cross, Librarian of WSCC, in Morristown to review the new "Silver Lining" library automation system marketed by the company hosting our new Web catalog. The process is based on use of the Web.


Cool new Web site:


For scores every 3 minutes during games of the baseball playoffs and World Series, point your browsers to http://www.fastball.com




Tech Services Report (August-September):



Books/AV Processed: 119


  New, Purchased: 62                  Hobbie Collection: 8


  Gift: 36                            Video: 13


ERIC docs added:  2095                Volunteer Hours: 41.5


Bibbase/NetPac Count (10/2/96): 36,643


New Video Titles:


The Buried Mirror; Crossing Borders: The Journey of Carlos Fuentes; Romero; Jorge Luis Borges: Profile of a Writer; Through Madness; Rebuilding Communities; Birth of a Nation: My Fair Lady; Dreamworlds 2.


Public Services Report (September):