Vol. 7, no. 5    TUSCULUM COLLEGE TATE LIBRARY     January 1997



Program budgets: 


  We haven't had many orders come in as yet. If you need order cards or other acquistion help in any way before the Jan. 31 deadline, please call.


Library committee:


  The first library subcommittee meeting of the new year is scheduled for 3:30 p.m., Tuesday January 21 at Tate Library.


New library co-operative agreements:


  New service agreements have been signed this month with Washington County-Jonesboro Public Library (in the same arrangement as presently enjoyed with Greeneville-Green County) and Chattanooga State Technical Community College.




  Jack Smith is the new president of the Alliance of Libraries in Northeast Tennessee, a consortium of all the public and academic libraries from Bristol to Morristown.




  Congrats to Dr. Sexton for the review of his Battles & Leaders series title Signals Intelligence, which appears in the January issue of Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries. FYI, Don is the fourth Tennessee historian to publish a book in that series; upon publication of his Stalingrad work next year, Dr. Fred Kaufmann will be the fifth. For both projects, Mr. Tunstall provided significant interlibrary loan support.


Cool New Web Sites:


  To find information on a company, http://companies.whowhere.com or www.savoystocks.com are both helpful. To obtain a free independent e-mail account, register with hotmail.com. Cheap computer prices can be seen or used at JemComputers (http://www.jemcomp.com/basement). You can compare long distance rates at www.simplysavings.com/aframe3.html and learn to verify your electric bill at www.ue.com/meter/calculate.html 




                        MONTHLY REPORTS

                           December 1996



Technical Services:


Books/AV Processed: 77 (New/purchased 47; Gift 30)


ERIC document (titles) added: 1152


Hours Volunteers worked: 18.75


Bibbase count (January 16): 39,750