Recommendation for Purchase

Tusculum College Faculty, Administration, and Staff

This form provides an opportunity for Tusculum College faculty and staff  to communicate titles of resources that they deem appropriate for purchase for addition to the Tusculum College Garland Library collection.  All  fields of the form must be completed.  Once submitted, the request will automatically be forwarded to the Director of TC Garland Library, Jack Smith. One title per request please.  Please avoid duplicating titles already held by TC Garland Library by consulting the Online Catalog for current availability. 



Author or Editor: 

Publisher:  Place of Publication:

Date of Publication:    Edition:    ISBN/ISSN: 

List Price:

Your Name: Division/Dept/Office

School:    Phone:

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Please provide below a detailed explanation of why this title should be added to the Library Collection.  Include information on how this resource would benefit a course, program, school, student population. Please indicate citation source if possible.

By checking this box I acknowledge that I have provided accurate information for this title and have received approval from my School Director/Supervisor to recommend it for purchase.    I also understand that purchase of the above title is dependent on available funding and appropriateness for the collection.

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