Geography/ Maps

Google Earth   Requires download of free software but its well worth it.  "Fly" anywhere in the world and see 3D Satellite images. Directions, topographical images and tourist attractions as well as a locator for all sorts of businesses.  Highly recommended just for fun if anything!
National Geographic.Com: Maps & Geography
gives you satellite images of any place on earth, including your present location

NEW!  National Atlas The online version of the printed monograph updated regularly.    Maps may be downloaded and printed. 

NEW!  The National Map  provided by the United States Geological Survey National Geospatial Program includes topographical, geographical, geologic, world maps, transportation and ground cover of the United States and other North American Countries.  

RECOMMENDED!  University of Texas  Map Collection  Thematic Maps.   Includes maps outlining physical, political,  ethnography, population, economy-- industry and land use-- of countries around the world.   You can't go wrong with this collection!  Downloadable,  printable and FREE!

Road Atlases and Directions

Maps.Com, is a tremendous source for maps and includes a search engine

MapQuest, a great tool for planning trips by car
Maps-On-Us, provides incredible detail--want to find Morrison Road in Greene County, Tennessee?

Rand McNally

Travel Guides, Information Centers

Center for Disease Control Travel Information
Dept. of State Bureau of Consular Affairs alerts

Fodor'sU.S. State Home Pages
World African Network
Passport Services, from the Department of State
Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory

Travel Warnings & Consular Information Sheets
Travlang, teaches the basics of many foreign languages
U.S.Department of State: Travel and Living Abroad

Booking and Reservations

Amtrak US Rail service
City Insights

Excite! travel: Your Guide to the World
Yellowbook phone directory
World Hostel Guide
Quikbook, America's #1 Hotel Discounter

Theme Parks, Destinations,  Festivals

Western Fairs Association Fairs Net
Festival Finder
Festivals.Com, where they are and how to get there
The New York City, Reference pages

New York Now
Southern Festivals
Theme Park Insider  Information on top theme parks, safety, visitor review of rides and attractions
Tourism Offices Worldwide Directory

For information on Airlines, see the Library Director's Links Page

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