Newly Acquired Books October/November 2004 (166 Titles)  
*Denotes gift books
REF.BF318.E53.2002 Learning and Memory
REF.BF1548.L49.2001 Satanism Today: An Encyclopedia of Religion, Folklore, and Popular Culture
REF.BF1566.G727.2002 The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Witchcraft Netzley
REF.BL477.L45.1998 Angels A to Z Lewis, Oliver, Sisong
REF.CT3203.W66.1997 Women's Firsts Zilboorg
REF.D743.5.P56.1991* World War II:  America at War, 1941-1945 Polmar, Allen
REF.E76.2.J63.1999 Macmillan Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes Johnson
REF.E77.N3518.1998 The Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes, 4 vols.
REF.E185.H64.1997 Chronology of African-American History from 1492 to the Present
REF.E342.J36.1994 James Madison and the American Nation, 1751-1836, an Encyclopedia
REF.E404.U66.1998 The United States and Mexico at War
REF.GV721.5.H546.2004 Encyclopedia of the Modern Olympic Movement Findling, Pelle
REF.GV1585.B46.1998 International Dictionary of Modern Dance
REFHA203.V587.2004 Vital Statistics of the United States Wendel, Wendel
REF.HQ1121.C617.1997 Chronology of Women Worldwide Brakeman, Gall
REF.L901.D65.2004 Guide to American Graduate Schools
REF.LB15.E48.1992 Encyclopedia of Educational Research, 4 vols.
REF.LB2322.2.B57.2004 Speaking of Higher Education, The Academic's Book of Quotations Birnbaum
REF.LB2367.4.B76.2003 Barron's How to Prepare for the GRE Test (Graduate Record Examination)
REF.LB2367.4.P73.2003 Practicing to Take the GRE General Test
REF.N8354.C66.1999 Contemporary Women Artists
REF.PN1998.2.W66.1998 Women Filmmakers and  Their Films
REF.PR1903.O94.2003 The Oxford Companion to Chaucer
REF.PS147.A42.2000 American Women Writers, 4 vols.
REF.QL82.B435.1009 Beacham's International Guide to Endangered Species
REF.QL494.B494.2003 The Anatomy of Insects and Spiders Beverly, Ponsonby
REF.RS164.V295.2004 Medicinal Plants of the World van Wyk, Wink
REF.TH9148.G68.2002 Firefighting Gottschalk
REF.UG628.A73.2002 Air Warfare, an International Encyclopedia, 2 vols. Boyne
REF.V23.N32.2002 Naval Warfare, an International Encyclopedia, 3 vols. Tucker
AM7.R435.2004 Reinventing the Museum Anderson
B72.C35.2003 The Cambridge History of Philosophy, 1870-1945 Baldwin
B802.E54.1985* The Enlightenment, a Comprehensive Anthology Gay
BF173.Z37.2004 Secrets of the Soul, a Social and Cultural History of Psychoanalysis Zaretsky
BJ1311.S48.2004 The Science of Good and Evil: Why People Cheat, Gossip, Care, Share, etc. Shermer
BJ1533.C8.M32.2004 Why Courage Matters McCain
BL2500.J46.2004 Dream Catchers, How Mainstream America Discovered Native Spirituality Jenkins
BT77.L348.2001 Mere Christianity Lewis
D521.P75.2004 The First World War Prior, Wilson
D756.M4426.2004 The Second World War in Europe Messenger
D767.W478.2004 The Second World War in the Far East Willmott
DF225.6.S76.2004 The Battle of Salamis, the Naval Encounter that Saved Greece Strauss
DR1313.3.R54.1996 Slaughterhouse: Bosnia and the Failure of the West Rieff
DS119.76.R68.2004 The Missing Peace Ross
DS371.2.C63.2004 Ghost Wars Coll
E77.N365.2004 Native Universe McMaster, Trafzer
E99.I7.B37.2003 Beyond the Covenant Chain Richter, Merrell
E169.K985.2004 Daily Life in the United States, 1920-1940 Kyvig
E175.85.L56.2004 History Lessons Lindaman, Ward
E183.8.S65.M3724.2004 Reagan and Gorbachev Matlock
E184.A1.G823.2004 The Race Myth Graves
E184.A1.R244.2003 Race and Ethnicity in America Bayor
E185.61.W846.2004 Black Struggle, Red Scare Woods
E185.86.G625.2004 Don't Play in the Sun Golden
E469.C583.1997 The Civil War in Appalachia: Collected Essays Noe, Wilson
E765.C47.2004 1912: Wilson, Roosevelt, Taft and Debs Chase
E805.N43.2004 Happy Days are Here Again Neal
E840.8.K58.H36.2004 The Flawed Architect: Henry Kissinger and American Foreign Policy Hanhimaki
F106.A59.2004 The Appalachians, America's First and Last Frontier Evans, et al
F213.O27.2004 Conjecture of Order: Intellectual Life and the American South, 1810-1860 O'Brien
G850.S53.S53.1998* South, a Memoir of the Endurance Voyage Shakleton
GV706.32.U65.2003 The Unlevel Playing Field Wiggins, Miller
GV939.N28.K75.2004 Namath Kriegel
GV958.U5284.E45.2004 The 100=Yard War Emmanuel
GV971.K85.2004 The Rules of Golf in Plain English Kuhn, Garner
HB501.D522.2004 How Capitalism Saved America DiLorenzo
HD30.33.P33.2002 Establishing a System of Policies and Procedures Page
HD30.33.P331.2002 Best Practices in Policies and Procedures Page
HF5415.13.A88.2004 The Culting of Brands Atkin
HM535.B474.2004 More Damned Lies and Statistics Best
HT1384.K48.N39.2004 Slave Nazer, Lewis
HV91.O52.1992* The Tragedy of American Compassion Olasky
HV2474.A12.2004 1,000 Signs of Life
HV6768.G36.2004 The Economics of Innocent Fraud Galbraith
HV6783.B85.2004 Public Enemies Burrough
JC328.2.S87.2004 The Wisdom of Crowds Surowiecki
JK1976.U217.2004 The United States Election System McCaffrey
ML410.B1.W71.2004 The Life of Bach Williams
ND553.G27.S52.2004 Tahiti Gauguin
P96.I5.M36.1987* Electronic Colonialism: The Future of International Broadcasting McPhail
PE1450.T75.2004 Eats, Shoots, and Leaves Truss
PN715.R46.2001 Renaissance Literature
PN4193.P6.M48.2004 Presidential Voices Metcalf
PN4784.I6.A33.2001 Interviewing for Journalists Adams
PN4784.I6.G76.2004 The Art of the Interview Grobel
PQ2469.V75.E5.1992b* A Journey to the Center of the Earth Verne
PQ8097.N4.A2.2003 The Poetry of Pablo Neruda Stavans
PR463.V528.2000 Victorian Literature
PR447.E58.2001 English Romanticism
PR830.T3.H67.2001 Horror
PR990.C494.2001 Children's Literature
PR2827.A1.1958* A Midsummer Night's Dream Shakespeare
PR2831.A2.G49.1991* Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare
PR2955.O86.B38.2001 Shakespeare and Ovid Bate
PS3531.E77.1998 Bright Skin Peterkin
PS3539.E15.T25 Collected Poems Teasdale
PR4560.A2.C34.1965* Great Expectations Dickens
PR4656.A14.1980* Adam Bede Eliot
PR4750.M25.1978* The Mayor of Casterbridge Hardy
PR5397.S455.F7.1978 Frankenstein/Dracula/Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Shelley, Stoker, Stevenson
PR6037.T617.D7.1981 Dracula Stoker
PR6058.A43.A35.1968* Airport Hailey
PR6058.E2.O65.1998 Opened Ground, Selected Poems, 1966-1996 Heaney
PR6061.E5952.O75.1999 Original Bliss Kennedy
PR9199.3.A8.H3.1998 The Handmaid's Tale Atwood
PR9199.3.A8.O79.2003 Oryx and Crake Atwood
PR9272.9.N32.B4.1980 A Bend in the River Naipaul
PR9387.9.A3.A17.2004 Chinua Achebe, Collected Poems Achebe
PS508.H57.H48.2002 Herencia, the Anthology of Hispanic Literature in the United States Kanellos
PS1316.A1.1982* The Prince and the Pauper Twain
PS1317.C59.Pu24.1969* Pudd'nhead Wilson Twain
PS1318.A2.H5.1962* Roughing It Twain
PS1868.A2.G8.1984* The scarlet Letter Hawthorne
PS1881.W53.2003b Hawthorne, a Life Wineapple
PS2954.U5.1991b* Uncle Tom's Cabin Stowe
PS3505.A153.Ju.1977 Jurgen Cabell
PS3513.L35.16.1987 Plays by Susan Glaspell Glaspell
PS3519.A392.W4.1984 We Have Always Lived in the Castle Jackson
PS3525.A1772.M4.1973 The Member of the Wedding McCullers
PS3525.A1772.R4.2000 Reflections in a Golden Eye McCullers
PS3535.O172.G7.1992 The Great Meadow Roberts
PS3537.T323.Z463.1990 The Autobiography of Alice B. Tolkas Stein
PS3545.E827.A845.2004 Apartment in Athens Wescott
PS3545.E827.G7.1996 The Grandmothers Wescott
PS3551.L44.W5.1983 Without Feathers Allen
PS3552.U344.Z465.2004 Miles Gone By Buckley
PS3553.R48.S6.1987* Sphere Crichton
PS3557.O3593.E34.1999 The Edge of Heaven Golden
PS3557.U814.A6.1991 White People Gurganus
PS3557.U814.P57.1997 Plays Well With Others Gurganus
PS3558.A6558.H36.1999 Hannibal Harris
PS3558.A725.H84.1989 Human Wishes, Poems by Robert Hass Hass
PS3558.A725.P7.1979 Praise Hass
PS3558.A725.S86.1996 Sun Under Wood Hass
PS3562.E9.M47.1999 The Mercy, Poems by Philip Levine Levine
PS3562.E922.E44.1997 Elegy Levis
PS3566.Y55.G7.1995 Gravity's Rainbow Pynchoon
PS3566.Y55.V2.1986 V. Pynchoon
PS3569.A4627.L95.2000 Lying Awake Salzman
PS3569.A516.C47.1999 Certain Prey Sandford
PS3569.M5377.H38.1999b Havana Bay Smith
PZ4.S463.Las.1973 Last Exit to Brooklyn Selby
PZ7.H7083.Man3.1993 The Man Without a Face Holland
QH331.M375.2004 What Makes Biology Unique? Mayr
QK99.A1.S79.2004 Dangerous Garden Stuart
QL88.E49.2004 No Turning Back: The Life and Death of Animal species Ellis
QL785.M45.2004 Becoming a Tiger McCarthy
QP82.P536.2003 The Biology of Human Survival Piantadosi
QP184.6.F75.2004 Rhythms of Life Foster, Krietzman
QP303.C375.2004 Sport Mechanics for Coaches Carr
QP303.M36.1999 Mechanics of Sport and Exercise McGinnis
QP303.O38.2004 Kinesiology Oatis
QP303.R47.2004 Research Methods in Biomechanics Robertson, et al
QP310.S77.A45.2004 Science of Flexibility Alter
RA784.P73.2004 Super Foods Rx Pratt, Matthews
RC55.L26.2003 Essentials of Primary Care Sports Medicine Landry, Bernhardt
RC552.E18.B43.2004 Disordered Eating Among Athletes Beals
RC1220.R8.N63.2003 Running Injuries Noakes
TH5604.G24.2001* Carpentry Lewis, Vogt
TL526.E85.W65.1994* A Passion for Wings Wohl
TR1045.O94.2004 Copies in Seconds Owen
TS885.L45.1999* Shopping for Furniture Lewin
TX823.A48.1972* Feasting Free on Wild Edibles Angier
U101.S95.1963a* The Art of War Tzu
VM140.F5.S88.2004 Steam Sutcliffe
Z701.C586.1983* Conservation in the Library Swartzburg