Newly Acquired Books
  May, 2004 (140 titles)
*Denotes gift books      
REF.CT105.F28.2003 Farewell, Godspeed: The Greatest Eulogies of Our Time Copeland  
REF.D155.A6.2003 Encyclopedia of the Crusades    
REF.DC151.P67.1999 Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars    
REF.E181.F84.1999 American Military Leaders from Colonial Times to the Present    
REF.F209.H65.1996 Yellow Dogs, Hushpuppies, and Blue tick Hounds:     
REF.GV875.A8.C37.1995 The Braves Encyclopedia    
REF.ML105.B16.1988 The Concise Baker's Biographical Dictionary of Music and Musicians    
REF.PS554.L57.2003 Listen Here: Women Writing in Appalachia    
REF.QL627.P34.1991 Freshwater Fishes    
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion      
B3316.H66.1994 Friedrich Nietzche, His Life and Thought Hoover  
BF175.4.R44.F74.2001 Frued and Freudians on Religion Capps  
BF575.H3.G39.2003 Hatred The Psychological Descent into Violence Gaylin  
BL1138.62.E5.1986 Bhagavad-Gita As It Is    
BL2441.2.D32.1998 The Ancient Egyptians David   
BL2525.G33.1999 Working on God Gallagher  
BL72.R58.2001 The Rivers of Paradise Freedman, McClymond  
BM657.A8.H36.1993 The Sign and the Seal Hancock  
BP171.M86.1999 Muslim Perceptions of Other Religions Waardenburg  
BS455.K38.2004 God's Last Words Katz  
BT15.T552.1988 The Essential Tillich Church  
BT198.S53.1986 The First Coming: How the Kingdom of God Became Christianity Sheehan  
BT301.2.D8413.1997 Jesus, An Unconventional Biography Duquesne  
BT738.3.R8.1970 The Radical Kingdom Ruether  
BT83.55.M27.1994 The Feminist Question Martin  
BT83.55.M49.2001 The Bonds of Freedom Miles  
BX2435.N57.1997 The Cloister Walk Norris  
BX4827.B3.H86.2000 Disruptive grace: Studies in the Theology of Karl Barth Hunsinger  
BX6337.D67.1990 Giving Glory to God in Appalachia Dorgan  
BX8129.H8.H63.1997 Hutterite Society Hostetler  
BX8481.O3.I78.1992 The Unsung Heart of Black America, a Middle Class Church at Mid-century Irvin  
BX9211.K56.M33. For Christ in the Heart of Knoxville: The History of  Mack  
World History      
CB351.L44.2001 At the Dawn of Modernity Levine  
D113.5.M43.2000 A Medieval Miscellany Herrin  
D769.85.T21.N27.1998 World War II in Nashville Spinney  
D804.3.R6627.2002 The Wannsee Conference and the Final Solution Roseman  
D810.W7.WW37.2000 Wartime Women Sheridan  
DA533.H93.1998 Everyday Life in Regency and Victorian England Hughes  
DA68.12.W4.H53.1999 Wellington Hibbert  
DC397.C87.2002 Verdict on Vichy Curtis  
U.S. History      
E169.1.A471915.2000 The American 1890's, a Cultural Reader Smith, Dawson  
E175.9.F66.2002 Who Owns History? Foner  
E183.8.S65.W477.1998 The Cold War in Retrospect Whitcomb  
E185.61.C267.2004 A Traveller's Guide to the Civil Rights Movement Carrier  
E302.6.H2.H37.2004 American Machiavelli: Alexander Hamilton and the origins of U.S. For. Pol. Harper  
E468.9.K46.1996 Ken Burns's The Civil War Toplin  
E491.H66.2000 Homeward Bound: The Demobilization of the Union and Confederate Armies Holberton  
E641.E33.1995 Civil War Battlefields, a Touring Guide Eicher  
E661.M415.2003 A Fierce Discontent: The Rise and Fall of the Progressive Movement McGerr  
E748.K37.H58.1989 George F. Kennan, Cold War Iconoclast Hixson  
E806.J27.2004 The Fall of the House of Roosevelt Janeway  
E840.8.M3.S25.2004 Eugene McCarthy Sandbrook  
E98.M34.B65.1998 American Indians and the Natural World Bol  
F217.A65.A654.1995 Appalachia in the Making Pudup, Billings, Waller  
F254.5.J67.1991 Mountain People, Places, and Ways Joslin, Joslin  
F254.5.J67.1992 More Mountain People, Places, and Ways Joslin, Joslin  
F27.P5.T43.1996 The Maine Woods Thoreau  
F72.M7.T5.1996 A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers Thoreau  
Ecology, Anthropology, Sports and Recreation      
GE149.S64.2004* Red Sky at Morning Speth  
GN395.L44.1994 Cities, Classes, and the Social Order Sanjek  
GN671.S2.F727.1999 The Fateful Hoaxing of Margaret Mead Freeman  
GV1015.39.O47.1994 Official Rules of Volleyball    
GV706.4.S6827.1999 The Sport Scientists: Research Adventures Brannigan  
GV709.S515.2000 Games Girls Play: Understanding and Guiding Young Female Athletes Silby  
GV709.W52.1999 Whatever It Takes: Women on Women's Sport Sandoz, Winans  
GV847.D38.1997 Hockey for Dummies Davidson  
GV863.A1.E57.1993 Birth of a Fan Firmite  
GV865.D5.J66.1999 Joltin' Joe DiMaggio Gilliam  
GV881.4.P57.S25.1997 Fastpitch softball: The Windmill Pitcher Sammons  
GV885.W62.2002 Big Game, Small World: A Basketball adventure Wolff  
GV944.5.L64.2000 The Girls of Summer Longman  
Sociology, Statistics, Business, Management      
HC107.A127.C68.1994 An American Challenge Couto  
HC107.A127.S237.1995 Will Appalachia Finally Overcome Poverty? Salatino  
HD1511.U5.K4.1997 Revolt Among the Sharecroppers Kester  
HD2731.B23.2004 The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power Bakan  
HD4909.L24.1996 Marx's Wage Theory in Historical Perspective Lapides  
HF5549.17.S62.2004 The HR Answer Book Smith, Mazin  
HG172.D4.2001 Villzrd: The Life and Times of an American Titan de Borchgrave  
HM1211.H66.2004 Working Across Cultures Hooker  
HN57.G58.1991 Grassroots Resistance: Social Movements in 20th Century America Goldberg  
HQ1154.A6856.2000 Joyous Greetings, The First International Women's Movement, 1830-1860 Anderson  
HQ1391.U5.K55.1998 Beyond the Household: Women's Place in the Early South. 1700-1835 Kierner  
HQ1438.A14.A64.2002 Women, Power, and Dissent in the hills of Carolina Anglin  
HQ1596.W6.1996 A Vindication of the Rights of Woman Wollstonecraft  
HQ876.S728.1993 Broken Lives: Separation and Divorce in England, 1660-1857 Stone  
HV6432.7.H33.2002 Firehouse Halberstam  
Political Science, Law      
JC251.D48.C37.2000 Dewey on Democracy Caspary  
JC574.2.U6.H66.1998 Community Denied: The Wrong Turn of Pragmatic Liberalism Hoopes  
JX5437.8.P37.1995 Nuremberg: Infamy on Trial Persico  
KF224.M47.B35.2004 Murder in Mississippi: United States vs. Price and the Struggle for Civil Rights Ball  
KF3457.W45.2004 Fair, Square, and Legal Weiss  
LA230.5.S6.S36.1991 School Reform in the Deep South, a Critical Appraisal Vold, DeVitis  
LB1631.E68.2003 Applied Literacy in the Middle Grades Erickson  
LB2335.865.U6.S43.2003 Steal This University Johnson, Kavanagh, Mattson
LB2864.5.E58.2001 Creating Emotionally Safe Schools Bluestein  
LB3209.M47.2004 The Middle School of the Future Merritt, et al  
LB7212.6.1969.H69.2000 Rebels in White Gloves: Coming of Age With Hilary's Class--Wellesley, '69 Horn  
LC311.L52.2004 Character Matters Lickona  
Music, Fine Arts      
ML652.W66.2002c The Piano Williams  
N6280.K7813.1997 Romanesque Toman  
N6538.N5.L38.2003 African American Art and Artists Lewis  
N72.R4.H25.1998 Art and Religion in Africa Hackett  
NA730.T4.T65.1999 Constructing Townscapes Tolbert  
NC1766.U52.D560.1994 Walt Disney Thomas  
Language and Literature      
P92.U5.S646.2004 The Creation of the Media Starr  
PN1577.T39.1999 The Arts Equation Taylor  
PN160.C34.1995 How to Prepare Your Manuscript for a Publisher Carroll  
PN6122.G75.2002 Words That Shook the World Greene  
PN6122.K33.2004 50 High-Impact Speeches and Remarks Kador  
PN83.B785.2001 Asking the Right Questions: a Guide to Critical Thinking Browne, Keeley  
PQ1575.L56.E5.1982 The Book of the City of Ladies de Pizan  
PR2007.K4.A3.1985 The Book of Maregery Kempe Kempe  
PR4572.C7.G85.2000 A Christmas Carol and its Adaptations: Dickens's Story on Screen and TV Guida  
PR6023.E926.Z795.1998 The Taste for the Other: the Social and Ethical Thought of C.S. Lewis Meilaender  
PS2502.S68.1992 The Essential Margaret Fuller Fuller  
PS33570.Y45.B74.1998b Breathing Lessons Tyler  
PS3523.E94.1952? Arrowsmith Lewis  
PS371.C5.1983 The American Novel and its Tradition Chase  
PS554.L57.2003 Listen Here: Women Writing in Appalachia Ballard, Hudson  
PS648.B37.D43.2004 Dead Balls and Double Curves: An Anthology of Early Baseball Fiction Strecker  
PS663.W65.F76.2003 From Megaphones to Microphones: Speeches of American Women, 1920-1960 Sarkela, Ross, Lowe  
PT7183.C56.1982 The Medieval Saga Clover  
PZ5.C43745.2001 Children's Literature, an Anthology, 1801-1902 Hunt  
Math, Sciences      
Q127.S65.B57.2001 The Perversion of Knowledge: The True Story of Soviet Science Birstein  
QA135.5.M22.1999 Knowing and Teaching Elementary Mathematics Ma  
QA76.5.M2945.2001 Eniac: The Triumphs and Tragedies of the World's First Computer McCartney  
QL536.S65.2001 Mosquito Spielman  
QL581.W47.1983 Beetles White  
QL615.D57.1997 Angler's Guide to Fish    
QL639.5.R68.1996 Fishes: Their Journeys and Migrations Roule  
QL666.L2.S67.1977 Lizards Sprackland  
QP408.H36.1995 Smart Moves: Why Learning is Not All in Your Head Hannaford  
Medicine, Forestry,Veterinary Medicine, Military Science      
RA412.2.O24.2003 The Political Life of Medicare Oberlander  
SD565.S75.2004 The U.S. Forest Service, a History Steen  
SF458.C38.G45.1996 Catfish, Keeping and Breeding Them in Captivity Geis  
SF458.G8.M69.1996 Guppies, Keeping and Breeding Them in Captivity Mozart  
SF459.R62.1996 All About Iguanas Roberts, Roberts  
SF459.T8.C62x.1987 Turtles and Terrapins, a Complete Introduction Cobb  
SF473.P3.B441987 Parrots, a Complete Introduction Bedford  
SK293.W56.1995 Ferrets Winsted  
TT23.2.V45.2000 Mountain Hands, a Portrait of Southern Appalachia Venable  
UA454.B8825.2003 Warrior to Dreadnoughts: Warship Development, 1860-1909 Brown