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REF.JZ1161.E94.1998 The Penguin Dictionary of International Relations Evans, Newnham
REF.PE1625.R194.2001 Webster's Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language
REF.SF767.D6.D66.2002 Color Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy: the Dog and Cat Done, et al
Philosophy, Psychology Religion  
AZ321.B34.1997 The Scholastic Culture of the Middle Ages, 1000-1300 Baldwin
BF637.S4.B79.2002 What Should I Do With My Life? Bronson
BF685.W56.2002 Human Instinct Winston
BL2525.H88.2003 Religious Pluralism in America Hutchison
BR526.F58.2001 Spiritual, But Not Religious Fuller
BR1720.A9.W55.1999 Saint Augustine Wills
World History    
D116.J67.2003 Europe in the High Middle Ages Jordan
D127.R6.1973 Life in Medieval Times Rowling
D810.J4.H5.1985 The Destruction of the European Jews Hilberg
D1065.U5.K26.2003 Of Paradise and Power Kagan
DA209.E6.M4.1991 Eleanor of Aquitaine, a Biography Meade
DS115.5.D39.2003 Who Were the Early Israelites & Where Did They Come From? Dever
DS329.4.M46.2003 The Dust of Empire Meyer
DS918.V374.2000 The Korean War, 1950-1953 Varhola
History of America    
E78.G73.H353.2000 The Animals Came Dancing Harrod
E78.S65.L36.1987 Native American Legends Lankford
E85.W85.1998 Women's Indian Captivity Narratives
E184.6.L48.2000 Let Nobody Turn Us Around Marable, Mullings
E185.97.K5.H273.2003 The Dream Hansen
E303.B47.2002 A Brilliant Solution Berkin
E423.W26.2003 On the Brink of Civil War Waugh
E468.9.M2145.2002 The Blessed Place of Freedom Mahin
U.S. Regional History    
F67.W79.B74.2003 John Winthrop, America's Forgotten Founding Father Bremer
F106.D73.2001 A History of Appalachia Drake
F128.5.V688.2003 Triangle Von Drehle
F210.C66.2001 Back Talk from Appalachia, Confronting Stereotypes Billings, Norman, Ledford
F217.A65.W47.1983 All That is Native and Fine Whisnant
F396.C32.2003 The Appalachian Frontier, America's First Surge Westward Caruso
Ecology,Anthro, Sports    
GE145.O27.2000 Making Better Environmental Decisions O'Brien
GE160.N7.H55.2003 North America, a Continental Overview of Environmental Issues Hillstrom, Hillstrom
GT610.S62.2003 Women in Pants: Manly Maidens, Cowgirls, 7 Other Renegades Smith, Greig
GV436.B33.2003 Measurement for Evaluation in Physical Education & Exercise Sci. Baumgartner, et al
GV546.W445.1993 Weight Training Everyone Singorile, et al
GV706.3.E86.2001 Ethics in Sport Morgan, Meier, Schneider
GV1017.V6.S75.1984 Volleyball Everyone Stokes, Haley
Social Sciences    
HC103.F9.2003 Guide to Economic Indicators The Economist
HD57.7.W367.2003 The Leadership Lifecycle Ward
HD66.L456.2002 The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Lencioni
HD2346.U52.S34.2003 Reefer Madness Schlosser
HD2741.K327.2003 A Blueprint for Corporate Governance Kaen
HD8072.M73.1989 The Fall of the House of Labor Montgomery
HF5415.S768.1990 Marketing Workbook for Nonprofit Organizations Wilder Foundation
HF5961.S694.2003 Numbers Guide The Economist
HG173.L845.2003 Guide to Financial Markets Levinson
HM201.B37.1996 Jihad vs. McWorld Barber
HM554.S65.2003 Regarding the Pain of Others Sontag
HN380.7.A8.D73.1997 Café Europa: Life After Communism Drakulic
HQ76.8.U5.Q47.1995 The Question of Equality Deitcher
HQ767.D59.2002 Abortion and Common Sense Mueller, Dagg
HV5825.N28.1988 Narcotics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous
Political Science/Law    
JF60.H385.2002 Politics in the Developing World Haynes
JK421.K483.2002 The Transformation of Governance Kettl
JV6475.A433.2003 Remaking the American Mainstream Nee
KF1290.S66.H76.2002 Legal Liability in Recreation and Sports Hronek, Spengler
KF4893.G65.2001 Reconstruction and Black Suffrage Goldman
KF8742.O274.2003 The Majesty of the Law O'Connor
LA212.S353.2001 School: the Story of American Public Education
LA217.2.O44.2002 What Happened to Recess & Why Our Children are Struggling Ohanian
LB1028.43.A76.2000 The Child and the Machine Armstrong, Casement
LB1028.5.M36.2001 Multi-Media Learning Mayer
LB1060.H672.2000 How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience and School National Research Council
LB1570.G72.2001 The Great Curriculum Debate Loveless
LB1591.5.U57.F68.2001 Strong Arts, Strong Schools Fowler
LB1728.M44.2000 Portfolia Assessment for K-12 Physical Education Melograno
LB1731.4.M55.2002 Mentoring Students & Young People Andrew Miller
LB1775.2.G73.2002 Teaching in America, the Slow Revolution Grant, Murray
LB2806.36.S35.2002 Hard Lessons: the Promise of the Inner-City Charter School Schorr
LB2809.36.I57.2002 Inside Charter Schools: the Paradox of Radical Decentralization Fuller
LB2822.8.C49.2002 The Academic Achievement Challenge Chall
LB2844.53.U6.B75.2003 The Worm in the Apple Brimelow
LB3012.5.T63.2003 High Schools on a Human Scale Toch
LB3067.4.S35.2003 Same, Different, Equal Salamone
LC67.62.B65.2003 Universities in the Marketplace Bok
LC191.4.Z56.2002 Whose America? Zimmerman
LC5803.C65.M34.2003 A Classroom of One Maeroff
LD7501.C284.H865.2003 School of Dreams Humes
Music & Fine Art    
ML395.G65.2000 The Inextinguishable Symphony Goldsmith
N6537.V56.A35.1997 Bill Viola Ross
N6853.D33.A4.1996 Degas: Beyond Impressionism Kendall
ND237.S78.A4.2001 Clyfford Still, Paintings 1933,1960 Hirshhorn
OVERSIZE ND237.D465.N67.2001 Richard Diebenkorn Nordland
ND497.G2.A4.2002 Thomas Gainsborough, 1727-1788 Rosenthal, Myrone
ND553.D33.H36.1995 Painting and the Journal of Eugene Delacroix Hannoosh
ND653.M76.C66.2001 Mondrain, the Transatlantic Paintings Cooper, Spronk
ND1239.N36.H54.1983 Alice Neel Hills 
NK806.K75.2001 Early American Decorative Arts, 1620-1860 Krill, Eversmann
Language & Literature    
P96.W36.S34.2003 Media Wars: News at a Time of Terror Schechter
PN1661.T29.2002 Stage Writing, a Practical Guide Taylor
PN1990.6.U5.H48.2001 The Broadcast Century and Beyond Hilliard, Keith
PN1991.8.T35.B37.2002 Rushed to Judgement Barker
PN1995.9.U64.H65.2003 Hollywood's White House Rollins, O'Connor
PN2053.D43.2002 Production Management: Making Shows Happen Dean
PN3365.M27.2003 The Marshall Plan for Getting Your Novel Published Marshall
PN4784.T4.T76.2001 Broadcast News Handbook Tuggle, Carr, Huffman
PN4888.M56.M39.2001 Coloring the News McGowan
PR51.U5.B73.2001 Who Killed Shakespeare? Brantlinger
PR146.B88.1981 Romantics, Rebels, and Reactionaries Butler
PR2754.A4.1994 Complete Works of William Shakespeare
PR4167.J3.2000d Jane Eyre Bronte
PR4837.C27.2001 The Cambridge Companion to Keats Wolfson
PR5486.A1.2000 Treasure Island Stevenson
PS153.I52.A33.2001 American Indian Literature, Environmental Justice, and  Adamson
PS163.K58.2002 Imagining Wild America Knott
PS169.E25.B79.2002 Visions of the Land Bryson
PS169.E25.B84.2001 Writing for an Endangered World Buell
PS866.W5.Z595.2003 The Trials of Phillis Wheatley Gates
PS1449.C85.R4.2002 The Red Badge of Courage Crane
PS3057.N3.T46.2000 Thoreau's Sense of Place Schneider
PS3563.A66.A67.2001 An Affair of Honor Marius
Science and Medicine    
QH541.15.E245.E36.2000 Ecological Integrity Pimental, Westra, noss
RA566.27.G65.2002 How Much Risk? Goldstein, Goldstein
RA781.63.M33.1999 Facilitated Stretching McAtee, Charland
RC280.S5.M3625.2004 100 Questions @ Answers About Melanoma & Other Skin Cancers McClay, McClay, Smith
RC388.P67.B73.2002 Ten Things I Learned From Bill Porter Brady
RC925.7.C53.2000 Musculoskeletal Assessment Clarkson
RC1210.A749.2002 Essentials of Athletic Training Arnheim, Prentice
RC1210. R366.2001 Athletic Training Management, Concepts and Applications Rankin, Ingersoll
RD97.A53.2000 Sports Injury Management Anderson, Hall, Martin
RD97.T553.1995 Functional Progressions for Sport Rehabilitation Tippett, Voight
RM332.B37.2003 Better Than Prozac: the Next Generation of Psychiatric Drugs Barondes
Military Science    
U102.C6557.2001 Clausewitz on Strategy `Ghyczy, Oetinger