Newly Acquired Books August 2003
(201 Titles)

Call no. Title Author
REF.BQ4022.B83.201 Buddhism, the Illustrated Guide Trainor
REF.GE170.I55.2002 International Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics Barry, Frannkland
REF.GV1200.W55.2002 Sports and Games of Medieval Cultures Wilkins
REF.GV558.H36.2000 Handbook of Sports Studies Coakley, Dunning
REF.GV583.C65.2003 The Sports Address Bible Kobak
REF.GV786.8.P47.1998 The Complete Book of Sports Nicknames Phillips, Holmes
REF.H62.H2567.2001 Doing a Literature Search Hart
REF.HC79.E5.G85.2001 Guide to Sustainable Development & Environmental Policy MirovitSkaya, Ascher
REF.HE9780.S65.2002 The Airline Encyclopedia, 1909-1000 Smith
REF.HF5681.R25.T68.2003 Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios Troy
REF.HM756.E53.2003 Encyclopedia of Community
REF.HQ1236.5.E85.E52.2003 Political and Historical Encyclopedia of Women Faure
REF.HQ1410.E53.2002 Encyclopedia of Women in American History Appleby
REF.HQ536.H365.2001 The Family in America, an Encyclopedia Hawes
REF.HV1553.R48.2002 Resources for People With Disabilities, a National Directory  
REF.JS303.5.H35.2002 The Citizen Action Encyclopedia Halsey
REF.K68.C5.2003 Chambers Global, the World's Leading Lawyers, 2003
REF.KF3372.A1.G85.2002 A Guide to Sources of Information on the National Labor Relations  Law
REF.KF3464.G87.2000 Eco Law and Personnel Practices Gutman
REF.KF4758.A7.A96.2002 Supreme Court Cases on Gender & Sexual Equality, 1787-2001 Anzalone
REF.P96.T42.H36.2002 The Handbook of New Media Lievrauw, Livingstone
REF.PN4784.W37.R68.1997 Historical Dictionary of War Journalism Roth
REF.RC1235.B476.2000 The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine, Biomechanics in Sport Zatsiorsky
REF.Z6725.U5.C65.2003 United States Army Unit and Organizational Histories Controvich
 Philosophy, Psychology, Religion                                                                    
BF637.C5.D43.1994 Real Moments De Angelis
BF637.S8.C67.1991 Principle-Centered Leadership Covey
BR115.C3.W413.2002b The Protestant Ethic and the "Spirit" Of Capitalism Weber
BX6113.W45.2000 True Education White
World History
CT1097.B44.T47.1990 Three Behaim Boys: Growing Up in Early Modern Germany Ozment
D743.N6 2001 No end save victory Cowley 
D767.6.A47.2000 Burma, the Longest War, 1941-45 Allen
D805.G3.B5848.2000 The Bombing of Auchwitz neufeld, Berenbaum
DG295.B57.2000 Hadrian, the Restless Emperor Birley
DK100.C78.1987 The Formation of Muscovy 1304-1613 Crummey
DS119.7.F736.1995 From Beirut to Jerusalem Friedman
DS558.E44.2002 Secrets Ellsberg
DS558.H42.1991 The Tragedy of Vietnam Hearden
DS63.2.U5.S62.1985 The Other Arab-Israeli Conflict Spiegel
United States and American History
E468.W76.2001 With My Face to the Enemy Cowley 
E471.1.D48.2001 Allegiance: Ft. Sumter, Charleston, & the Beginnings of the  Detzer
E806.D628.2000 Storm on the Horizon: The Challenge to American Intervention Doenecke
E851.H64.1994 1968, McCarthy, New Hampshire Hoeh
F1412.B96.1998 Colonial Latin America Burkholder
F209.W9.1983 Southern Honor: Ethics and Behavior in the Old South Wyatt-Brown
Ecology, Anthropology, Geography, Sports
GE195.H35.2002 Handbook of Environmental Sociology Dunlap, Michelson
GE300.B43.2002 Global Spin: The Corporate Assault on Environmentalism Beder
GN484.W35.1993 Warrior Marks Walker, Parmar
GV343.5.B787.1998 Management of Physical Education and Sport Bucher,Krotee
GV343.5.J46.2000 Administrative Management of Physical Ed. And Athletic Programs Jensen
GV361.I652.2001 Research in Athletic Training Ingersoll
GV707.H45.2001 What a Time It Was: The Best of W.C. Heinz on Sports Halberstam
GV714.H45.2000 The Dream Job: Sports Publicity, Promotion, and Marketing Helitzer
GV742.42.R53.I53.1994 Grantland Rice and His Heroes Inabinett
GV837.K355.1981 Swimming for Total Fitness Kattz
GV863.A1.D38.1992 Baseball Memories, 1900-1909 Okkonen
GV875.C6.A8.1977 Eight Men Out: The Black Sox and the 1919 world Series Asinof
GV884.J67.H35.1999 Playing for Keeps Halberstam
Social Sciences, Economics, Statistics
H61.27.D48.1991 Scale Development DeVellis
H61.B4765.1999 Doing Quantitative Research in the Social Sciences Black
H62.C5647.2001 Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization Coghlan, Brannick
H62.C6963.2003 Research Design Creswell
HA29.L83153.2000 Practical Meta-Analysis Lipsey-Wilson
HA31.2.H46.1990 Practical Sampling Henry
HA32.K47.2002 Doing Statistics Wish SPAS Kerr, Hall, Kozub
HC21.C96.2001 Exploitation, Conservation, Preservation Cutter, Renwick
HC21.H85.1986 Property and Prophets Hunt
HD30.2.M3645,2002 Managing Knowledge, an Essential Reader Little, Quintas, Ray
HD30.23.n883.2002 Why Decisions Fail Nutt
HD30.4.A48.2000 Doing Critical Management Research Alvesson, Deetz
HD30.4.E265.2002 Management Research, an Introduction Easterby-Smith, Thorpe, Lowe
HD31.J2.2001 Management Gurus and Management Fashions Jackson
HD38.2.M53.2001 The War for Talent Michaels, et al
HD38.5.c46.1998 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Christopher
HD38.5.S34.2002 Delivering the Goods Schechter, Sander
HD38.C5828.2000 Management Fads and Buzzwords Collins
HD4903.5.U6.R64.1999 The Wages of Whiteness Roediger
HD5124.M45.2002 Putting Work in Its Place Meiksins, Whalley
HD5326.I3.F73.2001 Three Strikes Franklin
HD5650.B164.2002 Participation Programs in Work Organizations Bar-Haim
HD57.7.E42.2002 Leading With Purpose Ellsworth
HD57.7.G664.2002 Primal Leadership Goleman, Boyatzis, McKee
HD57.7.K68.2002 Leadership Challenge Kouzes, posner
HD57.7.K733.1999 Multiple Intelligences and Leadership Riggio, Murphy,, Pirozzolo
HD5715.2.L33.2002 The Job Training Charade Lafer
HD58.6.L49.1997 Essentials of Negotiation Lewicki, Saunders, Minton
HD58.7.D8.2002 The Winning Edge DuBrin
HD58.7.S52.1992 Organizational Justice Sheppard, Lewicki, Minton
HD58.7.S555.1994 Work, Death and Life Itself Sievers
HD60.5.U5.J664.2003 Whistle-Blowing: When It Works and Why Johnson
HD6054.4.U6.B45.2001 Our Separate Ways Bell, Nkomo
HD62.15.B433.2002 Quality Beckford
HD66.C539.1999 Managing Quality Fads Cole
HD69.B7.K45.2003 Strategic Brand Management Keller
HD69.P75.R53.2002 Project Management Step-by-Step Richman
HD8072.5.L33.2002 Laboring Below the Line Munger
HD9666.65.J64.F67.1999 Robert Wood Johnson Foster
HD9696.2.U64.I2545.2002 Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? Gerstner
HD9697.A3.U584.2001 Jack, Straight from the Gut Welch
HD9981.5.L68.2002 Principles of Service Marketing and Management Lovelock, Wright
HE151.S746.2001 A Practical Guide to Transportation and Logistics Stroh
HF1111.W58.2000 How to Get an MBA Witzel
HF1416.K443.2003 Global Marketing Keegan, Green
HF1455.C5758.2003 Fundamentals of U.S. Foreign Trade Policy Cohen, Blecker, Whitney
HF1746.G74.2002 Greening the Americas Deere, Esty
HF5387.E8.2002 Ethical Issues in Business, a Philosophical Approach Donaldson, Werhane
HF5387.P35.2003 Value Shift Paine
HF5415.13.K64.2003 Marketing Management Kotler
HF5415.35.S65.2003 Marketing: Real People, Real Choices Solomon, Stuart
HF5415.K6312.2003 Strategic Marketing for Non-Profit Organizations Andreasen, Kotler
HF5549.5.E43.V545.2002 Violence at Work: Causes, Patterns and Prevention Gill, Fisher, Bowie
HF5549.5.E45.D8.2001 Policies and Practices in Global Human Resource Systems Duane
HF5549.S5925.2002 Organizational Success Through Effective Human Resource Mgt Sims
HG3881.M575.1983 The World's Money Moffitt
Sociology, Family Studies, Women's Studies
HN29.F53.1998 How to Conduct Surveys, a Step-by-step Guide Fink, Kosecoff
HN29.F68.2002 Survey Research Methods Fowler
HQ1075.D75.1998 The Stronger Sex Driscoll
HQ1075.E575.1988 The Chalice and the Blade Eisler
HQ1121.S29.1985b Women's Reality Shaef
HQ1181.A13 W66 1991 Women's studies in the south Johnson
HQ1181.U5.I48.1987 The Impact of Feminist Research on the Academy Farnham
HQ1190.M44.1995 Free Spirits: Feminist Philosophers on Culture Mehuron, Percesepe
HQ1206.B79.1999 Feminist Debates: Issues of Theory and Political Practice Bryson
HQ1206.H325.1994 Down from the Pedestal Harris
HQ1206.K37.1992 Engendered Lives Kaschak
HQ1206.L446 1990 The Dance of Intimacy Lerner
HQ1420.C65.2003 The Columbia Documentary History of Amer. Women Since 1941 Sigerman
HQ1421.D385.1991 Moving the Mountain Davis
HQ1421.H45.1994 The Deep Divide Henry
HQ1426.A6825 1997 Thinking about women Andersen
HQ1426.W565.1993 Fire With Fire Wolf
HQ1662.R43.1998 A Revolution of Their Own: Voices of Women in Soviet History Engel
HQ27.5.W65 1997 Promiscuities Wolf
HQ72.U53.B37.1994 The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of  Bass, Davis
HQ759.48.G47.2000 Gender and Family Issues in the Workplace Blau, Ehrenberg
HQ76.3.U5.R86.1999 A Desired Past Rupp
HQ796.T316.2001 The Second Family Taffel
HQ797.S6 2000 The War Against Boys Sommers
HQ800.2.I85 2002 Bachelor girl Israel
Criminal Justice, Political Science, Law
HV6545.D813.1997 Suicide, a Study in Sociology Durkheim
HV6791.N34.2002 Wages of Crime Naylor
JV6471.I443.1999 Immigration and Opportunity Bean, Bell-Rose
KF4150.A7.R37.2003 We, the Students Raskin
LB2375.F86.1993 The Fulbright Difference,1948-1992  Arndt,Rubin
LB2424.B39.2001 Making Their Own Way Baxter Magolda
LB2805.G35.2003 Leadership and Management in Education Gamage, Pang
LB2805.L28.2003 Leadership Capacity for Lasting School Improvement Lambert
LB3051.G85 1994 Understanding assessment and evaluation in early childhood edu. Gullo
HOBIE. LC196.5.U6.T43.1997 Teaching for Diversity & Social Justice, a Sourcebook Adams, Bell, Griffin
LC1011.H257.2001 Bonfire of the Humanities Hanson, Heath Thornton
LC214.23.N46 B35 1996 The Second Battle of New Orleans Baker
LC268.E355.2003 Educating Citizens Colby, et al
LC2778.L34 R43 1998 The Real Ebonics Perry and Delpit
Music &  Fine Arts
ML3556.C513.2003 The Trouble I've Seen: The Big Book of Negro Spirituals Chenu
N6915.P26.1997b Art in Renaissance Italy Paoletti,, Radke
Communication, Language and Literature
P90.W24.1989 Are You Communicating?  You Can't Manage Without It Walton
P94.5.W652.U634.1994 Where the Girls Are Douglas
P95.54.W55.1995 The Rooster's Egg: On the Persistence of Prejudice Williams
PA3952.D68.2000 Demonsthenes, Statesman and Orator Worthington
PN2071.A92 H6 1989 The audition book Hooks
PN4888.W65.B45.2003 Taking Their Place Beasley, Gibbons
PN4894.D37.1998 Red Blood and Black Ink Dary
PN60014.E4.1991 Elements of Literature: Essay, Fiction, Poetry, Drama, Film Scholes, et al
PQ1240.E5.S59.1998 Six Restoration and Heo-Classic Plays Thomas
PR111.H45.1990 Hamlet's Mother and Other Women Heilbrun
PR4392.H62.B9.1985 Byron the Satirist Beaty
PR6005.H66.Z557.1986 The Bedside, Bathtub & Armchair Companion to Agatha Christie Riley, McAllister
PR6025.I833.S36.1995x A Scot's Quair Gibbon
PR6045.A97.A6.2000 The Complete Stories of Evelyn Waugh Waugh
PR9085.E46.1998 Empire Writing: An Anthology of Colonial Literature, 1870-1918 Boehmer
PS1016.S56.1988 Alternative Alcott Showalter
PS1294.C63 A61988PZ3.C456 The Awakening Chopin
PS153.I52.S8.1983 Studies in American Indian Literature Allen
PS286.A6.B57.1998 Bloodroot Dyer
PS3537.T3234.O2.1993 Of Mice and Men Steinbeck
PS3545.R815.Z6.1982 Richard Wright, an Introduction to the Man and His Works Brignano
PS5006.M54 Eg 1979 The egoist Meredith
PS508.M54 1994 American identities Pack and Parini
PS509.W6.W47.1991 When I am an Old Woman, I Shall Wear Purple Martz
PS627.A53 W38 1990 The way we live now Durang, et al
PT2625.A44.A25.1989 Death in Venice and Seven Other Stories Mann
General Science, Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences
Q130.S48.1993 Lifting the Veil, the Feminist Face of Science Shepherd
Q161.2.T74.2004 The Sciences, an Integrated Approach Hazen
Q175.5.F45.1989 Feminism and Science Tuana
Q180.55.E9.G57.2001 Evaluating Research Articles From Start to Finish Giirden
Q180.A1.L63.1998 Reading and Understanding Research Locke, Silverman, Spirduso
QA276.C4665.2002 Correlation: Parametric and Non-parametric Measures Chen, Popovich
QL751.B368.1998 The Secret Language & Remarkable Behavior of Animals Benyus
QP376.W84 1990 The workings of the brain, development, memory, and perception Llinas
QP38.A54 1999 Woman Angier
RC483.5.F55 K7 1993 Listening to prozac Kramer
RC489.F45 B76 1994 Subversive Dialogues Brown
RC550.S53.1995 Achilles in Vietnam Shay
RC552.E18.C53.1997 The Secret Language of Eating Disorders Claude-Pierre
RG560.O25 Women Confined: Towards a Sociology of Childbirth Oakley
RM700.V66.1985 Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Voss, Ionta, Myers
Industrial Science, Technology, Military Science, Bibliography  
T56.24.D34.2002 The Informed Student's Guide to Management Science Daellenbach, Flood
TS161.H363.2002 A Handbook of Industrial Ecology Ayers, Ayers
TT507.I46.1983 The Costume Designer's Handbook Ingham, Covey
U102.W279.2003 Warfare in the 21st Century Brown
U22.3.E37.1997 Blood Rites Ehrnreich
UB418.G38.H35.1999 Don't, A Reader's Guide to the Military's Anti-Gay Policy Halley
Z1003.F9.1996 The Future of the Book Nunberg