Newly Acquired Book Titles
February, 2005 (107 titles)
*Denotes gift books.    
REF.BL72.H65.2004 Holy People of the World, a Cross-Cultural Encyclopedia, 3 vols.  
REF.BR526.U86.2004 Conservative Christians and Political Participation Utter, True
REF.DK36.B59.2004 Russia, a Reference Guide from the Renaissance to the Present Borrero
REF.S36.88.H357.2005 Pop Culture Arab World! Media, Arts, and Lifestyle Hammond
REF.F3429.S77.2004 Handbook of Inca Mythology Steele
REF.GE60.E34.2004 The Eco Guide to Careers that Make a Difference  
REF.GR105.34.M66.2004 American Regional Folklore, a Sourcebook and Research Guide Mood
REF.GT2690.M65.2004 Marriage Customs of the World, from Henna to Honeymoon Monger
REF.HD7256.U5.M445.2004 Meeting the Needs of Employees with Disabilities  
REF.HF5328.5.U5.F644.2004 College Majors Handbook  
REF.HV91.P58.2004 Philanthropy in America, a Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia, 3 vols.  
REF.KF545.Z9.S46.2004 The Complete Adoption and Fertility Guide Sember
REF.KF1659.Z9.S76.2003 Legal Guide to Starting and Running a Small Business Steingold
REF.LB2165.-W47.2004 U.S. News and World Report Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Teacher  
REF.NA7205.F68.2004 American Houses, a Field Guide to the Architecture of the Home Foster
REF.N6081.3.A36.1998 African American Quotations  
REF.PS141.B54.2000 American Author Houses, Museums, Memorials, and Libraries Biggers
REF.QK122.3.H46.2000 Appalachian Wildflowers Hemmerly
REF.QL7.E54.2004 The Encyclopedia of Animals, a Complete Visual Guide  
REF.QA76.76.T49.P38.2005 PDF Reference, Version 1.6  
REF.RC553.A88.A847.2005 The Autism Encyclopedia  
BF448.G53.2005 Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking Gladwell
BF637.S4.C685.2004 The Eighth Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness Covey
BJ1533.C8.K45.2005 Moral Courage Kidder
BL1202.C65.2004 Contemporary Hinduism Rinehart
BM700.O433.2005 Jewish Ritual, a Brief Introduction for Christians Olitzky, Judson
BP161.3.I74.2004 Islam in World Cultures, Comparative Perspectives Feener
BP163.I7327.2004 Islam: Opposing Viewpoints  
BV600.3.M55.2004 The Millennium Matrix: Reclaiming the Past, Reframing the Future of the Church Miller
BV4531.3.S33.2005 God on the Quad Riley
D804.G4.S49.2004 War in the Wild East Shepherd
D805.5.A96.R44.2005 Auschwitz, a New History Rees
DK32.M274.2003 How Russia Shaped the Modern World Marks
DK268.4.G67.2004 Cold Peace, Stalin and the Soviet Ruling Circle, 1945-1953 Gorlizki, Khlevniuk
DK510.32.B55.2004 Russia in Search of Itself Biillington
DS329.4.C4813.2004 Nomadic Empires Chliand
DS554.83.P65.S53.2005 Pol Pot: Anatomy of a Nightmare Short
DS558.B45.2004 Late Thoughts on an Old War: The Legacy of Vietnam Beidler
DS921.C37.2002 Remembered Prisoners of a Forgotten War Carlson
E183.7.A37.2003 Against the Beast,  a Documentary History of American Opposition to Empire Nichols
E183.8.I55.P58.2004 The Persian Puzzle, the Conflict Between Iran and America Pollack
E184.A1.P845.2004 Sharing the Dream: White Males in Multicultural America Pulera
E185.97.W4.H37.1975 Booker T. Washington, the Making of a Black Leader, 1856-1901 Harlan
E185.97.W4.H373.1983 Booker T. Washington, the Wizard of Tuskegee, 1901-1915 Harlan
E332.2.J475.2004 Jefferson and Madison on Separation of Church and State Brenner
E487.D278.2002 Look Away, a History of the confederate States of America Davis
E839.5.M37.2004 Happy Days and Wonder Years Marcus
F199.D55.2005 The Bonus Army Dickson, Allen
F311.R63.2004 Dream State Roberts
GN281.R412313.2004 Human Evolution, a Guide to the Debates Regal
Reserve.GV706.8.S7725.2005 Sports and Athletes  
HB95.G9.2005 Common Sense Economics Gwartney, Stroup, Lee
HD30.28.U53.2004 What's Your Corporate IQ? Underwood
HD38.2.N44.2004 You're in Charge--Now What? Neff, Citrin
HD58.8.B657.2004 Confronting Reality Bossidy, Charan
HD62.7.T97.2003 Small Business for Dummies Tyson, Schell
HD6971.J36.2005 Managing to Stay Out of Court Janove
HD9005.F37.2005 Fast Food Collins
HF5415.5.B3667.2004 Branded Customer Service Barlow, Stewart
HQ796.C896.2005 The Road to Whatever Currie
Reserve.HQ1033.G385.2005 Gay Marriage  
HQ1123.P65.2001 Women of Discovery  
HQ1438.S63.N445.2002 Neither Lady Nor Slave: Working Women of the Old South Delfino, Gillespie
HT1163.H63.2005 Bury the Chains Hochschhild
HT1521.J33.2004 Race, Racism, and Science: Social Impact and Interaction Jackson, Weidman
HV4708.D56.2005 Do Animals Have Rights? Carroll
HV6546.T414.2005 Teen Suicide Woodward
JC337.B47.2003 Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times Bermeo
KD379.S669.W57.2005 Though the Heavens May Fall Wise
KF8742.H79.2003 The Taney Court Huebner
KF8742.L87.2004 The Chase Court Lurie
LA205.G73.1964 The Story of American Education Through Readings Gross, Chandler
LB1139.5.A78.K67.2004 Growing Artists: Teaching Art to Young Children Koster
LB 2806.15.G48.2004 Getting Results With Curriculum Mapping Jacobs
LB3051.A592.2004 The Ambiguity of Teaching to the Test Firestone, Schorr, Monfils
LC111.G68.2004 Does God Belong in Public Schools? Greenawalt
LC6576.F57.2004 Children's Learning from Educational Television Fisch
LC212.42.A37.2005 Affirmative Action Maltz
ML3545.H25.2003 Songcatchers Hart
N8251.S3.B6313.2004 Still Life  
Oversize.NB553.M419.2004  Rodin  
NC915.A35.A3413.2004 Airbrush  
ND1342.P26813.2004 Landscape  
ND1484.L88513.2004 Light and Color  
ND1500.A3613.2004 Water Effects  
PJ3771.G5.E5.2004 Gilgamesh, a New English Version Mitchell
PN2061.P575.2004 Acting that Matters Pineo
PN4888.O25.M43.2004 Media Bias Kallen
PR85.O96.2002b The Oxford English Literary History, Vol .2 Simpson
PR85.O96.2004 The Oxford English Literary History, Vol 10. The Modern Movement. Baldick
PR2673.R54.2005 The World of Christopher Marlowe Riggs
PR4952.S58.M34.2004 Dickens and the Social Order Magnet
PS627.M63.T35.2004 Talk to Me: Monologue Plays Lane, Shengold
PS668.B3.2003-04 Representative American Speeches, 2003-04 Logue, Messina, DeHart
PS3511.I9234.2004 Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald: An American Woman's Life Wagner-Martin
PS3573.I45677.Z89.2004 August Wilson, a Literary Companion Snodgrass
QH438.7.E844.2005 The Ethics of Human Cloning Woodward
QL785.W9525.2004 Do Animals Think? Wynne
R726.E7753.2005 The Ethics of Euthanasia Harris
RC520.K36.2004 Understanding Paranoia: Guide for Professionals, Families, and Sufferers Kantor
RJ507.G55.M57.2004 Misdiagnosis and Dual Diagnoses of Gifted Children and Adults Webb, et al
TD345.G633.2004 The World's Water, 2004-2005 Gleick, et al
TJ163.155.A1.D48.2004 Making Technology Work, Applications in Energy and the Environment Deutch, Lester
TL410.H43.2004 Bicycle, the History Herlihy
Oversize.TR267.W54.2005 The Joy of Digital Photography Wignall
Oversize.TS1032.P73.2004 Fine Art of the West Price
UB416.S56.2005 Children at War Singer