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General Philosophy, Psychology & Religion



B2430 .F721 1984

The Foucault reader

Foucault, Michel.

B2430.S37 S38 1996

The spiritual life : selected writings of Albert Schweitzer ;edited by Charles R. Joy ; introduction by Robert Coles & Bob Kerrey.

Schweitzer, Albert, 1875-1965

BF442 .G55 1991

How we know what isn't so : the fallibility of human reason in everyday life

Gilovich, Thomas

BQ962.U33 K62 2002

Complete book of zen

Wong, Kiew Kit

REF BR95 .P8 1962

Dictionary of ecclesiastical terms :

Purvis, John Stanley, 1890-

BR115.H6 C673 1993

Gay theology without apology

Comstock, Gary David, 1945-

BS195 .N394 1997A

Student's life application Bible : New Living Translation.

Bible. English. New Living Translation. 1997.

BS659 .F67 2004

Creationism's Trojan horse : the wedge of intelligent design

Forrest, Barbara, 1952-

BS2825.52 .K57 2006

A history of the end of the world : how the most controversial book in the Bible changed the course of Western civilization

Kirsch, Jonathan, 1949-

BT83.55 .R84 1993

Sexism and God-talk : toward a feminist theology : with a new introduction

Ruether, Rosemary Radford.

BT736.6 .W54 2003

Jesus and nonviolence : a third way

Wink, Walter

BX2182.3 .T4713 2001

Mother Teresa : essential writings

Teresa, Mother, 1910-1997

BX8066.B8 T53 1960

This world and the beyond : Marburg sermons

Bultmann, Rudolph Karl, 1884-1976

World History



CT275.B5394 A3 1998

The boys of my youth

Beard, Jo Ann

D743 .M647 2003

The Blitzkrieg myth : how Hitler and the Allies misread the strategic realities of World War II

Mosier, John, 1944-

D810.B3 B37 2004

A plague upon humanity : the secret genocide of Axis Japan's germ warfare operation

Barenblatt, Daniel

DK265 .M7 1958

The Russian revolution

Moorehead, Alan, 1910-

DS79.76 .R535 2006

Fiasco : the American military adventure in Iraq

Ricks, Thomas E.

American History



E169.1 W728 1956

In the American grain.

Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963.

E169.12 .D36 2001

My misspent youth : essays

Daum, Meghan, 1970-

E185.6 .D797 1999

The souls of Black folk : authoritative text, contexts, criticism

Du Bois, W. E. B. (William Edward Burghardt), 1868-1963.

E185.97 .W4 A3 1996

Up from slavery : authoritative text, contexts, and composition history, criticism

Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915.

E840.8.B965 A3 2005

Robert C. Byrd : child of the Appalachian coalfields

Byrd, Robert C.

E847 .W73 2006

LBJ--architect of American ambition

Woods, Randall Bennett, 1944-

F220.A1 S65 2006

There goes my everything : white Southerners in the age of civil rights, 1945-1975

Sokol, Jason

F379.N5 D97 2006

Come hell or high water : Hurricane Katrina and the color of disaster

Dyston, Michael Eric.

F869.L217 W35 2005

Holy land : a suburban memoir

Waldie, D. J.

 Geography, Anthropology, Sports, Recreation



GT3205 .C85 2006

Remember me : a lively tour of the new American way of death

Cullen, Lisa Takeuchi

OVERSIZE GV401 .F75 2005

Managing sport facilities

Fried, Gil, 1965-

GV436 .H35 2007

Measurement and evaluation in physical education and exercise science

Lacy, Alan C.

GV436 .M54 2006

Measurement by the physical educator : why and how

Miller, David K. (David Keith)

OVERSIZE GV443 .K36 2005

Inclusive physical activity : a lifetime of opportunities

Kasser, Susan L.

DVD GV505 .T129 2000

Tai chi [DVD] : the 24 forms

Lam, Paul

GV709.3 .D47 2005

Disability sport

DePauw, Karen P.

GV716 .C665 2006

The business of sports : a primer for journalists

Conrad, Mark, 1958-

DVD GV722 .F527 2004

The first Olympics, blood, honor, and glory [DVD] : the ultimate challenge of champions


DVD GV722 .T765 2005

The tragedy of the Munich games [DVD]


DVD GV881 .F251 2001

Fastpitch [DVD] : a film by Jeremy Spear.

Spear, Jeremy

DVD GV950 .W46 2001

Rites of autumn [DVD] : the story of college football.

Reynolds, Burt.

DVD GV981 .G625 2004

Golf, the game that defined a century [DVD] : Golfweek's restrospective 100 years of golf, 1900-1999

Jones, Charlie

DVD GV1029.9 .G786 2004

Great moments in the history of NASCAR [DVD]


JUV GV1203 .G737 1975

You and your child thinking things out,

Grender, Iris.

Statistics, Economics, Business, Management



H62 .S7542 2006

GIS : geographic information systems for the social sciences : investigating space and place

Steinberg, Steven J.

HB103.S6 B83 2006

The authentic Adam Smith : his life and ideas

Buchan, James.

HB615 .L87 2002

The MouseDriver chronicles : the true-life adventures of two first-time entrepreneurs

Lusk, John

HC79.T4 H558 2005

Democratizing innovation

Hippel, Eric von

HD4870 .U6 U82 2006

U.S. national debate topic 2006-2007 : national service

Eniclerico, Ronald

HE8700.76.U6 M43 2004

The medium and the message : television advertising and American elections

Goldstein, Kenneth M., 1965-

HF5549.5 .T7 R68 2000

Human performance improvement : building practitioner competence

Rothwell, William J., 1951-

Sociology, Women's Studies



HM621 .R425 2006

Redefining culture : perspectives across disciplines

Baldwin, John R., 1960-

HN37.C3 D358 2005

Dorothy Day, selected writings : By little and by little

Day, Dorothy, 1897-1980.

HQ35 .K36 1973

Sex and the young teen-ager.

Kay, Eleanor.

HQ773.5 .Q83 2006

Hothouse kids : the dilemma of the gifted child

Quart, Alissa

HQ801 .B885 2001

Sex and the city

Bushnell, Candace

HQ1075 .C668 2003

Continental feminism reader

Cahill, Ann J.

HQ1154 .O8 1997

Woman in the nineteenth century : an authoritative text, backgrounds, criticism

Fuller, Margaret, 1810-1850.

HQ1421 .R68 2001

The world split open : how the modern women's movement changed America

Rosen, Ruth.

CD-ROM HT391 .L45 2005

Think globally, act regionally : GIS and data visualization for social science and public policy research

LeGates, Richard T.

HT391 .L45 2005

Think globally, act regionally : GIS and data visualization for social science and public policy research

LeGates, Richard T.

Political Science/ Law



JC571 .U638 2005

Universal human rights : moral order in a divided world

Reidy, David A., 1962-

JC585 .P395 2005

Courting the abyss : free speech and liberal tradition

Peters, John Durham

JX1962.C34 A3 1997

A desperate passion : an autobiography

Caldicott, Helen.

KF4558 2ND .C67 2006

A well-regulated militia : the founding fathers and the origins of gun control in America

Cornell, Saul.




LB775 .M7613 1964A

The Montessori method.

Montessori, Maria, 1870-1952.

LB1555 .L38 1991

Learning magazine's superbook of teacher tips


LB1570 .B95 2005

Joyful classrooms in an age of accountability : the project CHILD recipe for success

Butzin, Sarah M.

LB1631 .M384 2001

English teacher's month-by-month activities kit : ready-to-use lessons & activities for grades 7-12

Manos, Keith T.

LB1771 .W6 2006-2007

Requirements for certification of teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators for elementary and secondary schools.


LB1775.2 .W64 2005

The first days of school : how to be an effective teacher

Wong, Harry K., 1932-

DVD LB1775.2 .W64 2006

The effective teacher [DVD]


LB2844.1.N4 H296 2005

Jumbo book of teacher tips and timesavers

Harrell, Denise Dodds

LC268 .E355 2003

Educating citizens : preparing America's undergraduates for lives of moral and civic responsibility

Colby, Anne, 1946-

RESERVE LD2051 .G362 S51 2006

Tusculum College: a heritage of two centuries of memories

Sexton, Donal




M2 .B53 C7 1961

The continental harmony : (1794)

Billings, William, 1746-1800.

ML410.C4 B67 1961

"Beloved friend": The story of Tchaikowsky and Nadejda von Meck,

Bowen, Catherine (Drinker) 1897-1973

MT6 .C78 1957

What to listen for in music.

Copland, Aaron, 1900-1990

Fine Arts



N68 .K33 1977

Concerning the spiritual in art

Kandinsky, Wassily, 1866-1944.

N6447 .M6 1982

Modern art and modernism : a critical anthology

Frascina, Francis.

N6490.4 .A37 2005

Art now: vol 2 : the new directory to 136 international contemporary artists

Grosenick, Uta

N6494.M5 M55 2004

Minimal art

Marzona, Daniel

N6512.5.A25 G53 1997

Abstract expressionism : other politics

Gibson, Ann Eden, 1944-

N6512.5.I56 R45 1999

From margin to center : the spaces of installation art

Reiss, Julie H.

N6537.C33 B33 1998

Calder, 1898-1976

Baal-Teshuva, Jacob

N6868.5.E9 B44 1999


Behr, Shulamith.

N8140 .N47 2003


Neret, Gilles.

OVERSIZE NA270 .L36 1996

Greek architecture

Lawrence, A. W. (Arnold Walter), 1900-

NB450 .S38 2006

Sculpture : from antiquity to the present day.

Duby, Georges.

NC998.6.J3 J37 2003

Japanese graphics now!

Kozak Rovero, Gisela

ND533.V35 H64 2005

Victor Vasarely, 1906-1997: pure vision

Holzhey, Magdalena

ND615 .N87 2004

From Flanders to Florence : the impact of Netherlandish painting, 1400-1500

Nuttall, Paula

NX456.5 M3 B68 2004

Magic(al) realism

Bowers, Maggie Ann

Language & Literature, Journalism, Film



P91 .D67 2001

Radical media : rebellious communication and social movements

Downing, John (John Derek Hall)

P94.5.M44 M46 1992

Men, masculinity, and the media

Craig, Steve, 1947-

P96.C742 U66 2007

Crime and the media : headlines versus reality

Muraskin, Roslyn

REF P241 .B378 2004

A glossary of morphology

Bauer, Laurie, 1949-

PJ409 .Y6 1994

A treasury of Asian literature.

Yohannan, John D., ed.

PN1979 E4 C7 1981

Creative teaching with puppets : resources for six integrated units

Rountree, Barbara S., 1950-

PN1991.8 .S44 H55 2003

Dirty discourse : sex and indecency in American radio

Hilliard, Robert L., 1925-

PN1992.3.U5 M35 2005

Why TV is not our fault : television programming, viewers, and who's really in control

Meehan, Eileen R., 1951-

PN1992.3 .U5 M55 2004

Genre and television : from cop shows to cartoons in American culture

Mittell, Jason

PN1992.8.G7 H37 2005

Broadcast graphics on the spot : time-saving techniques using photoshop and after effects for broadcast and post production

Harrington, Richard

PN1992.8.I68 M39 2000

Sound and look professional on television and the Internet : how to improve your on-camera presence

McCoy, Michelle

PN1992.8.R43 H55 2005

Reality TV : audiences and popular factual television

Hill, Annette

REF PN1993.5 .U6 S539 1998

The new historical dictionary of the American film industry

Slide, Anthony.

DVD PN1995.9 .C55 R46 2000

Renaissance man [DVD]

DeVito, Danny.

PN1995.9 .H5 H64 1998

Hollywood as historian : American film in a cultural context

Rollins, Peter C.

PN1995.9.H55 B44 2006

Queer images : a history of gay and lesbian film in America

Benshoff, Harry M.

DVD PN1995.9 .N89 2004

Nosferatu [DVD] : a symphony of horror.

Murnau, F. W.

PN1995.9.P6 P66 1994

The political companion to American film

Crowdus, Gary, 1945-

PN1995.9.W45 V47 2003

Screen saviors : Hollywood fictions of whiteness

Vera, Hernan, 1937-

PN1996 .F43 2005

Screenplay : the foundations of screenwriting

Field, Syd

PN1996 .F439 1998

The screenwriter's problem solver : how to recognize, identify, and define screenwriting problems

Field, Syd

DVD PN1997 .U46 1992

Unforgiven [DVD]

Eastwood, Clint, 1930- direction, production, cast.

DVD PN1997 .C37A 2003

Casablanca [DVD]

Bogart, Humphrey, 1899-1957.

DVD PN1997 .D756 D75 2004

Dr. Strangelove, or, How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb [DVD]

Kubrick, Stanley, direction, production, writing.

DVD PN1997 .F78 2001

Full metal jacket [DVD]

Kubrick, Stanley, direction.

DVD PN1997 .R365 R38 2005

Rebel without a cause [DVD]

Ray, Nicholas, 1911- direction, writing.

PN1998.2 .A65 1999

Stranger than paradise : maverick film-makers in recent American cinema

Andrew, Geoff.

PN4726 .T44 2005

Tell me no lies : investigative journalism that changed the world

Pilger, John

PN4781 .R38 2002

The investigative reporter's handbook : a guide to documents, databases, and techniques.

Houston, Brant

REF PN4784 .S6 S66 1996

Sports style guide & reference manual : the complete reference for sports editors, writers and broadcasters

Swan, Jennifer.

PN4784.T4 C37 2004

Writing and producing television news

Gormly, Eric K.

PN4853 .J59 2003

Journalism after September 11

Zelizer, Barbie.

PN4888.I56 A83 2005

The evolution of American investigative journalism

Aucoin, James, 1952-

PN4888.P6 F37 2003

The nightly news nightmare : network television's coverage of U.S. presidential elections, 1988-2000

Farnsworth, Stephen J., 1961-

PN4888.T4 A39 2001

News is people : the rise of local TV news and the fall of news from New York

Allen, Craig.

PN4888 .T4 H355 2004

All the news that's fit to sell : how the market transforms information into news

Hamilton, James, 1961-

PN6071.W7 C3 2002

Women and fiction: short stories by and about women.

Cahill, Susan, editor.

PN6101 .P493 1995

Poems for the millennium : the University of California book of modern & postmodern poetry

Rothenberg, Jerome, 1931-

European Literature



PQ1575 .L56 E5 1982

The book of the city of ladies

Christine, de Pisan, ca. 1364-ca. 1431

DVD PQ4865 .C6 N613 2004

The name of the rose [DVD].

Connery, Sean.

PQ7519.D3 A228 2005

Selected writings

Dario, Ruben, 1867-1916

PQ8180.17.A73 A27 1999B

Collected stories

Garcia Marquez, Gabriel, 1928-

English Literature



PR21 .W39 2000

Ways of reading : advanced reading skills for students of English literature

Montgomery, Martin.

PR1110.W6 W658 2004

Women write : a mosaic of women's voices in fiction, poetry, memoir, and essay

Cahill, Susan Neunzig

PR6005.O4 H4 2006

Heart of darkness : authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism

Conrad, Joseph, 1857-1924.

DVD PR6013 .R44 T45X 1999

The third man [DVD]

Greene, Graham.

PR6029.W4 Z77 1972

Requiem for war; the life of Wilfred Owen.

Orrmont, Arthur.

PR6068.U757 M5 1991

Midnight's children

Rushdie, Salman.

PR9387.9.S6 Z477 2006

You must set forth at dawn : a memoir

Soyinka, Wole.

PR9499.3.M77 J3 1989


Mukherjee, Bharati.

American Literature



PS153.N5 N67 1998

The dialect of modernism : race, language, and twentieth-century literature

North, Michael, 1951-

PS228.M63 C36 2005

The Cambridge companion to American modernism

Kalaidjian, Walter B., 1952-

DVD PS355 .U4 V57 2000

The virgin suicides [DVD]

Eugenides, Jeffrey

PS554 .O43 1994

Old wounds, new words : poems from the Appalachian poetry project

Baber, Bob Henry

PS586 .N49 2003

The new anthology of American poetry

Axelrod, Steven Gould, 1944-

DVD PS648 .M33 M67 1996

The mirror has two faces [DVD]

Streisand, Barbra, direction, production, cast.

PS648.W65 V53 2003


Coonts, Stephen, 1946-

PS1294 .C63 A64 1994

The Awakening : an authoritative text, biographical and historical contexts, criticism

Chopin, Kate, 1851-1904.

PS1305 .T93 1999

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn : an authoritative text, contexts and sources, criticism

Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.

PS1308 .A2 E57 1982

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's court : an authoritative text, backgrounds and sources, composition and publication, criticism

Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.

PS1317 .B4 1980

Pudd'nhead Wilson ; and, Those extraordinary twins : authoritative texts, textual introduction and tables of variants, criticism

Twain, Mark, 1835-1910.

PS1449 .C85 1979

Maggie, a girl of the streets : (a story of New York)

Crane, Stephen, 1871-1900.

PS1868 .A2 P47 2004

The scarlet letter and other writings : authoritative texts, contexts, criticism

Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864.

PS2116 .A5 1994

The ambassadors : an authoritative text, the author on the novel, criticism

James, Henry, 1843-1916.

PS2116 .J234 1978

The American : an authoritative text, backgrounds and sources, criticism

James, Henry, 1843-1916.

PS2116 .P6 1995

The portrait of a lady : an authoritative text, Henry James and the novel, reviews and criticism

James, Henry, 1843-1916.

PS2116 .T8 1998

The turn of the screw : authoritative text, contexts, criticism

James, Henry, 1843-1916.

PS2116 .W5 2003

The wings of the dove : authoritative text, the author and the novel, criticism

James, Henry, 1843-1916.

PS2382 .M38 2002

Melville's short novels : authoritative texts, contexts, criticism

Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

PS2384 .C6 1971

The confidence-man, his masquerade an authoritative text, backgrounds and sources, reviews, criticism [and] an annotated bibliography

Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

PS2384 .M6 2002


Melville, Herman, 1819-1891.

PS2602 .T3 2004

The selected writings of Edgar Allan Poe : authoritative texts, backgrounds and contexts, criticism

Poe, Edgar Allan, 1809-1849.

 PS3501.N4 .W578 1996

Winesburg, Ohio : authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism

Anderson, Sherwood, 1876-1941

PS3503 .I785 1984

The complete poems, 1927-1979

Bishop, Elizabeth, 1911-1979.

PS3505.U334 A17 1991

Complete poems, 1904-1962

Cummings, E. E. (Edward Estlin), 1894-1962.

DVD PS3507 .I93 B57A 1992

Birth of a nation [DVD]

Griffith, D. W. (David Wark), 1875-1948.

PS3507.O726 A6 1983

Collected poems, 1912-1944

H. D. (Hilda Doolittle), 1886-1961.

PS3507.O726 H47 1981


H. D. (Hilda Doolittle), 1886-1961.

PS3511 .A86 S7 1994

The sound and the fury : an authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism

Faulkner, William, 1897-1962.

PS3515.U789 T639 2000

Zora Neale Hurston's Their eyes were watching God : a casebook

Wall, Cheryl A.

PS3523.O88 A6 2004

Selected poems

Lowell, Amy, 1874-1925.

DVD PS3525 .I5156 M5 2001

The Misfits [DVD]

Gable, Clark

PS3531.O82 C2838 2001

A guide to the Cantos of Ezra Pound

Cookson, William, 1939-

PS3531.O82 C289 1993

A companion to the Cantos of Ezra Pound

Terrell, Carroll Franklin

PS3535.E98 A17 2005

The poems of Charles Reznikoff : 1918-1975

Reznikoff, Charles, 1894-1976

PS3535 .I233 A6 1993

Adrienne Rich's poetry and prose : poems, prose, reviews, and criticism

Rich, Adrienne Cecile.

PS3537 .I85 J85 2003

The jungle : an authoritative text, contexts and backgrounds, criticism

Sinclair, Upton, 1878-1968.

PS3537 .T323 T5 2006

Three lives ; and, Q.E.D. : authoritative texts, contexts, criticism

Stein, Gertrude, 1874-1946.

PS3537.T5377 S85 1978

River of earth

Still, James, 1906-2001

PS3537.T92516 A6 2000

The best-loved short stories of Jesse Stuart

Stuart, Jesse, 1906-1984

PS3545 .H16 A7 2003

The age of innocence : authoritative text, background and contexts, sources, criticism

Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937.

PS3545 .H16 E7 1995

Ethan Frome : authoritative text, backgrounds and contexts, criticism

Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937.

PS3545 .H16 H68 1990

The house of mirth : authoritative text, backgrounds, and contexts criticism

Wharton, Edith, 1862-1937.

PS3545.I544 A6 2004

Selected poems

Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963.

PS3545.I544 P3 1992


Williams, William Carlos, 1883-1963.

PS3551.D365 P87 1988

The purchase of order : stories

Adams, Gail Galloway.

PS3552.A45 Z515 2000

The devil finds work : an essay

Baldwin, James, 1924-1987

PS3552 .A49 S94 1991

The sweet hereafter : a novel

Banks, Russell, 1940-

PS3553.H298 I15 1987

I am one of you forever : a novel

Chappell, Fred, 1936-

PS3553.L245 R39 2002

Red rabbit

Clancy, Tom, 1947-

PS3554.I259 D76 1997


Diaz, Junot, 1968-

PS3554 .I33 Z63 2005

The year of magical thinking

Didion, Joan.

PS3556.I3967 Z468 2001

Going to the movies : a personal journey through four decades of modern film

Field, Syd

PS3557.I136 U57A 1988

Storming heaven : a novel

Giardina, Denise, 1951-

PS3560.U32 C77X 1989


Judd, Cameron.

PS3563.A7414 M53 2005

Michael Martone

Martone, Michael.

PS3564.O57 N84 1977

Kinfolks : the Wilgus stories

Norman, Gurney, 1937-

PS3565.A8 H54 2006

High lonesome : new & selected stories, 1966-2006

Oates, Joyce Carol, 1938-

PS3569.M5376 C3 1981


Smith, Lee, 1944-

DVD PS3573 .E195 G7 2005

The graduate [DVD]

Webb, Charles

PS3573 .O558 Z477 1989

This boy's life : a memoir

Wolff, Tobias, 1945-

PS3573.R5433 A83 2006

The amalgamation polka

Wright, Stephen, 1946-

German Literature



PT2635.I65 A6 1982

The selected poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke

Rilke, Rainer Maria, 1875-1926.

PT2635.I65 D82 2003

Duino elegies

Rilke, Rainer Maria, 1875-1926.

Juvenile Literature



JUV PZ7 .D893 CO5 2001

Count of Monte Cristo (abridged):

Dumas, Alexandre

JUV PZ7 .K8527 GI 2002

The girls:

Koss, Amy Goldman, 1954-

JUV PZ7 .L5215 WI 1968

A wizard of earthsea

Le Guin, Ursula K., 1929-

DVD PZ7 .U58 2004

Un chien Andalou [DVD]

Mareuil, Simone

JUV PZ7 .W5844 DC 1973


White, Robb

JUV PZ7 .Y44 DQR 1993

Dragon's gate

Yep, Laurence.

JUV PZ8.3 .W848 1990

Quick as a cricket,

Wood, Audrey

Math, General Science



JUV QA40.5

Monsters come in several sizes : creative math for the very young child

Forte, Imogene

QA76.76.H94 S62 1999

Creating Web pages for dummies

Smith, Bud E.

QA135.5 .B83963 2000

About teaching mathematics : a K-8 resource

Burns, Marilyn, 1941-

QA241 .L57 1962

Elementary theory of numbers.

LeVeque, William Judson.

QA248.3 .Y3 1964

Finite mathematical structures, by John E. Yarnelle.

Yarnelle, John E. (John Edward), 1910-

QA300 .A6 1957

Mathematical analysis; a modern approach to advanced calculus.

Apostol, Tom M.

QA303 .L5 1965

Concepts of calculus [by] A. H. Lightstone.

Lightstone, A. H.

QA342 .S478 1963

Hyperbolic functions. Translated and adapted from the 2d Russian ed. (1958) by A. Gordon Foster and Coley Mills, Jr.

Shervatov, V. G.

QA641 .P3X 1975

Pattern Blocks: Activities. Marion Pasternack and Linda Silvey.

Pasternack, Marion.

Physical Sciences



QC91 .Y68X 1975

Meter: suggested activities to motivate the teaching of the metric system. Authors, John M. Youngpeter [and] Dennis P. Davan.

Youngpeter, John M. [and] Davan, Dennis P.

QC773 .R46 1986

The making of the atomic bomb

Rhodes, Richard.

QC981.8.G56 K655 2006

Field notes from a catastrophe : man, nature, and climate change

Kolbert, Elizabeth

QE46 .D69 1992

The practical geologist

Dixon, Dougal

JUV QE714.5 .L37 1987

Dinosaurs walked here, and other stories fossils tell

Lauber, Patricia.

Life Sciences



QH104.5.E73 M35 2000

Lake Erie rehabilitated : controlling cultural eutrophication, 1960s-1990s

McGucken, William.

QH308.2 .S72 2004

Biology : the unity and diversity of life

Starr, Cecie.

QH541.5 .P7 A4 1967

The life of prairies and plains

Allen, Durward Leon, 1910-

JUV QL89.2 .L6 T46 1979

The Loch Ness monster

Thorne, Ian.

QL605 .O7 1976

Vertebrate biology

Orr, Robert Thomas, 1908-

QM23.2 .D87 1999

Encyclopaedia anatomica : a complete collection of anatomical waxes

During, Monika von.

QP301 .M698 2006

Movement system variability

Davids, K. (Keith), 1953-

QT261 .N494 2001

Neurological sports medicine: a guide for physicians and athletic trainers

Bailes, Julian E.




RJ496 .B7 K72 2005

The out-of-sync child : recognizing and coping with sensory processing disorder

Kranowitz, Carol Stock

RZ999 .F76 2002

Applied kinesiology : a training manual and reference book of basic principles and practice

Frost, Robert, 1950-




CD-ROM T385 .A358145 2004

Adobe Illustrator CS2 : classroom in a book


T385 .A358145 2004

Adobe Illustrator CS2 : classroom in a book


CD-ROM T385 .A358363 2005

Adobe Photoshop CS2 : classroom in a book

Adobe Systems.

T385 .A358363 2005

Adobe Photoshop CS2 : classroom in a book

Adobe Systems.

CD-ROM T385 .S7583 2004

The Adobe Illustrator CS2 Wow! book

Steuer, Sharon

T385 .S7583 2004

The Adobe Illustrator CS2 Wow! book

Steuer, Sharon

TD174 .C33 1992

If you love this planet : a plan to heal the earth

Caldicott, Helen.

TK5105.885 .G66 C35 2003

Google hacks : [100 industrial-strength tips & tools]

Calishain, Tara.

TK6679.3 .I59 2004

Internet television

Noam, Eli M.

TK7871.4 .Z39 1990

Audio design : sound recording techniques for film and video

Zaza, Tony, 1945-

JUV TL540 .E3 G67 2000

Amelia Eaarhart: young aviator

Gormley, Beartrice.

TN870 .M339 2006

The age of oil : the mythology, history, and future of the world's most controversial resource

Maugeri, Leonardo, 1964-

TR183 .N67 2005

Camera works : photography and the twentieth-century word

North, Michael

TR267.5.A3 M37 2006

Photoshop LAB color : the canyon conundrum and other adventures in the most powerful colorspace

Margulis, Dan, 1951-

TR267.5.A33 F73 2005

Real world Camera Raw with Adobe Photoshop CS2 : industrial-strength production techniques

Fraser, Bruce

CD-ROM TR899 .H3898 2004

Photoshop CS for nonlinear editors

Harrington, Richard, 1972-

TR899 .H3898 2004

Photoshop CS for nonlinear editors

Harrington, Richard, 1972-

TR899 .H85 2003

Color correction for digital video : using desktop tools to perfect your image

Hullfish, Steve

TX631 .C44 2002

Choice cuts : a savory selection of food writing from around the world and throughout history

Kurlansky, Mark.

Military Science



UG1282.A8 R46 1995

Dark sun : the making of the hydrogen bomb

Rhodes, Richard.

OVERSIZE VF145 .F85 2006

The Naval Institute guide to world naval weapon systems

Friedman, Norman, 1946-

Library Science, Bibliography



CD-ROM Z253.532.A34 A39 2006

Adobe InDesign CS2 : classroom in a book


Z253.532.A34 A39 2006

Adobe InDesign CS2 : classroom in a book


Z1006 .B6 1961

The Bookman's glossary.

Turner, Mary C. ed.


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