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Psychology, Religion
BF441 .R85 2004 Beyond feelings : a guide to critical thinking Ruggiero, Vincent Ryan
BF444 .M56 2006 The emotion machine : commensense thinking, artificial intelligence, and the future of the human mind Minsky, Marvin Lee, 1927-
BF503 .B55 2006 Yes you can!: behind the hype and hustle of the motivation biz Black, Jonathan
BL245 .I87 2004 Before scopes : evangelicalism, education, and evolution in Tennessee, 1870-1925 Israel, Charles A. (Charles Alan), 1973-
BS2651 .W49 2006 What Paul meant Wills, Garry, 1934-
BT122 .H86 1974 Storms and starlight : bishops' messages on the Holy Spirit Hunt, Earl G., comp.
CT275.C3 N37 2006 Andrew Carnegie Nasaw, David
D13.2 .I3413 2005 Historiography in the twentieth century: from scientific objectivity to the postmodern challenge Iggers, Georg G.
D157 .T89 2006 God's war : a new history of the Crusades Tyerman, Christopher.
D744.4 .B45 2006 Choices under fire : moral dimensions of World War II Bess, Michael
DB957 .G36 2006 Failed illusions : Moscow, Washington, Budapest, and the 1956 Hungarian revolt Gati, Charles.
VIDEO DG258.5 S73 Spartacus [videorecording] Kubrick, Stanley.
DG279 .E94 2006 Augustus : the life of Rome's first emperor Everitt, Anthony.
SPECCOLL DK63.3 .F55 1961 The cold war and its origins, 1917-1960. Fleming, Denna Frank, 1893-
American History
E78 .S55 F8 1957 Sun circles and human hands; the southeastern Indians art and industries, Fundaburk, Emma Lila, 1922- ed.
E175 .T975 2005 Historians in public : the practice of American history, 1890-1970 Tyrrell, Ian R.
SPECCOLL E176.1 .E85 1918 Presidents I have known from 1860-1918 Wolf, Simon, 1836-1923.
SPECCOLL E176.1 .W735 1932 Pen pictures of the presidents Wilson, Fred Taylor
SPECCOLL E176.2 .L36 1882 The ladies of the White House Holloway, Laura C. (Laura Carter), b. 1848.
E183.7 .K675 2006 The color of empire : race and American foreign relations Krenn, Michael L., 1957-
E263.S7 J2 1948 A sketch of the life of Brig. Gen. Francis Marion and a history of his brigade from its rise in June 1780 until disba James, William Dobein, 1764-1830
SPECCOLL E457 .T376 1884 From log-cabin to White House: the story of President Garfield's life/William M. Thayer. Thayer, William Makepeace, 1820-1898.
SPECCOLL E457.5 .J79 1893 J. Wilkes Booth Jones, Thomas A.
SPECCOLL E467.1 .L4 H75 1935 The boys' life of Robert E. Lee Horn, Stanley Fitzgerald, 1889-
SPECCOLL E467.1 .L4 L43 1904 Recollections and letters of General Robert E. Lee, by his son, Captain Robert E. Lee: Lee, Robert E. (Robert Edward), 1843-1914
SPECCOLL E470.2 .T25 1878 Four years with General Lee; being a summary of the more important events touching the career of General Robert E. Lee, in the war between the states; Taylor, Walter Herron, 1838-1916
SPECCOLL E531 .S5 1963 Divided loyalties; Fort Sanders and the Civil War in East Tennessee. Seymour, Digby Gordon, 1923-
E666 .M43 2006 The avenger takes his place : Andrew Johnson and the 45 days that changed the nation Means, Howard B.
SPECCOLL E668 .C62 1928 American reconstruction, 1865-1870 and the impeachment of President Johnson Clemenceau, Georges, 1841-1929
SPECCOLL E687 .M39 1881 The life and public services of James A. Garfield, twentieth president of the United States. A biographical sketch. Mason, Frank H. (Frank Holcomb), 1840-1916
SPECCOLL E711.6 .H19 1901 The illustrious life of William McKinley, our Martyred president Halstead, Murat, 1829-1908.
SPECCOLL E711.6 .T74 1901 Our martyred president : memorial life of William McKinley Townsend, G. W. (George Washington), 1839-1905
SPECCOLL E711.9 .E83 1901 Complete life of William McKinley and story of his assassination : an authentic and official memorial edition, containing every incident in the career of the immortal statesman, soldier, orator and patriot Everett, Marshall.
SPECCOLL E757 .P695 1931 Theodore Roosevelt, a biography, Pringle, Henry F. (Henry Fowles), 1897-1958
E767 .T9 1921 Woodrow Wilson as I know him. Tumulty, J. P.
SPECCOLL E767 .T9 1921 Woodrow Wilson as I know him, Tumulty, Joseph P. (Joseph Patrick), 1879-1954.
E807 .R43 1947 Reilly of the White House. Reilly, Michael Francis.
E842.9 .K89 2006 The JFK assassination debates : lone gunman versus conspiracy Kurtz, Michael L., 1941-
E903.3 .W67 2006 State of denial Woodward, Bob.
F209 .W895 1986 Honor and violence in the Old South Wyatt-Brown, Bertram, 1932-
SPECCOLL F213 .S77 1891 Seventy years in Dixie : recollections, sermons and sayings of T. W. Caskey and others Srygley, F. D. (Fletcher Douglas), 1856-1900
REF F254 .E54 2006 Encyclopedia of North Carolina Powell, William Stevens, 1919-
Tennessee History
SPECCOLL F396 .C65 1930 The outlaw years; the history of the land pirates of the Natchez trace. [map] Coates, Robert M.
SPECCOLL F436 .M141 1899 A history of Tennessee from 1663-1905, for use in schools. McGee, Gentry Richard
SPECCOLL F436 .M141 1909 A history of Tennessee from 1663-1909, for use in schools. McGee, Gentry Richard
SPECCOLL F436 .M141 1911 A history of Tennessee from 1663-1914, for use in schools. McGee, Gentry Richard
SPECCOLL F436 .M141 1919 A history of Tennessee from 1663-1924, for use in schools McGee, Gentry Richard
SPECCOLL F436 .P36 1929 Austin Peay, governor of Tennessee, 1923-1925, 1925-1927, 1927-1929; a collection of state papers and public addresses, with a biography by T. H. Alexander. Peay, Austin, 1876-1927
SPECCOLL F436 .P54X 1889 School history of Tennessee Phelan, James, 1856-1891
SPECCOLL F436 .R24 1967 The annals of Tennessee to the end of the 18th century; comprising its settlement, as the Watauga Associa Ramsey, James Gettys McGready, 1797-1884
SPECCOLL F436 .R75 1936 Discovering Tennessee. Rothrock, Mary U. (Mary Utopia)
SPECCOLL F436 .T57 1946 Tennessee old and new, sequicentennial ed., 1796-1946, sponsored by the Tennessee Historical Commission and the Tennessee Historical Society. Tennessee Historical Commission.
SPECCOLL F436 .W55 1943 Tennessee, its growth and progress White, Robert Hiram
SPECCOLL F436.3 .P3 1954 The story of Tennessee, Parks, Joseph Howard.
SPECCOLL F437 .B71 1906 Old tales retold; or perils and adventures of Tennessee pioneers. Bond, Octavia Louise (Zollicoffer), 1846-
SPECCOLL F443 .B6 B8 1957 History of Blount County, Tennessee; from war trail to landing strip, 1795-1955, Burns, Inez E.
SPECCOLL F443.B8 W918 1949 A history of Bradley County Wooten, John Morgan, 1862-1940.
SPECCOLL F443 .C78 K69 1956 Cumberland County's first hundred years Bullard, Helen, 1902-
SPECCOLL F443.D3 H2 1915 History of De Kalb county, Tennessee, Hale, Will T. (Will Thomas), 1857-1926
SPECCOLL F443 .F7 R63 1966 Focus on Franklin County Rogers, Evelyn
SPECCOLL F443 .H5 R4 1904 A history of the Henry county commands which served in the Confederate States army Rennolds, Edwin Hanson, 1830-
SPECCOLL F443 .M2 W9 1968 McNairy-Hardin Counties. Gen. Marcus J. Wright's Reminiscences of the early settlement and early settlers of McNairy County, Tennessee, Wright, Marcus Joseph, 1831-1922.
SPECCOLL F443 .M4 T8 1955 History of Maury County, Tennessee Turner, William Bruce
SPECCOLL F443.O2 M3 1974 History of Obion County : towns and communities, churches, schools, farming, factories, social, and political Marshall, E. H. (Edwin Hill), b. 1860.
SPECCOLL F443 .P9 M2 1925 History of Putnam County, Tennessee McClain, Walter Stephen, 1868-
SPECCOLL F443 .R4 C3 1940 Records of Rhea : a condensed county history Campbell, T. J. (Thomas Jefferson), 1864-1940.
SPECCOLL F443 .R8 S5 1947 A history of Rutherford County Sims, Carlton C., 1890-, ed.
SPECCOLL F443 .S2 S3 1958 County Scott and its mountain folk Sanderson, Esther Sharp
SPECCOLL F443 .S9 H35 1968 Early history of the south-west Hall, William, d1775-1856.
SPECCOLL F443 .S97 L5 1916 History of Sweetwater Valley, Tennessee Lenoir, William Ballard
SPECCOLL F443 .T7 M35 1990 History of Trousdale County McMurtry, J. C.
SPECCOLL F443 .W2 W6 1960 McMinnville at a milestone : a memento of the sesquicentennnial year of McMinnville, Tennessee, 1960 an Warren County, Tennessee Womack, Walter
SPECCOLL F443 .W7 B6 1971 Historic Williamson County; old homes and sites. Bowman, Virginia McDaniel.
SPECCOLL F444.G74 P7 1965 The life and times of Greenfield, Tennessee,: with sketches of Weakley county Prins, Dixie Eldredge.
SPECCOLL F444 .M9 H4 1929 The story of Murfreesboro Henderson, C. C.
SPECCOLL F444 .N2 E4 1911 Early history of Nashville, Elliott, Lizzie P. (Lizzie Porterfield), 1860-1932
F444.N2 T4 196-? A facsimile reproduction of Old days in Nashville, Thomas, Jane Henry, b. 1800.
F593 .F67 1939 Marcy & the gold seekers: the journal of Captain R. B. Marcy, with an account of the gold rush over the southern route Foreman, Grant, 1869-1953
State and Regional U.S. History    
SPECCOLL F594 .B76 1866 Across the continent: a summer's journey to the Rocky mountains, the Mormons, and the Pacific states, with Speaker Colfax. Bowles, Samuel, 1826-1878.
JUV F597 H648 1993 Reading, writing & riding along the Oregon-California trails: Hill, William E.
F787 .H52 1992 The Santa Fe Trail, yesterday and today Hill, William E.
F868.T9 H6 1973 History of Tuolumne County, California : compiled from the most authentic sources.  
Geography, Ecology, Recreation    
G4361.H2 .A8 1985 The Mother Lode Automobile Club of Southern California. Travel Information Dept.
GF504.S6 K57 2006 Mockingbird song : ecological landscapes of the South Kirby, Jack Temple.
GV714 .S77 2006 Sport public relations : managing organizational communication Stoldt, G. Clayton, 1962-
Management, Business Economics, Sociology    
HD30.255 .E88 2006 Green to gold : how smart companies use environmental strategy to innovate, create value, and build competitive advantage Esty, Daniel C.
HD38.2 .L83 2006 Alpha male syndrome Ludeman, Kate
HD57.7 .C532 2006 Taking advice : how leaders get good counsel and use it wisely Ciampa, Dan.
HD57.7 .G663 2006 Why should anyone be led by you? : what it takes to be an authentic leader Goffee, Robert
HD61 .A64 2006 Risk intelligence : learning to manage what we don't know Apgar, David.
HD2900.12.W56 H35 2007 Bangalore tiger : how Indian tech upstart Wipro is rewriting the rules of global competition Hamm, Steve
HD6095 .M49 2006 A mile in her boots : women who work in the wild Bove, Jennifer, 1973-
HF11.34.V36 B444 1985 History of the Owen School: from its early origins to 1984 Bell, Madison Smartt.
HF5387 .J47 2006 The seven signs of ethical collapse : how to spot moral meltdowns in companies-- before it's too late Jennings, Marianne.
HF5468 .A74 2007 Are chain stores ruining America? Engdahl, Kirsten, 1974-
HF5478 .C65 2004 Starting an eBay business for dummies Collier, Marsha
HF5547.5 W39 1981 Webster's New World office professional's handbook In Plain English, Inc.
HG5131.P5 W75 2005 The first Wall Street : Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, and the birth of American finance Wright, Robert E. (Robert Eric), 1969-
HQ766.5 .U5 S67 2005 Pregnancy and power : a short history of reproductive politics in America Solinger, Rickie, 1947-
HQ1090 .B743 2006 Men - evolutionary and life history Bribiescas, Richard G.
HV28.P4 W45 1973 George Peabody, esq.,: an interpretation, with a letter from the President Wilson, Philip Whitwell, 1875.
HV61 .W34 2005 The poorhouse: America's forgotten institution Wagner, David.
HV95 .H34 2006 Work over welfare : the inside story of the 1996 welfare reform law Haskins, Ron.
Political Science and Law    
SPECCOLL J87 .T2 1955 The Blount journal : 1790-1796; the proceedings of government over the Territory of the United States of America, South of the River Ohio Territory of the United States, South of the River Ohio. 1790-1796.
JK5231 .M33 1975 Biographical directory of the Tennessee General Assembly McBride, Robert Martin, 1918-
JV6450 .G73 2004 Unguarded gates : a history of America's immigration crisis Graham, Otis L.
K3488 .K86 2006 Killing our oceans : dealing with the mass extinction of marine life Kunich, John C., 1953-
KF3989 .S65 2002 Sport, physical activity, and the law Dougherty, Neil J.
DVD KF4541 .K44 2006 Key Constitutional concepts [videorecording] : PJ Productions
KF4749 .P67 2006 Not a suicide pact : the constitution in a time of national emergency Posner, Richard A.
Education/ Art    
LB1025.3 .E36 2007 Effective teaching strategies that accommodate diverse learners Coyne, Michael D.
LB1057 .J46 2006 Enriching the brain : how to maximize every learner's potential Jensen, Eric, 1950-
LB1778.2 .A53 1992 Impostors in the temple Anderson, Martin, 1936-
LB3013 .J66 1998 Comprehensive classroom management: creating communities of support and problem solving Jones, Vernon F., 1945-
LC3719 .T43 2004 Teaching immigrant and second-language students: strategies for success Sadowski, Michael.
SPECCOLL LD1401 .C82 B6 1935 A history of Cumberland university, 1842-1935, Bone, Winstead Paine, 1861-1942
LD2051.G362 R3 1945 A history of Tusculum College, 1794-1944, Ragan, Allen E. (Allen Edgar), b. 1897
NX650 .R34 B47 2005 Sight unseen: whiteness and American visual culture Berger, Martin A.
PQ4335 .R49 2006 Dante : the poet, the political thinker, the man Reynolds, Barbara, 1914-
PR6029.R8 N49 1977 1984 : a novel Orwell, George, 1903-1950.
SPECCOLL PS2454 .M943 1904 The story of old Fort Loudon, Craddock, Charles Egbert, 1850-1922
PS3266 .A1 1866 Snow-bound. A winter idyl. By John Greenleaf Whittier. Whittier, John Greenleaf, 1807-1892.
SPECCOLL PS3505 .R11 H7X 1952 Home to Tennessee; a tale of soldiers returning. Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-
SPECCOLL PS3505 .R11 J7X 1957 Journey to Nashville, a story of the founding. Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-
SPECCOLL PS3505 .R11 L7X 1946 Lodging at the Saint Cloud, a tale of occupied Nashville, Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-
SPECCOLL PS3505 .R11 R7X 1950 Reunion at Chattanooga Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-
SPECCOLL PS3505 .R14 B7X 1945 Breakfast at the Hermitage; a novel of Nashville rebuilding. Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-.
SPECCOLL PS3505 .R14 D7X 1942 Dinner at Belmont Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-.
SPECCOLL PS3505 .R14 M7X 1949 A mockingbird sang at Chickamauga; a tale of embattled Chattanooga. [map] Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-.
SPECCOLL PS3505 .R14 S9X 1943 Supper at the Maxwell house, a novel of recaptured Nashville, by Alfred Leland Crabb. Crabb, Alfred Leland, 1884-.
SPECCOLL PS3505 .R236 1974 Nashville, beloved hearthstone : a biography of Alfred Leland Crabb Nunley, Marie W.
SPECCOLL PS3515 .U785 H94 1928 A president is born Hurst, Fannie, 1889-1968
JUV PS3564 .I375 B45 1994 Bein' with you this way: Nikola-Lisa, W.
PT35 .L57 1975 A Literary history of Germany Field, George Wallis.
SPECCOLL PZ3 .T728 1913 Dixie North Tribble, Robert Allen
Math and Science    
QA9 .M3935 2005 Euclid in the rainforest : discovering universal truth in logic and math Mazur, Joseph
QH77.G3 U35 2006 The green and the brown : a history of conservation in Nazi Germany Uekotter, Frank, 1970-
QH588.S83 H47 2006 Stem cell wars : inside stories from the frontlines Herold, Eve
QK163 .R646 1974 Mountain wild flowers of Colorado: Roberts, Rhoda
QK495 .C74 S25 2006 The teeth of the lion : the story of the beloved and despised dandelion Sanchez, Anita, 1956-
QL31.G58 P47 2006 Jane Goodall : the woman who redefined man Peterson, Dale.
QL362 .P43 2000 Biology of the invertebrates Pechenik, Jan A.
QP301 .I375 2006 Immune function in sport and exercise Gleeson, Michael, 1956-
R726 .L3797 2005 The modern art of dying : a history of euthanasia in the United States Lavi, Shai Joshua
RA1270.P4 D36 2005 Toxic drift : pesticides and health in the post-World War II South Daniel, Pete.
RC200.25 .S48 2006 Sexually transmitted diseases:
RC933 .M54 2003 Action plan for arthritis Millar, A. Lynn, 1955-
RG651 .C37 2006 Birth : the surprising history of how we are born Cassidy, Tina
RJ133 .R679 2005 Children's exercise physiology Rowland, Thomas W.
RM701 .B85 2000 Muscular analysis of everyday activities Bukowski, Elaine L., 1949-
Agricultural Sciences    
SB415 .S663 1999 Greenhouse gardener's companion : growing food and flowers in your greenhouse or sunspace Smith, Shane.
SB475.5 .D83 1999 Natural stonescapes : the art and craft of stone placement Dube, Richard L.
DVD SF442 .C385 2004 A guide to American pedigreed cats [videorecording] White, George F.
Technology, Bibliography
DVD T15 .B77 2001 Connections [DVD] Burke, James, 1936-
SPECCOLL TE24 .T2 J63 1978 Memphis to Bristol : a half century of highway construction : a history of the Tennessee Road Builders Association, 1928-1978 Johnson, Leland R.
TH4961 .O937 1996 Outdoor structures Time-Life Books.
SPECCOLL Z1337 .A7 1959 A guide to the study and reading of Tennessee history Anderson, William T. (William Thomas), 1926-

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