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Philosophy, Psychology, Religion    
B945.J24 R53 2006 William James Richardson, Robert D., 1934-
BD431 .L229 1998 In love with life : reflections on the joy of living and why we hate to die Lachs, John.
REF BF31 .V295 2006 APA dictionary of psychology VandenBos, Gary R.
BJ1311 .J69 2006 The evolution of morality Joyce, Richard, 1966-
BQ5405 .M656 2001 The accidental Buddhist : mindfulness, enlightenment, and sitting still, American style Moore, Dinty W., 1955-
BX1795 .S35 O44 2006 Roman Catholicism and modern science : a history O'Leary, Don, 1955-
BX4668 .D3 A33 1981 The long loneliness : the autobiography of Dorothy Day Day, Dorothy, 1897-1980.
BX5700.6.Z8 T8737 2004 Desmond Tutu : a biography Gish, Steven, 1963-
BX8382.2.A44 L54 1996 Thy hand hath provided : a historical rhapsody in five movements Lile, R. Kenneth (Roy Kenneth), 1931-
BX8495.M567 A3 1973 Bishop to all peoples Moore, Arthur J. (Arthur James), 1888-1974.
BX9841.2 .B84 1998 A chosen faith : an introduction to Unitarian Universalism Buehrens, John A., 1947-
World History    
C571 .H25918 1977 Wilderness calling : the Hardeman family in the American westward movement, 1750-1900 Hardeman, Nicholas Perkins.
SPECCOLL CT275 .P3865 M94 1987 Tiburcio Parrott, 1840-1894 : the man who built Miravalle-Falcon Crest Myers, Jourdan George, 1920-
SPECCOLL D511 .F64 1968 The origins and legacies of World War I Fleming, Denna Frank, 1893-
D753 .F55 1944 While America slept : a contemporary analysis of world events from the fall of France to Pearl Harbor Fleming, Denna Frank, 1893-
D757 .M2913 2003 Hitler's war : Germany's key strategic decisions, 1940-1945 Magenheimer, Heinz
D757.9.B4 W66 2005 A woman in Berlin : eight weeks in the conquered city : a diary Frau in Berlin. English.
D763.I8 L35 1994 War in Italy, 1943-1945 : a brutal story Lamb, Richard
JUV D769.8 .A6 S73 1994 I am an American : a true story of Japanese internment Stanley, Jerry, 1941-
D804.3 .L45 1992 The big lie : a true story Leitner, Isabella.
D811.P566 A3 2006 Pogue's war : diaries of a WWII combat historian Pogue, Forrest C.
JUV DA565 .F67 M94 1999 At her majesty's request : an African princess in Victorian England Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-
DK288 .M386 1995 Autopsy on an empire : the American ambassador's account of the collapse of the Soviet Union Matlock, Jack F.
DS135.N6 F7355 1995 Anne Frank, beyond the diary : a photographic remembrance Rol, Ruud van der
DVD DS486 .E8 I61 1999 Into the thin air of Everest [DVD] : mountain of dreams, mountain of doom Atlas Media Corp.
DS558 .F79 2006 Debating Vietnam : Fulbright, Stennis, and their Senate hearings Fry, Joseph A., 1947-
DS559.4 .D46 1976 When hell was in session Denton, Jeremiah A.
JUV DS559.83 .W18 D66 1991 A wall of names : the story of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Donnelly, Judy.
JUV DS778.7 .J533 2001 Red scarf girl a memoir of the Cultural Revolution Jiang, Ji-li
DS799.43 .Y35 S65 1998 The Yami of Lan-yu Island : portrait of a culture in transition Smith, Douglas C. (Douglas Clifford), 1943-
JUV DS806 .P56 1998 Japan Pluckrose, Henry Arthur
JUV DT87.5 .S24 1994 Tutankhamen's gift Sabuda, Robert
JUV DU627.17.K3 S73 2001 The last princess : the story of Princess Ka iulani of Hawai i Stanley, Fay
American History    
JUV E17 .M44 1997 Women explorers in North and South America : Nellie Cashman, Violet Cressy-Marcks, Ynes Mexia, Mary Blair Niles, Annie Peck McLoone, Margo
JUV E77.4 .C56 2002 The drum beats on Cherrington, Janelle
JUV E78 .M82 F74 1992 An Indian winter Freedman, Russell.
JUV E98 .P86 K35 1997 Celebrating the powwow Kalman, Bobbie
JUV E99 .C5 H89 2005 Tennessee's remarkable Nancy Ward Hughes, Susan
JUV E99 .C5 R65 1998 --If you lived with the Cherokee Roop, Peter
JUV E99 .N3 T87 2002 The girl who chased away sorrow : the diary of Sarah Nita, a Navajo girl Turner, Ann Warren
JUV E99 .P3 C64 1988 The mud pony : a traditional Skidi Pawnee tale Cohen, Caron Lee.
JUV E99 .T34 L43 1999 Lakota hoop dancer Left Hand Bull, Jacqueline
JUV E111 .M35 1991 In 1492 Marzollo, Jean
E175.85 .W37 2006 History in the making : an absorbing look at how American history has changed in the telling over the last 200 years Ward, Kyle Roy, 1969-
E176 .M16 1942 Tennessee senators as seen by one of their successors. McKellar, Kenneth Douglas, 1869-
E176.1 .P37 1961 My thirty years backstairs at the White House Parks, Lillian Rogers
E176.2 .G65 1997 First ladies : women who called the White House home Gormley, Beatrice
JUV E176.8 .M19 2002 Presidents' Day Marx, David F.
SPECCOLL E178 .W83 1942 A complete history of the United States Wood, Clement, 1888-
SPECCOLL E178.1 .C45 1904 Makers of American history Chandler, J. A. C.
SPECCOLL E178.1 .F72 1922 Our republic; a brief history of the American people, Forman, S. E.
SPECCOLL E178.1 .M9926 1936 A history of our country : a textbook for high-school students Muzzey, David Saville, 1870-1965
SPECCOLL E178.1 .T484 1919 History of the United States, Thompson, Waddy, 1867-1939
SPECCOLL E178.1 .W51 1918 History of the American people, West, Willis Mason, 1857-1931.
SPECCOLL E178.1 .W758 1947 The development of America, Wirth, Fremont Philip, 1890-1960.
JUV E184.J5 B549 1998 Journey to Ellis Island : how my father came to America Bierman, Carol
JUV E184.J5 B549 1999 Journey to Ellis Island: how my father came to America Bierman, Carol
JUV E184 .K45 G7 1993 Where the river runs : a portrait of a refugee family Graff, Nancy Price, 1953-
JUV E184 .V53 H68 1992 Hoang Anh : a Vietnamese-American boy Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane
JUV E185.61 .H32 1992 The day Martin Luther King, Jr., was shot:: a photo history of the civil rights movement Haskins, James, 1941-
JUV E185.615 .G54 2005 The National Civil Rights Museum Glass, Beth Raisner
JUV E185.96 .H355 1992 One more river to cross: the stories of twelve Black Americans Haskins, James, 1941-
JUV E185.97 .J25 S56 1997 Jesse Jackson : I am somebody! Simon, Charnan
JUV E185.97 .T8 A35 2001 A picture book of Sojourner Truth Adler, David
JUV E185.97 .T8 K73 1990 Sojourner Truth: antislavery activist Krass, Peter.
E263.N8 B83 1997 The road to Guilford Courthouse : the American revolution in the Carolinas Buchanan, John, 1931-
E302.6.B9 S3 1961 Aaron Burr : a biography Schachner, Nathan, 1895-1955
E302.6.B9 V34 1973 The great American rascal; the turbulent life of Aaron Burr. Vail, Philip, 1914-
SPECCOLL E302.6.S45 G4 1894 John Sevier as a commonwealth-builder; a sequel to The rearguard of the revolution, Gilmore, James R. (James Roberts),   1822-1903.
JUV E312.66 .A27 2002 George Washington Abraham, Philip, 1970-
E342 .B7 1956 James Madison. Brant, Irving, 1885-
E382 .H79 1950 The Hermitage, home of Old Hickory. Horn, Stanley Fitzgerald, 1889-
SPECCOLL E382 .J26 1933 Andrew Jackson, the border captain. [map] James, Marquis, 1891-1955.
SPECCOLL E382 .J28 1938 The life of Andrew Jackson, complete in one volume. [map] James, Marquis, 1891-1955.
SPECCOLL E382.1.D6 B8 1941 Emily Donelson of Tennessee. [map] Burke, Pauline Wilcox
SPECCOLL E382.1.J15 G3 1966 Andrew Jackson, Jr.: son of a President; a biographical study. Galloway, Linda Bennett
SPECCOLL E422 .T26 1847 Taylor and his generals. A biography of Major-General Zachary Taylor; and sketches of the   
E432 .N63 1958 Franklin Pierce : young hickory of the Granite Hills Nichols, Roy F. (Roy Franklin), 1896-1973.
E441 .O18 1983 The ruling race : a history of American slaveholders Oakes, James.
JUV E444 .T82 M38 1997 The story of Harriet Tubman : conductor of the underground railroad McMullan, Kate
JUV E444 .T82 N53 2002 Harriet Tubman Nichols, Catherine
JUV E444 .T82 P48 1996 Harriet Tubman, conductor on the Underground Railroad Petry, Ann Lane, 1911-
E449 .F2 1986 A sacred circle : the dilemma of the intellectual in the old South, 1840-1860 Faust, Drew Gilpin.
E449 .M107 1970 Black freedom; the nonviolent abolitionists from 1830 through the Civil War. Mabee, Carleton, 1914-
JUV E450 .H315 1993 Get on board: the story of the Underground Railroad Haskins, James, 1941-
E457.25 .R3 1953 Mary Lincoln; biography of a marriage. Randall, Ruth Painter
E467.1.L4 H77 1949 The Robert E. Lee reader. Horn, Stanley Fitzgerald, 1889- ed.
E473.55 .W75 1972 Adventures of Alf. Wilson; a thrilling episode of the dark days of the rebellion. Wilson, John Alfred, 1833-1905.
SPECCOLL E487 .H543 1931 The story of the confederacy, Henry, Robert Selph, 1889-
E487 .T483 1979 The Confederate nation, 1861-1865 Thomas, Emory M., 1939-
E605 .P33 1966 Yankee rebel : the Civil War journal of Edmund Dewitt Patterson Patterson, Edmund DeWitt, b. 1842
SPECCOLL E661 .H55 1945 The American Nation; a history of the United States from 1865 to the present. Hicks, John Donald, 1890-
E744 .F64 1972 The issues of survival Fleming, Denna Frank, 1893-
E744 .S5637 1973 New left diplomatic histories and historians: the American revisionists Siracusa, Joseph M.
E748.A15 B45 2006 Dean Acheson : a life in the Cold War Beisner, Robert L.
E748.M52 C36 2006 Mellon, an American life Cannadine, David, 1950-
SPECCOLL E748 .P455 A3 1987 Pepper, eyewitness to a century Pepper, Claude, 1900-1989
JUV E757 .F85 1991 Bully for you, Teddy Roosevelt! Fritz, Jean.
SPECCOLL E786 .B862 1931 The president's daughter Britton, Nan, b. 1896
E786 .M2 1930 The strange death of President Harding, from the diaries of Gaston B. Means, as told to May Dixon Thacker. Means, Gaston B. (Gaston Bullock), 1879-1938
JUV E807.1.R48 B55 2002 Eleanor Roosevelt Blevins, Wiley
JUV E840.8 .P64 H55 2003 Colin Powell Hill, Mary, 1977-
Regional U.S.  History    
JUV F68 .P39 1995 The pilgrams at Plymouth Penner, Lucille Recht
JUV F69 .R4178 1988 And then what happened, Paul Revere? Fritz, Jean.
SPECCOLL F106 .B893 1929 The majestic Delaware: the nation's foremost historic river Brandt, Francis Burke, 1865-1939.
JUV F128.47 .M96 2000 Blizzard! the storm that changed America Murphy, Jim, 1947-
F196 .D253 1968 Washington quadrille; the dance beside the documents. Daniels, Jonathan, 1902-
JUV F204.W5 W72 2002 At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Wirth, Crystal
F212 .B75 1981 Myths and realities : societies of the colonial South Bridenbaugh, Carl
F212 .C67 1956 The Southern frontier, 1670-1732 Crane, Verner Winslow, 1889-
F213 .G47 1995 The southern front : history and politics in the cultural war Genovese, Eugene D., 1930-
SPECCOLL F215 .F45 1890 Bright skies and dark shadows, Field, Henry M. (Henry Martyn), 1822-1907.
SPECCOLL F215 .M16 1963 The South and the southerner. McGill, Ralph, 1898-1969
F229 .I8 1988 The transformation of Virginia, 1740-1790 Isaac, Rhys.
DVD F264 .095 D67 2001 Do the right thing [DVD] Lee, Spike.
REF F269 .S764 2006 The South Carolina encyclopedia Edgar, Walter B., 1943-
F291.2 .F6 1972 The Foxfire book; hog dressing; log cabin building; mountain crafts and foods; planting by the signs...  
F291.2 .F62 1973 Foxfire 2: ghost stories, spring wild plant foods, spinning and weaving, midwifing, burial customs,...  
SPECCOLL F325 .M22 1972 Bone and striffen McClendon, James B.
F341 .D24 1962 The devil's backbone; the story of the Natchez Trace. Daniels, Jonathan, 1902-
SPECCOLL F375 .K4 1950 All this is Louisiana : an illustrated story book Keyes, Frances Parkinson, 1885-1970
JUV F379 .N59 N435 2000 Through my eyes: Bridges, Ruby
JUV F379.N59 N435 2000 Through my eyes Bridges, Ruby
SPECCOLL F390.H84 J36 1929 The raven : a biography of Sam Houston James, Marquis, 1891-1955.
JUV F391 .W5 1971 The story of the Texas Rangers. Webb, Walter Prescott, 1888-1963.
F436 .F64 1969 Tennessee; a short history Folmsbee, Stanley John, 1899-
SPECCOLL F436 .G15 1903 History of Tennesee : its people and its institutions, from the earliest times to the year 1903 Garrett, William Robertson, 1839-1904
SPECCOLL F436 .G48 1888 The advance-guard of western civilization Gilmore, James R. (James Roberts), 1822-1903.
SPECCOLL F436 .P54 1889 History of Tennessee: the making of a state Phelan, James, 1856-1891
SPECCOLL F436.6 .H47 1999 Things held dear : soul stories for my sons Herron, Roy
F444.K7 H43 1976 Heart of the valley : a history of Knoxville, Tennessee Deaderick, Lucile.
F444.M35 M3 1965 The mystery of Old Stone Fort McMahan, Basil B.
SPECCOLL F452 .K5 1947 The Wilderness road. Kincaid, Robert Lee, 1893-
JUV F548.42 .G88 2002 The Chicago fire Gutner, Howard
F591 .M388 2001 Sacagawea's nickname : essays on the American West McMurtry, Larry.
F592 .M56 1987 The trail : a bibliography of the travelers on the overland trail to California, Oregon, Salt Lake City, and Montana during the years 1841-1864 Mintz, Lannon W., 1938-
F592 .M742 1983 Trappers of the Far West : sixteen biographical sketches Hafen, Le Roy Reuben, 1893-
JUV F592.7 .S85 1999 Lewis and Clark Sullivan, George, 1927-
SPECCOLL F593 .D76 1900 Thirty-one years on the plains and in the mountains; or, The last voice from the plains. An authentic record of a life time of hunting, trapping, scouting and Indian fighting in the far West, Drannan, William F., 1832-1913
F593 .H45 1998 A forty-niner from Tennessee : the diary of Hugh Brown Heiskell Heiskell, Hugh Brown, 1826-1849
F594 .C6827 1955 Buffalo Bill, king of the Old West : biography of William F. Cody Leonard, Elizabeth Jane
SPECCOLL F594 .C97 1891 Wild life on the Plains and horrors of Indian warfare.
F595 .K324 1959 The outlaw trail; a history of Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch. Kelly, Charles, 1889-
JUV F722 .P48 1992 Yellowstone National Park Petersen, David, 1946-
SPECCOLL F786.B54 B87 1992 The saga of Billy the Kid Burns, Walter Noble, 1872-1932
F786 .C842 1961 Hepah, California! : the journal of Cave Johnson Couts from Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, to Los Angeles, California, during the years 1848-1849 Couts, Cave Johnson, 1821-1874
JUV F788 .R39 1999 The Colorado River Rawlins, Carol
F819.T88 W67 1975 Tubac Wormser, Richard Edward, 1908-
SPECCOLL F860 .R37 1994 California wagon train lists Rasmussen, Louis J.
F865 .R655 1997 Days of gold : the California Gold Rush and the American nation Rohrbough, Malcolm J.
JUV F865 .R67 2002 California gold rush Roop, Peter
F865 .T55 1974 The forty-niners. Time-Life Books.
F869.S3 N85 1971 The San Francisco Vigilance Committee of 1856; three views Nunis, Doyce Blackman, comp.
JUV F1210 .H34 1998 Look what came from Mexico Harvey, Miles
Geography, Ecology, Anthropology    
JUV G108.5 .C3 D4 2002 We need directions! De Capua, Sarah
SPECCOLL G126 .A67 1929 The Americas Atwood, Wallace Walter, 1872-1949
SPECCOLL G126 .F48 1942 Elements of geography, physical and cultural, Finch, Vernor Clifford, 1883-
JUV G175 .N355 2002 Great explorations Neufeld, David
JUV G530 .T6 494 1988 Exploring the Titanic Ballard, Robert D.
JUV G530 .T6 S482 2001 Titanic Sherrow, Victoria.
JUV G670 1981 .F73 B42 1992 Buried in ice Beattie, Owen.
JUV G863 .F68 2001 Antarctica Fowler, Allan
JUV GB512 .S56 1994 Mountains Simon, Seymour.
JUV GB1198.5 .G35 1997 Geysers : when earth roars Gallant, Roy A.
JUV GC65 .E184 1999 Dive! : my adventures in the deep frontier Earle, Sylvia A., 1935-
JUV GC65 .E184 1999 Dive: my adventures in the deep frontier Earle, Sylvia E. 1935-
JUV GN778.22 .I8 D82 1998 Ice mummy : the discovery of a 5,000-year-old man Dubowski, Mark
SPECCOLL GR108 .M3 1952 Tales from Old Smoky Mathes, Charles Hodge.
JUV GT3340 .L38 1985 Tales mummies tell Lauber, Patricia.
Sports and Recreation    
JUV GV199.92 .H54 C62 2000 Triumph on Everest : a photobiography of Sir Edmund Hillary Coburn, Broughton, 1951-
DVD GV498.D72 2004 Double dutch [DVD]
VIDEO GV546.6.W64 S55 1998 TimeSaver lift weights to lose weight [videorecording] Smith, Kathy
JUV GV558 .S54 1994 Sports lab : how science has changed sports Sheely, Robert, 1956-
GV697.A1 A59 2005 Are athletes good role models? Griffin, Geoff
GV716 .S46 2003 Strategic sport marketing Shilbury, David, 1958-
JUV GV722.5 .S64 K46 2002 Special Olympics Kennedy, Mike (Mike William), 1965-
GV731 .R75 1983 The Rule book : the authoritative, up-to-date, illustrated guide to the regulations, history, and object of all major sports Diagram Group.
JUV GV859.8 .K45 2001 Skateboarding Kennedy, Mike (Mike William), 1965-
JUV GV863.41 .A1 H67 1997 Baseball in the barrios Horenstein, Henry
JUV GV865 .H458 L34 1999 El Duque : the story of Orlando Hernandez LaFreniere, Kenneth, 1975-
JUV GV865 .J48 J25 2000 Derek Jeter : shortstop sensation January, Brendan, 1972-
JUV GV865 .R47 H47 1999 Cal Ripken, Jr. : play ball! Herman, Gail, 1959-
JUV GV865 .R6 D46 1990 Stealing home : the story of Jackie Robinson Denenberg, Barry.
JUV GV865 .R6 S26 2003 Jackie Robinson breaks the color line Santella, Andrew
JUV GV884 .L47 C57 1998 On the court with-- Lisa Leslie Christopher, Matt
JUV GV884 .L47 S84 1998 Lisa Leslie : queen of the court Stewart, Mark, 1960-
JUV GV942.7.P42 C35 1999 Pele, the king of soccer Canizares, Susan, 1960-
DVD GV944.5 .W92 2000 The world at their feet [DVD] : the legendary story of the U.S. Women's Soccer team Hamm, Mia.
DVD GV1003.34 .R316 2004 Beginning racquetball [DVD] : skills and drills, with Jim Winterton.  
JUV GV1051 .A76 S26 2003 Lance Armstrong : racing for his life Sandler, Michael
JUV GV1061.15 .R83 C64 1993 Wilma Rudolph Coffey, Wayne R.
JUV GV1196 .R63 P74 2000 Rock solid : the unauthorized biography of professional wrestling's Dwayne Johnson Preller, James
DVD GV1646.18 .J43 2005 Jean Butler's Irish dance masterclass [DVD] Butler, Jean
Sociology, Statistics, Economics,
Business, Management
HC79 .E5 S6653 2006 Global environmental governance Speth, James Gustave.
HC103 .C87 1965 A view of the United States of America, in a series of papers, written at various times, between the years 1787 and 1794 Coxe, Tench, 1755-1824
HD1379 .O58 2006 Finance power for buyers Oneto, Ed
HD1382.5 .O58 2005 Finance power for investors Oneto, Ed
HD5325 .C62 N48 1996 We shall not be moved : the women's factory strike of 1909 Dash, Joan.
HD5724 .J6873 2006 Jobs in America Ramm, David
JUV HD9940.U6 L452 2002 The story of levi's Burgan, Michael
HD9992.U52 L56 2006 The sporting goods industry : history, practices and products Lipsey, Richard A., 1930-
HF1455 .D49 2006 Case studies in US trade negotiation Deveraux, Charan
JUV HF5386 .A387 1990 From rags to riches: people who started buinsesses from scratch Aaseng, Nathan.
DVD HF5386 .C5475 2000 Deepak Chopra [DVD] : the essential DVD collection Chopra, Deepak.
HF5387 .M394 2003 Ethics 101: what every leader needs to know Maxwell, John C., 1947-
JUV HG221.5 .B29 1997 Let's find out about money Barabas, Kathy, 1945-
HG4028.B2 T47 2007 Annual reports 101 : what the numbers and the fine print can reveal about the true health of a company Thomsett, Michael C.
DVD HM141 .L43 2004 Leadership, team building, and decision making [DVD]
HM1106 .G66 2006 Social intelligence : the new science of human relationships Goleman, Daniel.
HN90.S6 D64 2007 Does equality exist in America? Kallen, Stuart A., 1955-
Family, Women's Studies    
JUV HQ792.U5 F74 1983 Children of the Wild West Freedman, Russell.
HQ801 .M234 2006 How to date in a post-dating world Mapes, Diane
HQ1236.5.U6 S85 1994 The day the women got the vote : a photo history of the women's rights movement Sullivan, George, 1927-
HQ1410 .B76 2006 Her best shot : women and guns in America Browder, Laura, 1963-
JUV HQ1413 .S67 F75 1995 You want women to vote, Lizzie Stanton? Fritz, Jean.
HV1569.5 .C675 1996 Computer resources for people with disabilities : a guide to exploring today's assistive technology  
JUV HV1624 .B65 D37 1972 Louis Braille, the boy who invented books for the blind. Davidson, Margaret, 1936-
JUV HV1780.2 .M66 1996 Buddy, the first seeing eye dog Moore, Eva.
Criminal Justice    
HV5824.Y68 T258 2006 Teen drug abuse : opposing viewpoints
HV6248.C75 L37 2006 Thunderstruck Larson, Erik.
HV6432 .S87 2006 The one percent doctrine : deep inside America's pursuit of its enemies since 9/11 Suskind, Ron
HV6546 .J645 1999 Youth suicide : the school's role in prevention and response Johnson, Wanda Yvonne, 1936-
HV6626.52 .C54 2006 Child abuse Leverich, Jean Marie
HV7936.R3  R325 2007 Racial profiling Hirschmann, Kris, 1967-
JUV HV9474 .A4 H49 2005 Alcatraz: prison for America's most wanted Henderson, C. J.
Political Science/ Law    
SPECCOLL JA81 .S3 1937 A history of political theory. Sabine, George Holland, 1880-1961
JC596.2.U5 P75 2006 Privacy Carroll, Jamuna.
DVD JK516 .M27 2006 Mandate [DVD] : the president and the people Stahl, Lesley
JK1041 .M36 2006 The broken branch : how Congress is failing America and how to get it back on track Mann, Thomas E.
JK1170 .F5 1930 The treaty veto of the American Senate. Fleming, Denna Frank, 1893-
JK2408 .S17 2001 State and local government : politics and public policies Saffell, David C., 1941-
JK4525 1977 .T48 1978 Politics and power in a slave society : Alabama, 1800-1860 Thornton, J. Mills, 1943-
JUV JV8701 .P75 1997 The history of emigration from China & Southeast Asia Prior, Katherine
SPECCOLL JX1407 .B24 1940 A diplomatic history of the American people Bailey, Thomas Andrew, 1902-
JX1971.5 .F56 1945 The United States and the World Court, 1920-1966. Fleming, Denna Frank, 1893-
JX1975.5.U5 F6 1938 The United States and world organization, 1920-1933. Fleming, Denna Frank, 1893-
KF213 .D6 1954 An almanac of liberty. Douglas, William O. (William Orville), 1898-1980
RESERVE KF3080 .L57 2006 The complete copyright liability handbook for librarians and educators Lipinski, Tomas A., 1958-
KF4114 .Z57 1988 A digest of Supreme Court decisions affecting education Zirkel, Perry Alan
DVD KF4541.lK44 2006 Key Constitutional concepts [videorecording] : PJ Productions
DVD KF4541 .O93 2005 Our constitution, a conversation [DVD] : Annenberg Foundation Trust.
JUV KF4700 .Z9 D4 2002 Becoming a citizen De Capua, Sarah
KF4819 .W53 2007 What rights should illegal immigrants have? Newman, Lori M.
JUV LA205 .F5 2002 School in Colonial America Thomas, Mark
SPECCOLL LA2317.H84 A3 1952 Sixty-one years in the school room Hurst, Lawrence, 1883-
LB1715 .C86 1996 Preparing America's teachers Cruickshank, Donald R.
LB2325 .P28 1996 When learned men murder : essays on the essence of higher education Patterson, David, 1948-
LB3013 .F64 2006 Ultimate classroom control handbook : a veteran teacher's on-the-spot techniques for solving adolescent student misbehavior Foley, Dave, 1947-
LC4561 .W57 1996 Managing chronic illness in the classroom Wishnietsky, Dorothy Botsch
Music, Fine Arts    
JUV ML3930 .B4 M94 2004 What if you'd met Beethoven? Myers, Carrie Mieko
JUV ML3930 .E85 G71 1999 Gloria Estefan : pop sensation Gourse, Leslie
N72.S6 K225 2006 Visual shock : a history of art controversies in American culture Kammen, Michael G.
OVERSIZE NA5453 .S39 2002 Great cathedrals Schutz, Bernhard
Language & Literature
JUV PJ1097 .G5 1990 The riddle of the Rosetta Stone : key to ancient Egypt : illustrated with photographs, prints, and drawings Giblin, James
JUV PN1992.55 .D33 1998 Working at a TV station Davis, Gary
DVD PN1992.77 .R664 2006 Rome, The complete first season [DVD] McKidd, Kevin
JUV PN1992.8 .M87 C44 2003 Backstage at a music video Cefrey, Holly.
PN1992.94 .K46 1989 Directing video Kennedy, Thomas, 1947-
DVD PN1997 .W66 2006 The wild bunch [DVD] Peckinpah, Sam, 1925-1984.
PN1998.2 .P63 2006 The Playboy interviews : the directors Randall, Stephen.
PN1999.W3 B57 1999 Celluloid soldiers : the Warner Bros. campaign against Nazism Birdwell, Michael E., 1957-
JUV PN4776 .G73 1994 Extra! Extra! : the who, what, where, when and why of newspapers Granfield, Linda
CD-ROM PN4784.T4 R43 2006 On-camera presentation : reporting, anchoring & interviewing for TV Reardon, Nancy
PN4784.T4 R43 2006 On-camera presentation : reporting, anchoring & interviewing for TV Reardon, Nancy
PN4874.W52 A3 1946 The autobiography of William Allen White. White, William Allen, 1868-1944.
PN4888.T4 A38 2006 Warheads : cable news and the fog of war Allard, C. Kenneth (Carl Kenneth), 1947-
PN6120.95.W7 W66 2002 Women who did : stories by men and women, 1890-1914 Richardson, Angelique, 1970-
PR4561 .D55 H31 1993 Hard times; an authoritative text, backgrounds, sources, and contemporary reactions, criticism. Dickens, Charles, 1812-1870.
PR6005.H66 A84 2004 And then there were none Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976.
PR6029.R8 N49 1962 1984 : a novel Orwell, George, 1903-1950.
PR6029.R8 N49 1996 Animal farm : a novel Orwell, George, 1903-1950.
PS558.T2 H65 1986 Homewords : a book of Tennessee writers Paschall, Douglas, 1944-
JUV PS591 .N4 S58 1993 Soul looks back in wonder Feelings, Tom
SPECCOLL PS2454 I 1887 In the clouds [a story] Craddock, Charles Egbert, 1850-1922
PS3515.E37 A6 1953 The Hemingway reader. Hemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961.
PS3525.I19 M583 1978 Chesapeake Michener, James A. (James Albert), 1907-
SPECCOLL PS3525.I972 G6 1936 Gone with the wind Mitchell, Margaret, 1900-1949
SPECCOLL PS3539.A9633 T217 1963 Miss Leonora when last seen, and fifteen other stories Taylor, Peter Hillsman, 1917-
PS3550 .A1 G6 1995 Anatomy of a book controversy Homstad, Wayne
JUV PS3551 .D22 Z475 1998 Under the royal palms : a childhood in Cuba Ada, Alma Flor.
PS3552 .A49 S94 1991 The sweet hereafter : a novel Banks, Russell, 1940-
PS3552.E5476628 L38 1990 Laughter in the walls Benson, Bob
PS3552 .E6996 2004 Nothing but a man [DVD] : 40th anniversary special edition Young, Robert M., 1924-
DVD PS3553 .O487 M36 1962 The Manchurian candidate [DVD]. Condon, Richard.
DVD PS3560 .O49 T1 1999 Badlands [DVD] Sheen, Martin.
SPECCOLL PS3561.A885 T6 1990 To dance with the white dog : a novel Kay, Terry
DVD PS3561 .E667 O52 2002 One flew over the cuckoo's nest [DVD] Zaentz, Saul
PS3562 .E353 T6 1982 To kill a mockingbird Lee, Harper.
PS3564.A9 Z52 1987 How I came to be a writer Naylor, Phyllis Reynolds.
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Children's Literature    
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Mathematics, Computer Science    
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Physical Sciences    
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Life Sciences    
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Agriculture, Animal Sciences, Environmental Science, Technology, Bibliography    
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