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Psychology, Religion    
BF575.N35 B755 2006 Coping with infuriating, mean, critical people : the destructive narcissistic pattern Brown, Nina W.
BL695 .B87 2007 Sacred causes : the clash of religion and politics from the Great War to the War on Terror Burleigh, Michael, 1955-
BR475 .B87 2006 Earthly powers : the clash of religion and politics in Europe from the French Revolution to the Great War Burleigh, Michael, 1955-
BR516 .B65 1971 Presidential profiles; religion in the life of American presidents. Bonnell, John Sutherland, 1893-
BS491.2 .P4 1968 The Wycliffe Bible commentary Pfeiffer, Charles F.
BX9183 C593 2001 What do Presbyterians believe, Clark, Gordon H.
SPECCOLL BX9183 E53 2006 HistoricPresbyterians churches of Tennessee, Emerson, Jovanna
CB245 .J338 2007 Cultural amnesia : necessary memories from history and the arts James, Clive, 1939-
CT1098.S45 A62 1964 Albert Schweitzer's gift of friendship. Anderson, Erica.
D16.2 .W56 2001 Historical thinking and other unnatural acts : charting the future of teaching the past Wineburg, Samuel S.
D431 .H68 1991 The lessons of history Howard, Michael Eliot, 1922-
DVD D743.23 .F53 2007 Flags of our fathers [DVD] Flags of our fathers (Motion picture)
D766.7.C7 M33 1993 The lost battle--Crete, 1941 MacDonald, C. A.
D767 .R575 2001 Rising sun victorious : the alternate history of how the Japanese won the Pacific War Tsouras, Peter.
D804.35 .L57 1993B Denying the Holocaust : the growing assault on truth and memory Lipstadt, Deborah E.
DA670.C8 D77 1979 Vanishing Cornwall Du Maurier, Daphne, Dame, 1907-
DK254.M3 A32 1930 Education of a princess, a memoir, Mariia, grand duchess of Russia, 1890-
DT82.5.G7 G74 2007 Three empires on the Nile : the Victorian jihad, 1869-1899 Green, Dominic, 1970-
E176 .K4 1956 Profiles in courage. Kennedy, John Fitzgerald, President of the United States, 1917-1963.
E184 .S75 H5653 2007 Hispanic Americans McCaffrey, Paul, 1977-
SPECCOLL E241 .K5 D7 1881 King's mountain and its heroes; history of the battle of King's mountain, October 7th, 1780, and the events which led to it. [map] Draper, Lyman Copeland, 1815-1891
E467.1.L4 F5 1973 Lee after the war Fishwick, Marshall William
E664.L83 J63 1995 Black Jack : John A. Logan and Southern Illinois in the Civil War era Jones, James Pickett
E792.1.C6 R6X 1962 Grace Coolidge and her era : the story of a President's wife Ross, Ishbel, 1897-
E802 .L82 1964 Herbert Hoover, a biography. Lyons, Eugene, 1898-
JUV F232.S48 C7 1977 Yellowstone Crandall, Hugh.
F292.R3 F7 1975 Foxfire 3 : animal care, banjos and dulcimers, hide tanning, summer and fall wild plant foods, butter churns, ginseng, and still more affairs of plain living Wigginton, Eliot.
SPECCOLL F347 .S9 C87 1995 Silver rights Curry, Constance, 1933-
F349.J13 E94 1967 For us, the living Evers-Williams, Myrlie
F443.G7 C84 2006 Great Smoky Mountains National Park Cotham, Steve
SPECCOLL F444.N257 A3 1980 Nashville : a pictorial history Adams, George Rollie
F551 .H37 1963 A pictorial history of the Great Lakes, Hatcher, Harlan Henthorne, 1898-
F574.D453 K465 1990 Once upon a family Kennedy, Elizabeth, 1909-
SPECCOLL F591 .E45 1969 American odyssey; the journey of Lewis and Clark. [map] Eide, Ingvard Henry, comp.
F594 .D85 1969 The Montana gold rush diary of Kate Dunlap. Dunlap, Kate, 1837-1901
Sports,  Business    
GV706.42 .B35 2007 Playing with God : religion and modern sport Baker, William J. (William Joseph), 1938-
H59.D75 A33 1979 Adventures of a bystander Drucker, Peter F. (Peter Ferdinand), 1909-2005
HB76 .I57 2007 Inside the economist's mind : conversations with eminent economists Samuelson, Paul Anthony, 1915-
HB119.F84 E34 2007 Milton Friedman : a biography Ebenstein, Alan O.
HD62.5 .L59 2007 Founders at work : stories of startups' early days Livingston, Jessica
HD69.S8 L35 2006 Pull : networking and success since Benjamin Franklin Laird, Pamela Walker, 1947-
HD75 .M353 2007 Deep economy : the wealth of communities and the durable future McKibben, Bill.
HD9130.8.U5 B72 2006 The cigarette century: the rise, fall and deadly persistence of the product that defined America Brandt, Allan M.
HD9502.U53 G65 2007 Saving energy, growing jobs : how environmental protection promotes economic growth, profitability, innovation, and competition Goldstein, David B., Ph.D.
HF1359 .G5734 2006 Global issues for global citizens : an introduction to key development challenges Bhargava, Vinay Kumar, 1945-
HF1414 .V54 2006 How countries compete : strategy, structure, and government in the global economy Vietor, Richard H. K., 1945-
HF5549.5.E43 P35 2006 Understanding workplace violence : a guide for managers and employees Paludi, Michele Antoinette.
HF5549.5.I5 G6925 2007 The carrot principle : how the best managers use recognition to engage their people, retain talent, and accelerate performance Gostick, Adrian Robert
HN683.5 .K236 2007 Planet India : how the fastest-growing democracy is transforming America and the world Kamdar, Mira
HQ796 .F76355 1999 The Freedom Writers diary : how a teacher and 150 teens used writing to change themselves and the world around them Freedom Writers
HQ1438.S63 W65 1995 Daughters of Canaan : a saga of southern women Wolfe, Margaret Ripley, 1947-
HV6250.4.W65 I574 2006 "Intimate" violence against women : when spouses, partners, or lovers attack Lundberg-Love, Paula K.
Political Science    
JC229.T8 B67 2007 Alexis de Tocqueville, a life Brogan, Hugh
JC585 .H89 2007 Inventing human rights : a history Hunt, Lynn Avery.
JC599.U5 D64 2007 Radicals for capitalism : a freewheeling history of the modern American libertarian movement Doherty, Brian.
SPECCOLL JK271 .B517 1943 The republic; conversations on fundamentals. Beard, Charles Austin, 1874-1948
Law, Education, Music, Fine Art    
KD379.5.I78 G88 2001 The Holocaust on trial Guttenplan, D. D.
REF LB1139.23 .E272 2007 Early childhood education [four volumes] : an international encyclopedia New, Rebecca Staples
ML420.L7 S56 1962 Jenny Lind : the Swedish nightingale Shultz, Gladys Denny
OVERSIZE N6260 .K48 2005 Islamic art and literature Khalili, Nasser D.
NC1320 .R516 2006 Foundation course cartooning Richardson, John
SPECCOLL ND237 .C35 M3 1959 George Catlin and the old frontier. McCracken, Harold, 1894-
Language & Literature    
PE1199 .H33 2006 When you catch an adjective, kill it : the parts of speech for better and/or worse Yagoda, Ben
PG5038.S45 A25 1998 The poetry of Jaroslav Seifert Seifert, Jaroslav, 1901-1986
PG7158.M553 D613 1981 The Issa Valley Milosz, Czeslaw
PG7178.Z9 A222 1998 Poems, new and collected, 1957-1997 Szymborska, Wislawa
PJ7846.A46 C35 2001 The Cairo trilogy Mahfuz, Najib, 1911-2006
PL858.E14 A9313 2002 Rouse up o young men of the new age! Oe, Kenzaburo, 1935-
DVD PN1995.9 .S87 D3 2006 The Da Vinci Code [DVD] Howard, Ron
DVD PN1995.9 .W6 N6784 2006 North country [DVD] Caro, Niki, 1967-
SPECCOLL PN4874 .R65 T5 1959 The years with Ross / by James Thurber with drawings by the author. Thurber, James, 1894-
PQ4829.O565 A244 2000 Collected poems, 1920-1954 Montale, Eugenio, 1896-1981
PQ4866.O2 A24 2001 We won't pay! We won't pay! and other plays : the collected plays of Dario Fo Fo, Dario
PQ6601.L26 S613 1987 Shadow of paradise Aleixandre, Vicente, 1898-1984
PQ9281.A66 E6813 1997 Blindness : a novel Saramago, Jose
PR6053.O75 .C66 1995 Copperhead Cornwell, Bernard.
REF PS261 .S595 2006 Southern writers : a new biographical dictionary Flora, Joseph M.
SPECCOLL PS1311 .A1 1879 The gilded age; a tale of today, by Mark Twain [pseud.] and Charles Dudley Warner. [Clemens, Samuel Langhorne], 1835-1910.
PS2081 .B87 2006 Original knickerbocker : the life of Washington Irving Burstein, Andrew.
PS3503.E49 G6 1981 A good old-fashioned Christmas Benchley, Robert, 1889-1945
PS3545.E6 Z475 1984 One writer's beginnings Welty, Eudora, 1909-2001
PS3552.A4544 A87 2002 Appalachian patterns Ball, Bo
RESERVE PS3558 .Y358 P39 2000 Pay it forward [DVD] Hyde, Catherine Ryan
PS3569.O6547 A93 2007 At the same time : essays and speeches Sontag, Susan, 1933-2004
PT2635.I65 Z488 1954 Letters to a young poet Rilke, Rainer Maria, 1875-1926.
PZ3.P929 M19 1935 The story of Manon Lescaut and the chevalier des Grieux, Prevost, abbe, 1697-1763
JUV PZ7 .A953 NOT 1991 Nothing but the truth : a documentary novel Avi, 1937-
JUV PZ7 .G7793 MI 1993 Miss Tizzy Gray, Libba Moore
JUV PZ7 .H732226 PEN 2006 Penny from heaven Holm, Jennifer L.
PZ7 .S75663 MAN 1997 Maniac Magee and related readings Spinelli, Jerry.
JUV PZ7 .W64574 OU 1994 Our granny Wild, Margaret, 1948-
JUV PZ8.3 .G276 CAT2 1957 The cat in the hat, Seuss, Dr.
JUV PZ8.3 .G276 OO 1960 One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish, Seuss, Dr.
JUV PZ8.3 .K6554 MI 1994 Miss Spider's tea party Kirk, David, 1955-
QC174.17.H4 L56 2007 Uncertainty : Einstein, Heisenberg, Bohr, and the struggle for the soul of science Lindley, David, 1956-
DVD QC981.8 .G56 I533 2006 An inconvenient truth [DVD] : a global warning Gore, Albert, 1948-
QK112 .B292 1963 Wild flowers. Barton, J. G.
OVERSIZE QK112 .H834 1934 Wild flowers. House, Homer D.
JUV QL83 .M355 2006 Gone wild : an endangered animal alphabet McLimans, David
QL681 .W46 1964 Song and garden birds of North America, Wetmore, Alexander, 1886-
Medicine, Agriculture, Technology    
RC454 .M462 2006 Mental disorders of the new millennium Plante, Thomas G.
RC455.4.S43 R67 2006 The self-sabotage cycle : why we repeat behaviors that create hardships and ruin relationships Rosner, Stanley, 1928-
SH441 .K24 2002 Fishing essentials for dummies Kaminsky, Peter
TL789.85.I78 A3 1973 To rule the night; the discovery voyage of astronaut Jim Irwin, Irwin, James B. (James Benson)


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