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REF CT3260 .D58 1985 Distinctive women of Tennessee : an exhibition / by the Tennessee Historical Society.
REF E160 .W55 1979 The book of the States / Vincent Wilson, Jr.   maps by Peter L. Guilday.
REF PE1628 .W5629 2001 Webster's New World college dictionary / Michael Agnes, editor in chief, David B. Guralnik, editor in chief emeritus.
REF QA10.5 .A15 2002 101 careers in mathematics / edited by Andrew Sterrett.
REF QL697 .B57 2004 The bird almanac : a guide to essential facts and figures of the world's birds / David M. Bird.
REF R123 .E475 2000 Medical terminology for health professions / Ann Ehrlich, Carol L. Schroeder.
REF Z253|.U69 2003 The Chicago manual of style.
General, Philosophy, Psychology, Religion  
AE25.E6 B58 2005 Enlightening the world : Encyclopaedie, the book that changed the course of history / Philipp Blom.
B317 .N37 2007 Socrates, a life examined / Luis E. Navia.
B443.A5 P8 1960 Posterior analytics. English.;"Posterior analytics / Aristotle   [translated] by Hugh Tredennick. Topica / Aristotle   [translated] by E.S. Forster."
BF1584.E85 C398 2003 Witch hunt : history of a persecution / by Nigel Cawthorne.
BF408 .O35 2007 Smart world : breakthrough creativity and the new science of ideas / Richard Ogle.
BF432.3 .G379 2006 Multiple intelligences : new horizons / Howard Gardner.
BF432.3 G365 2006 Five minds for the future / Howard Gardner.
BF637.D42 J33 2007 unSpun : finding facts in a world of disinformation / by Brooks Jackson and Kathleen Hall Jamieson.
BF789.E94 Z56 2007 The Lucifer effect : understanding how good people turn evil / Philip Zimbardo.
BJ1401 .K73 2007 What is good and why : the ethics of well-being / Richard Kraut.
BL65.I55 A53 2006 The mighty and the Almighty : reflections on America, God, and world affairs / Madeleine Albright with Bill Woodward.
BP223.Z8 T37 2005 Little X : growing up in the Nation of Islam / Sonsyrea Tate.
BR1644|.C67 2001 Fire from heaven : the rise of pentecostal spirituality and the reshaping of religion in the twenty-first century / Harvey Cox.
BR280 .E87 1986 Renaissance and Reformation / William R. Estep.
BS2460.J8 K76 2006 The lost gospel : the quest for the Gospel of Judas Iscariot / Herbert Krosney   [foreword by Bart D. Ehrman].
BT77 .T4545 2007 10 things your minister wants to tell you : (but can't, because he needs the job) / Oliver  Buzz  Thomas.
BX7260.B3 A67 2006 The most famous man in America : the biography of Henry Ward Beecher / Debby Applegate.
World History  
CR4509 .G54 1984 The knight in history / Frances Gies.
CT25 .S643 1997 Dietlinde : my four-dimensional life under Nazism, communism, republic, and democracy / Dietlinde E. Spears.
CT275.L48 S2 1987 Madame Le Vert : a biography of Octavia Walton Le Vert / by Frances Gibson Satterfield.
D 202.8 .C36 2004 The last knight : the twilight of the Middle Ages and the birth of the modern era / Norman F. Cantor   picture editor, Judy Cantor.
D 767.95 .G37 2004 MacArthur's victory : the war in New Guinea, 1943-1944 / Harry A. Gailey.
D118 .M26 1992 The new Penguin atlas of medieval history / Colin McEvedy.
D16.2 .P71 2007 The information-literate historian : a guide to research for history students / Jenny L. Presnell.
D161.2 .A77 2004 The First Crusade : a new history / Thomas Asbridge.
D741 .K43 2007 Fateful choices : ten decisions that changed the world, 1940-1941 / Ian Kershaw.
D743.23 .D58 1998 Divide and conquer [videorecording] / produced by the War Department, Special Service Division, Army Services Division with cooperation of the Signal Corps.
D756.5.B7 R263 2000 The Battle of Britain : Dowding and the first victory 1940 / John Ray.
D756.5.R8 Z97 2006 Battle for the Ruhr : the German Army's final defeat in the West / Derek S. Zumbro.
D763.I82 M657 2004 Monte Cassino : the story of the hardest-fought battle of World War II / Matthew Parker.
D764 .P5317 2005 Stalin's folly : the tragic first ten days of World War II on the Eastern front / Constantine Pleshakov.
D786 .K47 2006 The few : the American  Knights of the air  who risked everything to fight in the battle of Britain / Alex Kershaw.
D804.3 .F753 2007 The years of extermination : Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945 / Saul Friedländer.
D842 .I53 1991 The cruel peace : everyday life in the Cold War / Fred Inglis.
DC158.8 .M64 2007 Liberty : the lives and times of six women in revolutionary France / Lucy Moore.
DD231.S83 W75 2004 Gustav Stresemann : Weimar's greatest statesman / Jonathan Wright.
DG552.8.G2 R514 2007 Garibaldi : invention of a hero / Lucy Riall.
DK63 .K4 1960 Soviet foreign policy, 1917-1941.
DS135.G3315 F75 2007 Nazi Germany and the Jews  v. 1, The years of persecution, 1933-1939/ Saul Friedlèander.
DS326 .P36 1992 Guardians of the Gulf : a history of America's expanding role in the Persian Gulf, 1833-1992 / Michael A. Palmer.
DS559.5 .E24 1995 A life in a year : the American infantryman in Vietnam, 1965-1972 / James R. Ebert.
DS560.72.H6 B8313 2007 Hô Chi Minh. English.;"Ho Chi Minh : a biography / Pierre Brocheux   translated by Claire Duiker."
DS712 .H458 2007 Oracle bones : a journey between China's past and present / Peter Hessler.
DS747.5 .L42 2007 The early Chinese empires : Qin and Han / Mark Edward Lewis.
DS79.76 .R33 2007 The long road home : a story of war and family / Martha Raddatz.
American History  
E 159 .V35 1955b 1955 The living past of America  pictorial treasury of our historic houses and villages that have been preserved and restored.
E176.1 .B47 2007 Presidential courage : brave leaders and how they changed America, 1789-1989 / Michael Beschloss.
E178 .H727 1974 The American political tradition and the men who made it. With a foreword by Christopher Lasch.
E185.6 .F74 1970 Black and white  land, labor, and politics in the South.
E185.61  .W86 1957 The strange career of Jim Crow
E185.61 .J37 2007 Buried in the bitter waters : the hidden history of racial cleansing in America / Elliot Jaspin.
JUV E185.61 .A56 2003 The civil rights movement 20th century perspectives.
E185.97.K47 V5 2006 Coretta : the story of Coretta Scott King / Octavia Vivian.
E221 .M24 1997 American scripture : making the Declaration of Independence / Pauline Maier.
E330 .F47 2004 Adams vs. Jefferson : the tumultuous election of 1800 / John Ferling.
E445.A3 D56 2007 Dreams of Africa in Alabama : the slave ship Clotilda and the story of the last Africans brought to America / Sylviane A. Diouf.
E449 .M25 2007 Labor, free and slave : workingmen and the anti-slavery movement in the United States / by Bernard Mandel   introduction by Brian Kelly.
E457.2 .P47 2004 Lincoln's war : the untold story of America's greatest president as commander in chief / Geoffrey Perret.
E467.1 .L4 K35 2000 The genius of Robert E. Lee : leadership lessons for the outgunned, outmanned, and underfinanced / Al Kaltman.
E470.5 .W66 2005 Nothing but victory : the Army of the Tennessee, 1861-1865 / Steven E. Woodworth.
E680 .M85 2003 Fraud of the century : Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden, and the stolen election of 1876 / Roy Morris, Jr.
E740.J6 G7 1961 Inside the John Birch Society.
E743.5 .M578 2003 Reds : McCarthyism in twentieth-century America / Ted Morgan.
E748.K374 M39 1988 George Kennan and the dilemmas of US foreign policy / David Mayers.
E807 .S58 2007 FDR / Jean Edward Smith.
E835 .A3 1961 Firsthand report  the story of the Eisenhower administration.
E839 .P38 2005 Restless giant : the United States from Watergate to Bush v. Gore / James T. Patterson.
E840.8 .K58 I78 1992 Kissinger : a biography / Walter Isaacson.
E850 .M53 2006 A glorious disaster : Barry Goldwater's presidential campaign and the origins of the conservative movement / J. William Middendorf II.
E856 .D35 2007 Nixon and Kissinger : partners in power / Robert Dallek.
E856 .D74 2007 Richard M. Nixon / Elizabeth Drew.
E860 .E47 1994 Watergate : the corruption of American politics and the fall of Richard Nixon / Fred Emery.
E877 .A3 2007 The Reagan diaries / Ronald Reagan   edited by Douglas Brinkley.
E886 .A3 2004 My life / Bill Clinton.
E902 .G67 2007 The assault on reason / Al Gore.
JUV E302.6.R77 W45 1986 Betsy Ross, girl of old Philadelphia;"Betsy Ross
E902 .S87 2004 The price of loyalty : George W. Bush, the White House, and the education of Paul O'Neill / Ron Suskind.
American Regional History  
F1418 .M3728 2006 Intimate ties, bitter struggles : the United States and Latin America since 1945 / Alan McPherson.
  F443  .G7 C32 1969 Birth of a national park in the Great Smoky Mountains  an unprecedented crusade which created, as a gift of the people, the Nation's most popular park. Pref. by Horace M. Albright.
F209 .R43 2002 1001 things everyone should know about the South / John Shelton Reed and Dale Volberg Reed.
F217.N37 C67 1984 Travel guide to the Natchez Trace Parkway between Natchez, Mississippi, and Nashville, Tennessee.
F232 .C3 D6 1957 The great plantation: a profile of Berkeley Hundred and plantation Virginia from Jamestown to Appomattox.
F234.J3 W66 2007 Savage kingdom : the true story of Jamestown, 1607, and the settlement of America / Benjamin Woolley.
F3101.L47 B73 1983 Labyrinth / Taylor Branch and Eugene M. Propper.
F444.K7 M29 1982 Knoxville, crossroads of the new South / by William J. MacArthur, Jr.
F868.C16 M33 1993 Between the rivers : a history of early Calaveras County, California / O. Henry Mace.
Geography, Ecology, Recreation Sports  
GA151 .H38 2007 Navigation : techniques and skills for walkers / Pete Hawkins.
GB5014 .N47 2001 The New York times book of natural disasters / edited by Nicholas Wade.
GE197 .K47 2007 This moment on Earth : today's new environmentalists and their vision for the future / John Kerry, Teresa Heinz Kerry.
GF75 .W455 2007 The world without us / Alan Weisman.
GN282 .S27 2007 The last human : a guide to twenty-two species of extinct humans / created by G.J. Sawyer and Viktor Deak   text by Esteban Sarmiento, G.J. Sawyer and Richard Milner   with contributions by Donald C. Johanson, Maeve Leakey and Ian Tattersall
GV14 .M36 2005 Issues in recreation and leisure : ethical decision making / Donald J. McLean and Daniel G. Yoder.
GV343.5 B787 2007 Management of physical education and sport / March L. Krotee, Charles A. Bucher.
JUV GV697.A1 J33 2004 100 athletes who shaped sports history / Timothy Jacobs, Russell Roberts.
GV706 .K74 2005 Practical philosophy of sport and physical activity / R. Scott Kretchmar.
GV706.5 .W655 2007 Social issues in sport / Ronald B. Woods.
GV711.5 .T72 2005 Training for speed, agility, and quickness / Lee E. Brown, Vance A. Ferrigno, editors.
GV713 .C436 2006 Human resource management in Olympic sport organisations / Packianathan Chelladurai, Alberto Madella.
GV716 .F47 2005 Marketing of Olympic sport organisations / Alain Ferrand and Luiggino Torrigiani   [foreword by Jean-Loup Chappelet].
GV770.7 .F39 2005 Aquatic facility management / Paul Fawcett.
GV863.A1 O24 1994 Baseball's last golden age, 1946-1960 : the national pastime in a time of glory and change / by J. Ronald Oakley.
GV865.A1 R5 1966 The glory of their times  the story of the early days of baseball told by the men who played it [by] Lawrence S. Ritter. With a foreword by John K. Hutchens.
GV865.R8 A3 1992 The Babe Ruth story as told to Bob Considine  with 16 pages of dramatic photos.
GV875.N35 R53 1995 A complete history of the Negro leagues, 1884 to 1955 / Mark Ribowsky.
GV939.B66 A25 2001 The Bowden way : 50 years of leadership wisdom / Bobby Bowden with Steve Bowden.
GV943 .S735 2006 Soccer skills & drills / James W. Lennox, Janet Rayfield, Bill Steffen.
GV958.U33 J45 2007 The real all Americans : the team that changed a game, a people, a nation / Sally Jenkins.
Economics, Business, Management  
HB119.S35 M43 2007 Prophet of innovation : Joseph Schumpeter and creative destruction / Thomas K. McCraw.
HB3730 .T64 2006 Revolutionary wealth / Alvin Toffler and Heidi Toffler.
HB74.P8 C58 2007 The soulful science : what economists really do and why it matters / Diane Coyle.
HC103 .I675 2007 Industrial revolution in America. v. 7, Communications / edited by Kevin Hillstrom and Laurie Collier Hillstrom.
HC103 .I675 2007 Industrial revolution in America. v. 8, Agriculture and Meatpacking / edited by Kevin Hillstrom and Laurie Collier Hillstrom.
HC103 .I675 2007 Industrial revolution in America. v. 9, Overview/Comparison / edited by Kevin Hillstrom and Laurie Collier Hillstrom.
HC110.C6 B324 2007 Con$umed : how markets corrupt children, infantilize adults, and swallow citizens whole / Benjamin R. Barber.
HC240 .E345 2007 The European economy since 1945 : coordinated capitalism and beyond / Barry Eichengreen.
HD1382.5 .S53 2000 Secrets of a millionaire real estate investor / Robert Shemin.
HD2365 .M367 2005 The complete idiot's guide to successful outsourcing / by Gene Marks.
HD2747 .H36 2006 Greed and corporate failure : the lessons from recent disasters / Stewart Hamilton and Alicia Micklethwait.
HD30.37 .S5 2007 SEND : the essential guide to email for office and home / by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe.
HD31 .C513 2000 Management 21C : someday we'll all manage this way / Subir Chowdhury,
HD31 .P3838 2000 Peterman rides again : adventures continue with the real  J. Peterman  through life & the catalog business / John Peterman.
HD57.7 .L33 2007 Where have all the leaders gone? / Lee Iacocca   with Catherine Whitney.
HD57.7 .S645 2007 The taboos of leadership : the 10 secrets no one will tell you about leaders and what they really think / Anthony F. Smith   foreword by Steven M. Bornstein.
HD5708.55.U62 A558 2004 To move a mountain : fighting the global economy in Appalachia / Eve S. Weinbaum.
HD58.7 .W327 2007 Corporate culture : illuminating the black hole / Jerome Want.
HD58.82 .C76 2007 Informal learning : rediscovering the natural pathways that inspire innovation and performance / Jay Cross.
HD58.9 .D38 2000 Pioneering organizations : the convergence of individualism, teamwork, and leadership / Larry N. Davis.
HD58.9 .S68 2007 Transforming performance measurement : rethinking the way we measure and drive organizational success / Dean R. Spitzer.
HD6058 .C271 2003 Career compass for women. : the indispensable guidebook for women in the workplace! / Allison Blankenship et al.
HD62.6 .N67 2006 The nonprofit sector : a research handbook / edited by Walter W. Powell and Richard Steinberg.
HD69.T54 H66 2007 Best practices--time management : set priorities to get the right things done / John Hoover.
HD9696.A3 U5669 2007 Bill & Dave : how Hewlett and Packard built the world's greatest company / Michael S. Malone.
HE5903.U545 N54 2007 Big Brown : the untold story of UPS / by Greg Niemann.
HE8689.8 .K625 2007 Fighting for air : the battle to control America's media / Eric Klinenberg.
HF 5382.7 .E46 2005 Employment techniques in the 21st century.
HF1455 .P46 2007 The secret history of the American empire : economic hit men, jackals, and the truth about global corruption / John Perkins.
HF5381 .P485 2005 Landing the internship or full-time job during college / Robert R. Peterson.
HF5383 .R395873 2002 Real-resumes for media, newspaper, broadcasting & public affairs jobs-- : including real resumes used to change careers and transfer skills to other industries / Anne McKinney, editor.
HF5386 .T81485 2007 Trump 101 : the way to success / Donald J. Trump with Meredith McIver.
HF5387 .C6679 2007 Corporate corruption / Susan Hunnicutt, book editor.
HF5415.127 .C34 2006 Lifestyle market segmentation / Dennis J. Cahill.
HF5415.13 .J366 2007 Duct tape marketing : the world's most practical small business marketing guide / John Jantsch.
HF5415.15 .M265 2007 Think two products ahead : secrets the big advertising agencies don't want you to know and how to use them for bigger profits / Ben Mack.
HF5415.32 .T46 2007 Buy, buy baby : how consumer culture manipulates parents and harms young minds / Susan Gregory Thomas.
HF5415.335 .D46 2006 Satisfaction : how every great company listens to the voice of the customer / Chris Denove and James D. Power IV.
HF5415.5 .M1833 2007 Citizen marketers : when people are the message / Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba.
HF5415.55 .C37 2007 Marketing mavens / Noel Capon.
HF5465.U64 W357 2003 The Wal-Mart decade : how a generation of leaders turned Sam Walton's legacy into the world's number one company / Robert Slater.
HF5549.15 .C575 1997 Studying your workforce : applied research methods and tools for the training and development practitioner / Alan Clardy.
HF5549.17 .S55 2007 Best practices. Managing people : secrets to leading for new managers / Barry Silverstein.
HF5549.5.M63 S59 2007 Best practices. Motivating employees : bringing out the best in your people / Barry Silverstein.
HF5549.5.P35 H68 2006 Managing & measuring employee performance / Elizabeth Houldsworth & Dilum Jirasinghe.
HF5549.5.R3 S8128 2007 Ready-to-use performance appraisals : downloadable, customizable tools for better, faster reviews! / William S. Swan with Leslie E. Wilson.
HF5549.5.R3 S8128 2007 Teaching statistics using baseball / Jim Albert.
HF5549.5.S38 S35 2007 Best practices. Hiring people : recruit and keep the brightest stars / Kathy Shwiff.
HF5549.5.T7 L443 2006 The group trainer's handbook : designing and delivering training for groups / David Leigh.
HF5549.5.T7 T66225 1995 Training employees with disabilities : strategies to enhance learning & development for an expanding part of your workforce / William R. Tracey.
Sociology, Criminal Justice  
HM 1033 .G53 2002 The tipping point : how little things can make a big difference / Malcolm Gladwell   [with a new afterword by the author].
HN57 .L54 2007 The age of abundance : how prosperity transformed America's politics and culture / Brink Lindsey.
HN58 .C76 2007 The boomer century, 1946-2046 : how America's most influential generation changed everything / Richard Croker and Alexandria Productions.
HN90.R3 A6764 1996 The movement and the sixties / Terry H. Anderson.
HQ1143 .L46 1997 Uppity women of medieval times / Vicki Leâon.
HQ1735.Z75 A56 2004 Mayada, daughter of Iraq : one woman's survival under Saddam Hussein / Jean Sasson.
HT431 .V5 1960 Small town in mass society  class, power, and religion in a rural community, by Arthur J. Vidich and Joseph Bensman.
HV4028 .D38 2006 Planet of slums / Mike Davis.
HV4505 .H654 2007 The homeless / Louise I. Gerdes, book editor.
HV6773.5 .H38 2007 Hate crimes / Paul Connors, book editor.
HV6773.5 .H38 2007 Do religious groups in America experience discrimination? / Janel Ginn, book editor.
HV6773.5 .W478 2007 What is a hate crime? / Robert Winters, book editor.
HV8688 .W35 2006 Moral repair : reconstructing moral relations after wrongdoing / Margaret Urban Walker.
JUV HV1624.B65 O26 1997 The world at his fingertips : a story about Louis Braille / by Barbara O'Connor   illustrations by Rochelle Draper.
HV91 .N443 2006 When welfare disappears : the case for economic human rights / Kenneth J. Neubeck.
HV9471 .P33 1999 Lockdown America : police and prisons in the age of crisis / Christian Parenti.
Political Science  
JA84.U5 G68 1983 Great American political thinkers / edited with introduction and commentary by Bernard E. Brown.
JA84.U5 G68 1983 Great American political thinkers / edited with introduction and commentary by Bernard E. Brown.
JC71.P6 B57 2007 Plato's Republic : a biography / Simon Blackburn.
JF1001 .T39 2005 Social choice and the mathematics of manipulation / Alan D. Taylor.
JK271 .G668 1960 The conscience of a conservative.
JK468.E7 W55 2005 The politics of truth : inside the lies that led to war and betrayed my wife's CIA identity : a diplomat's memoir / Joseph Wilson.
JZ1480 .B69 2007 Second chance : three presidents and the crisis of American superpower / Zbigniew Brzezinski.
JZ1480 .R674 2007 Statecraft : and how to restore America's standing in the world / Dennis Ross.
K230 .P665095 1995 Overcoming law / Richard A. Posner.
KF1290.S66 P47 2003 Risk management for park, recreation, and leisure services / James A. Peterson, Bruce B. Hronek.
KF1375.Z9 N68 2007 Forming a partnership : and making it work / by Ira Nottonson.
KF1544 .E48 2007 Bankruptcy for business : the benefits, pitfalls and alternatives / by Lei Lei Wank Ekvall and Evan D. Smiley.
KF228.E54 D54 2007 The battle over school prayer : how Engel v. Vitale changed America / Bruce J. Dierenfield.
KF2979 .B64 2005 Brand name bullies : the quest to own and control culture / David Bollier.
KF368.L58 N67 2007 Belva Lockwood : the woman who would be president / Jill Norgren   foreword by Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
KF3942.H3 G86 2007 Gun control / Tamara L. Roleff, book editor.
KF4558 9th .F37 2007 Retained by the people : the  silent  Ninth Amendment and the constitutional rights Americans don't know they have / Daniel A. Farber.
KF4772 .F56 2007 From the Palmer Raids to the Patriot Act : a history of the fight for free speech in America / Christpher M. Finan.
KF886 .P56 2007 Business contracts : turn any contract to your advantage (with cd-rom) / by Laura Plimpton.
LA227.3 .043 2005 Faculty priorities reconsidered : rewarding multiple forms of scholarship / by KerryAnn O'Meara and R. Eugene Rice   Foreword by Russell Edgerton.
LB1028.43 .W37 2006 Laptops and literacy : learning in the wireless classroom / Mark Warschauer.
LB1031 .G744 2005 Differentiating instruction with style : aligning teacher and learner intelligences for maximum achievement / Gayle H. Gregory.
LB1044.9.S6 B234 2007 Learning and teaching with interactive whiteboards : primary and early years / David Barber, Linda Cooper, Graham Meeson.
LB1060 .L382 2003 Higher-Order Thinking the Multiple Intelligences Way
LB1060 .L3828 2006 Learning styles and learning : a key to meeting the accountability demands in education / Ronald R. Sims and Serbrenia J. Sims, editors.
LB1140.23 .F85 2007 Standardized childhood : the political and cultural struggle over early education / Bruce Fuller with Margaret Bridges and Seeta Pai.
LB1573 .C752 2006 30 Graphic Organizers for the Content Areas Gr. 5-8
LB1575 .B486 2007 Best Practices in Literacy Instruction edited by Linda Gambrell, Leslie Morrow and Michael Pressley.
LB1707 .E93 2006 Excellence in teaching and learning : bridging the gaps in theory, practice, and policy / edited by Adnan Salhi.
LB2328.3 .M5 D38 2007 Miracle in the Ozarks : the inspiring story of faith, hope, and Hard Work U. / Jerry C. Davis.
LB2331 .G63 1997 Scholarship assessed : evaluation of the professoriate / Charles E. Glassick, Mary Taylor Huber, and Gene I. Maeroff.
LB3045.7 .R38 2003 The language police : how pressure groups restrict what children learn / Diane Ravitch.
LB885.G37 D48 2005 The development and education of the mind : the selected works of Howard Gardner / Howard Gardner.
LC1201 .S28 2007 Widening the circle : the power of inclusive classrooms / Mara Sapon-Shevin.
LC4704 .A755 2000 MI strategies for kids : featuring Brilliant Brain and Magnificent Mind / Ellen Arnold   illustrations by Deborah Farber.
LD5655.A2 U58 2006 University of Tennessee off the record / College Prowler.
LD5655.A2 V228 2006 Vanderbilt University off the record / College Prowler.
LD5655.A2 V532 2006 Virginia Tech off the record / College Prowler.
Music, Fine Arts  
ML3930.G566 2006 Mozart's Women : His family, his friends, his music / Jane Glover.
N6490 .T74 2006 New media art / Mark Tribe, Reena Jana   Uta Grosenick (ed.)
N6505 .B34 2001 Essential history of American art / Suzanne Bailey.
NA 2543 .H55 B48 2006 The destruction of memory : architecture at war / Robert Bevan.
NC730 .S54 2006 Drawing in 10 steps / Ian Sidaway.
NE1321.8 .J34 2002 Japanese prints / edited by Gabriele Fahr-Becker.
NE2415.C7P43 1942 Currier & Ives, printmakers to the American people, by Harry T. Peters.
Language & Literature  
PA3622 .B3 1962 Greek lyric / Introd. and biograpical notes by William McCulloh.
PA3827.P8 V4 1961 Prometheus bound. The suppliants. Seven against Thebes. The Persians. Translated with an introd. by Philip Vellacott.
PA4025.A2 H35 1987 Iliad. English;"The Iliad / Homer   translated with an introduction by Martin Hammond."
PA6807.A5 K55 1956 Aeneis. English;"The Aeneid [by] Virgil  translated into English prose with an introduction by W. F. Jackson Knight."
PE1404 .M647 2005 Pop-up activities to teach genre / by Tamara B. Miller.
PE1431 .T423 2002 Teaching argument in the composition course : background readings / [compiled by] Timothy Barnett.
Russian, Eastern Literature  
PG3326 .B7 1970 The brothers Karamazov / Fyodor Dostoevsky   a new translation by Andrew R. MacAndrew   introductory essay by Konstantin Mochulsky.
PG3366 .A17 1987 A confession and other religious writings / Leo Tolstoy   translated with an introduction by Jane Kentish.
PJ7846.A46 L3913 1995 Layālī alf laylah. English;"Arabian nights and days / Naguib Mahfouz   translated by Denys Johnson-Davies."
PL801.K8 A2 2006 Rashōmon and seventeen other stories / Ryūnosuke Akutagawa   selected and translated  with notes by Jay Rubin   with an introduction by Haruki Murakami.
PL818.C5 M4513 2006 Meido. English;"Realm of the dead / Uchida Hyakken   translated by Rachel DiNitto."
PL829.A8 U5513 2006 Ukigumo. English;"Floating clouds / Hayashi Fumiko   translated by Lane Dunlop."
PL855.I685 O7513 2006 Ori. English;"The cage / Kenzåo Kitakata   translated by Paul Warham."
PL865.A489 B43 2006 Beddotaimu aizu. English;"Bedtime eyes / Amy Yamada   translated by Yumi Gunji and Marc Jardine."
PL877.5.O36 B6913 2006 Tokyo tango / Rika Yokomori.
Drama, Journalism, Theater, Film  
 PN56.M54 P68 2006 Modernism and democracy : literary culture, 1900-1930 / Rachel Potter.
PN1055 .S35 1966 Modern poets on modern poetry.
PN1851 .B4 1955 The playwright as thinker: a study of drama in modern times.
PN1991.75 D517 2001 Radio syndication : how to create, produce, distribute, and market your very own radio show nationally! / Scott Deweese.
PN1992.7 .S35 2007 The TV writer's workbook : a creative approach to television scripts / Ellen Sandler.
PN1995.9.P75  C76 2003 100 careers in film & television / Tanja L. Crouch.
PN1995.9.P75 K74 2005 Careers & jobs in the media / Simon Kent.
PN2277.A242 B378 2006 If you like us, talk about us : the life and times of Robert H. Porterfield, the founder of Virginia's world-famous Barter Theatre / Robert L. McKinney.
PN3448.D4 D68 1997 The reader and the detective story / George N. Dove.
PN4129.15 .H46 2007 There's no such thing as public speaking : making any presentation or speech as persuasive as a one-on-one conversation / Jeanette and Roy Henderson.
PN4784.O24 A44 2003 What liberal media? : the truth about bias and the news / Eric Alterman.
PN4871.5 .T47 2007 Missing pages : black journalists of modern America : an oral history / Wallace Terry.
PN4888.M56 .P33 2006 New directions in diversity : a new approach to covering America's multicultural communities / George Padgett.
PN4888.R3 R63 2006 The race beat : the press, the civil rights struggle, and the awakening of a nation / Gene Roberts and Hank Klibanoff.
French Literature  
PQ 2082 .C3 E5 1990 Candide or  Optimism.  A fresh translation, backgrounds,  criticism  translated and edited by Robert M. Adam
PQ2021.M33 M3 1987 Manon Lescaut. English.;"Manon Lescaut / Abbe Prevost   translated by Leonard Tancock."
PQ2288 .A33 1986 Notre Dame de Paris. English;"The hunchback of Notre Dame / Victor Hugo   translated and abridged by Lowell Blair."
PQ7499.A75 S413 1997 Señor presidente. English;"The president / Miguel Angel Asturias   translated from the Spanish by Frances Partridge."
English Literature  
PR 6013 .R44 O8 1971 Our man in Havana : an entertainment / Graham Greene.
PR111 .C38 2002 Boss ladies, watch out! : essays on women, sex, and writing / Terry Castle.
PR129.A7 B35 2005 Fabulous orients : fictions of the East in England, 1662-1785 / Ros Ballaster.
PR2664 .A1 1959 The tragedy of Doctor Faustus.
PR2759 .P37 1956 Six plays and the sonnets [edited by] Thomas Marc Parrott [and] Edward Hubler.
PR3404 .F65 1962 The fortunes and misfortunes of the famous Moll Flanders &c. ...
PR3454 .H56 1963 The history of Tom Jones, a foundling / Henry Fielding   with an afterword by Frank Kermode.
PR3681 .R8 1988 The rivals   The critic   The school for scandal / Richard Brinsley Sheridan   edited with an introduction and notes by Eric Rump.
PR4219.A2 A4 1971 Ring and the book.;"Robert Browning
PR4349.B7 W39 1965 The way of all flesh  introd. by O. H. Rudzik.
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PR4753 .T58 2007 Thomas Hardy / Claire Tomalin.
PR6005.O4 U5 1975 Under Western eyes / Joseph Conrad.
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PR6013.R44 H8 1979 The human factor / Graham Greene.
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PR6058.A69147 I47 2006 Imperium : a novel of ancient Rome / Robert Harris.
PR6071.N8 S7 1986 Stone virgin / Barry Unsworth.
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PR888.D4 K86 2006 Creating the fictional female detective : the sleuth heroines of British women writers, 1890-1940 / Carla T. Kungl.
PR9499.3.R59 G63 1997 The god of small things / Arundhati Roy.
American Literature  
PS1338 .M23 1999 Making Mark Twain work in the classroom / edited by James Leonard.
PS1431 .F73 2007 James Fenimore Cooper : the early years / Wayne Franklin.
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PS3231 .F65 2005 Re-scripting Walt Whitman : an introduction to his life and work / Ed Folsom and Kenneth M. Price.
PS3501 .N4 W5 1985 Winesburg, Ohio / Sherwood Anderson   introd. by Malcolm Cowley.
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PS3507.R55 A7 1964 An American tragedy / by Theodore Dreiser   with an afterword by Irving Howe.
PS3511 .R94 A6 1995 Selections. 1995;"Collected poems
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PS3513.I74 H6 1959a Howl, and other poems.
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  PS3537.T3234 P4 1975 The pearl / by John Steinbeck.
PS3537.T3234 C3 1947 Cannery Row / John Steinbeck.
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PS3559.R68 W6 1979 The world according to Garp : a novel / by John Irving.
PS3561.A678 A92 1994 At home in Mitford Karon, Jan, 1937-
PS3561.A678 L54 1995 A light in the window / Jan Karon.
PS3561.I483 Z475 2000 On writing : a memoir of the craft / by Stephen King.
PS3565 .A8 1974 Where are you going, where have you been? Stories of young America.
PS3565.B75 G6 1980 Going after Cacciato / Tim O'Brien.
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PS3570.H4 T394 1978 The consul's file / Paul Theroux.
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PS374.M39 B76 2003 A sense of things : the object matter of American literature / Bill Brown.
PS554 .B45 2002 Being of these hills : readings from Appalachian writers / Ernest Lee, editor.
PS586 .W52 1962 The Mentor book of major American poets : from Edward Taylor and Walt Whitman to Hart Crane and W. H. Auden / edited by Oscar Williams and Edwin Honig   with an introd. and notes on the poets.
PS88 .G73 2004 A history of American literature / Richard Gray.
German and Slavic Literature  
PT2681.U74 P313 1987 Parfum. English;"Perfume : the story of a murderer / Patrick Süskind   translated from the German by John E. Woods."
PT7094 .S57 1964 The genius of the Scandinavian theater.
PT9875.M35 U713 2005 Utsikt från en grästuva. English;"Views from a tuft of grass / Harry Martinson   translated from the Swedish by Lars Nordström and Erland Anderson."
PZ3 .T844fs 1964 Fathers and sons. A new translation by George Reavey with a foreword by Alan Hodge.
PZ3.T844 Fa26 1967 Fathers and sons. Translated from the Russian by Constance Garnett.
Juvenile Literature  
JUV PZ10.3.H43 Ju 1970 Justin Morgan had a horse / by Marguerite Henry   illustrated by Wesley Dennis.
JUV PZ7.H267387 Sur 2006 Surrender / Sonya Hartnett.
JUV PZ7.H5976 Te 1989 Tex / S. E. Hinton.
JUV PZ7.M992 Yo 1993 The young landlords / Walter Dean Myers.
JUV PZ8.3 .S349 Sm 2004 Kleine Valentin. English;"The wondrous day : a changing picture book / Hans-Christian Schmidt
JUV PZ8.3 W949 1999 Poems for sharing. Early emergent [picture]
JUV PZ8.3.G9635 Th 1998 This land is your land / words and music by Woody Guthrie   paintings by Kathy Jakobsen   with a tribute by Pete Seeger.
JUV PZ8.3.W465 It 1998 The itsy-bitsy spider / Rosemary Wells.
JUV PZ10.3 C1685 ST 1993 Stellaluna / Janell Cannon.
Math, Computer Science, Sciences  
Q162 .G23 1988 One two three... infinity : Facts and speculations of science / George Gamow, the author.
Q175 .P763 2004 Science and method / by Henri Poincaré   translated by Francis Maitland.
QA241 .K576 2001 Identification numbers and check digit schemes / Joseph Kirtland.
QA303 .B36 2007x The calculus lifesaver : all the tools you need to excel at calculus / Adrian Banner.
QA37.3 .A54 2005 Understanding our quantitative world / Janet Andersen and Todd Swanson.
QB631.2 .P57 2006 Planet Earth as you've never seen it before / Alastair Fothergill ... [et al.]   foreword by David Attenborough.
QC16 .E5I76 2007 Einstein : his life and universe / Walter Isaacson.
QC16.E5 E5157 2007 Einstein on politics : his private thoughts and public stands on nationalism, Zionism, war, peace, and the bomb / edited by David E. Rowe and Robert Schulmann.
QC981.8.G56 H55 2007 The suicidal planet : how to prevent global climate catastrophe / Mayer Hillman with Tina Fawcett and Sudhir Chella Rajan.
QD35 .C56 2005 The joy of chemistry : the amazing science of familiar things / Cathy Cobb & Monty L. Fetterolf.
QD42 .P74 2002 Chemistry challenge! : a classroom quiz game / Brian Pressley.
QD43 .P23 2007 Explorations in conceptual chemistry : a student activity manual / Jeffrey Paradis.
QE721.2.E97 W384 2007 Under a green sky : global warming, the mass extinctions of the past, and what they mean for our future / Peter D. Ward.
QH31.G74 P86 2007 Last stand : George Bird Grinnell, the battle to save the buffalo, and the birth of the new West / Michael Punke.
QH315 .S454 2006 Biology inquiries : standards-based labs, assessments, and discussion lessons / Martin Shields.
QH545.P4 C684 2007 Courage for the Earth : writers, scientists, and activists celebrate the life and writing of Rachel Carson / edited by Peter Matthiessen.
QH588.S83 H83 2007 Human embryo experimentation / David Haugen and Susan Musser, book editors.
QH87.3 .B87 2007 Marshes : the disappearing Edens / William Burt.
QL751 .G66 1982 Ethology : the mechanisms and evolution of behavior / James L. Gould.
QM111 .B64 2005 Clinical anatomy of the lumbar spine and sacrum / Nikolai Bogduk   foreword by Stephen M. Endres.
QP301 .H634 2006 Norms for fitness, performance, and health
QP514.2 .C48 2005 Biochemistry / Pamela C. Champe, Richard A. Harvey, Denise R. Ferrier.
R123 .F697 2005 Medical terminology : a living language / Bonnie F. Fremgen, Suzanne S. Frucht.
R154.5 .V53 A3 1998 The tennis partner : a doctor's story of friendship and loss / Abraham Verghese.
RB113 .B73 2007 Pathophysiology : functional alterations in human health / Carie A. Braun, Cindy M. Anderson.
RC119 .M3 2006 Markell and Voge's medical parasitology / David T. John, William A. Petri, Jr.
RC1210 .S68 2002 Study guide for the NATA Board of Certification, Inc. entry-level athletic trainer certification examination / Douglas M. Kleiner.
RC1220.D35 C35 2001 Dance and dancers' injuries / Chris Caldwell.
RC925.7 .P48 2006 Neuromusculoskeletal examination and assessment : a handbook for therapists / Nicola J. Petty   foreword by Agneta Lando.
RD771.B217 B55 2006 The biomechanics of back pain / Michael A. Adams ... [et al.].
RD97 .C63 2001 Sports medicine essentials : core concepts in athletic training and fitness instruction / by Jim Clover.
Agricultural Sciences  
SD421.3 .R68 2007 Blazing heritage : a history of wildland fire in the national parks / Hal K. Rothman.
SF429.B56 N53 1990 Black and tan coonhounds / Anna Katherine Nicholas.
TD348 .W54 2007 Will the world run out of fresh water? / Debra A. Miller, book editor.
TL789.85.A75 W34 2004 One giant leap : Neil Armstrong's stellar American journey / Leon Wagener.
TR267 .C66 2007 Kodak, the art of digital photography. Digital photo design : how to compose winning pictures / Paul Comon.
TR851 .G545 2006 Working with HDV : shoot, edit, and deliver your high definition video / Chuck Gloman, Mark J. Pescatore.
TR858 .H358 2006 After effects @work / Richard Harrington project editor.
TR897.7 .W66 2004 Motion design : moving graphics for television, music video, cinema, and digital interfaces / Matt Woolman.
TR899 .A367 2004 Creative titling with Premiere Pro / Ed Gaskell.
TR899 .B7225 2007 High definition postproduction : editing and delivering HD video / Steven E. Browne.
TR899 .D66 2006 Gardner's guide to non-linear editing : the cutting edge / Charles Domokos.
TR899 .H848 2005 Avid Xpress Pro editing workshop / Steve Hullfish, Jaime Fowler.
TR899 .K38 2006 Avid editing : a guide for beginning and intermediate users / by Sam Kauffmann.
TR899 .P465 2004 The eye is quicker : film editing : making a good film better / Richard D. Pepperman.
 TX553.S65 M67 2006 Pocket guide to low sodium foods / Bobbie Mostyn.
Military Science Bibliography  
U264 .L365 2007 The atomic bazaar : the rise of the nuclear poor / William Langewiesche.
UA23 .B337 2004 The Pentagon's new map : war and peace in the twenty-first century / Thomas P.M. Barnett.
Z1003 .S77 2004 The reading nation in the Romantic period / William St Clair.
Z253.532.A34 F87 2006 InDesign type : professional typography with Adobe InDesign CS2 / Nigel French.
Z7961 .B35 1994 500 great books by women : a reader's guide / Erica Bauermeister, Jesse Larsen, and Holly Smith.
Oversize DF719 .H553 1957 Greece in colour / introd. by Lord Kinross   text by C. Kerényi  57 photos. by R. G. Hoegler   [text and captions translated from the German by Daphne Woodward   extracts from poems by Goethe, Hölderlin, and Rilke, translated by Eric Peters].
Oversize DS204 .L36 2006 A land transformed : the Arabian Peninsula, Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Aramco / edited by Arthur P. Clark, Muhammad A. Tahlawi   authors, William Facey, Paul Lunde, Micheal McKinnon, Thomas A. Pledge   contributing editors, Thomas A. Pledge, Helen El Mallakh, James P. Mandaville, Kay Hardy Campbell.
Oversize HD9576.S33 .E53 2006 The Energy within : a photo history of the people of Saudi Aramco / edited by Kyle L. Pakka.
Oversize ND1170 .C7 1939 A treasury of art masterpieces, from the renaissance to the present day, edited by Thomas Craven.
Oversize TT920 .R683 2006 The art & craft of ceramics : techniques, projects, inspiration / Maria Dolors Ros i Frigola.
Special Collections  
SpecColl CS71 .D139 1989 My Tennesseans / William Andrew Dale.
SpecColl E579 .B8 1943 Fiddles in the Cumberlands / by Amanda McDowell, 1861-1865 [and] Lela McDowell Blankenship, 1943.
SpecColl F434.3 .Y68 1950 Hands across the sea : international friendships tour sponsored by Youth Incorporated / [Earl L. Shaub, editor].
SpecColl F443.J3 S65 1989 Historical information concerning the Fort Blount-Williamsburg Site, Jackson County, Tennessee / by Samuel D. Smith and Stephen T. Rogers.
SpecColl F548.42 .S6 1871 The great conflagration. Chicago: its past, present and future.
SpecColl G3962.S8 1999 U5 1998 Stones River National Battlefield, Tennessee : final general management plan, development concept plan, environmental impact statement.
SpecColl GV15 .C6 1935 Popular sports : their origin and development, by Frank D. Collins.
SpecColl GV863 .L528 1950 The baseball story.
SpecColl NB237.E35 A4 1981 William Edmondson: a retrospective.
SpecColl PR5363 .C15 1906 Caesar and Cleopatra, a page of history
SpecColl PS1556 .H6 1905 Howdy, honey, howdy, by Paul Laurence Dunbar  illustrated with photographs by Leigh Richmond Miner, decorations by Will Jenkins.
SpecColl PS2845 .C4 1859 The cassique of Kiawah : a colonial romance / by William Gilmore Simms.
SpecColl Q162 .N6 1887 Earth, sea and sky  or Marvels of the universe, being a full and graphic description of all that is wonderful in every continent of the globe, in the world of waters and the starry heavens.  Containing thrilling adventures on land and sea ...  Embracing the striking physical features of the earth, the peculiar characteristics of the human race, of animals, birds, insects, etc., including a vivid description of the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans and of the polar seas ... By Henry Davenport Northrop ...  Embellished with over 300 fine engravings.
SpecColl T22.T2 S65 1988 A cultural resource survey of Tennessee's Western Highland Rim iron industry, 1790s-1930s / by Samuel D. Smith, Charles P. Stripling, and James M. Brannon.
SpecColl TS805.H67 C7 1978 Stanley F. Horn, editor and publisher : an interview with Stanley F. Horn / conducted by Charles W. Crawford   edited by Linda Brandt, Ronald C. Larson, Pamela S. O'Neal.
SpecColl U430 .C95 2003 Hail, Castle Heights! / James A. Crutchfield.
SpecColl UC32 .A4 1930 Handbook for quartermasters.
SpecColl Z232 .K5 1948 Bookmakers to America.
SPECOLL F326.6 .W562 1991 A sampling of Selma stories / by Kathryn Tucker Windham   illustrated by H. Frances Lanier.
Audio/VIDEO/ DVD  
DVD  PN1997.A557 M45 2000 American beauty [DVD] / Dreamworks Pictures presents   directed by Sam Mendes   written by Alan Ball   produced by Bruce Cohen & Dan Jinks   a Jinks/Cohen Company production.
DVD DD253 .H58 2004 Hitler in colour [DVD]  TWI/Granada Television   producer, David Batty.
DVD F68 .D47 2007 Desperate crossing [DVD] : the untold story of the Mayflower / Lone Wolf Documentary Group   produced by Lisa Wolfinger   writer, Rocky Collins   directed by Lisa Wolfinger.
Video PN1997 .H53 1990 High Plains drifter [videorecording] / Universal Pictures, Malpaso Company.
Video PN1997 .P51698 2001 Places in the heart [videorecording] / Tri-Star Pictures.
Video PN1997.W453  L45 1998 West side story [videorecording] / United Artists.
Video PR2831.A23 L847 1997 William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet [videorecording] / [presented by] Twentieth Century   produced by Gabriella Martinelli and Baz Luhrman   screenplay by Craig Pearce & Baz Luhrman   directed by Baz Luhrman.
Video PR6037.H23 A82 1985 Amadeus [videorecording] / Saul Zaentz Company.
Video PR9619.3.K46 S3 1982 Schindler's list [videorecording] / an Amblin Entertainment production   Universal City Studios.
Video PR9619.3.K46 S3 1982 Schindler's list [videorecording] / an Amblin Entertainment production   Universal City Studios.
RESERVE R123 .E475 2000 Medical terminology for health professions [sound recording].


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