Newly Acquired Books and Videos
April/May 2006

(341 titles)

Prefix / Call Number Title Author
General Works
AZ103 .R87 2005 The future without a past : the humanities in a technological society Russo, John Paul.
Philosophy, Psychology, Religion    
BD21 .C53 2005 The inescapable self : an introduction to Western philosophy since Decartes Chappell, T. D. J. (Timothy D. J.)
BD236 .S46 2006 Identity and violence : the illusion of destiny Sen, Amartya Kumar.
BF76 .D44 2006 Great jobs for psychology majors DeGalan, Julie.
BF575.P9 O62 2005 On the nature of prejudice : fifty years after Allport Dovidio, John F.
BF575 .P9 P79 2004 The psychology of prejudice and discrimination Chin, Jean Lau
REF BF1566 .E56 2005 Encyclopedia of witchcraft : the Western tradition Golden, Richard M., 1947-
BJ1012 .G445 2004 Common morality : deciding what to do Gert, Bernard, 1934-
BJ1533.I58 C56 2006 Integrity: the courage to meet the demands of reality Cloud, Henry
DVD BL313 .W66 2005 In search of myths & heroes [videorecording] : exploring four epic legends of the world. Wood, Michael, 1948-
BL430 .A76 2006 The great transformation : the beginning of our religious traditions Armstrong, Karen, 1944-
REF BP603 .C59 2005 Encyclopedia of new religious movements Clarke, Peter B.
BQ4022 .O57 2005 The different paths of Buddhism : a narrative-historical introduction Olson, Carl
BR516 .D377 2004 Democracy and religion : free exercise and diverse visions Odell-Scott, David W.
BS580.D3 K54 2000 King David : the real life of the man who ruled Israel Kirsch, Jonathan, 1949-
BT103 .K37 2004 The doctrine of God : a global introduction Karkkainen, Veli-Matti
BX6235 .L46 2005 Baptists in America Leonard, Bill.
Biography & World History    
DVD CB351 .S4374 2002 Secrets of the Dark Ages [videorecording] Nennius, fl. 796. Historia Brittonum.
SPECCOLL CT274 .L43 E38 1983 Generations : an American family Egerton, John.
SPECCOLL CT275 .W348 D9 1966 Prophet of plenty; the first ninety years of W. D. Weatherford. Dykeman, Wilma.
D7 .A18 1967 Essays in the liberal interpretation of history; selected papers, Acton, John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton, Baron, 1834-1902.
D743.42 .R48 2005 In command of history : Churchill fighting and writing the Second World War Reynolds, David, 1952-
D755.2 .J23 2003 The fall of France : the Nazi invasion of 1940 Jackson, Julian, 1954-
D765 .R596 2003 Hitler strikes Poland : Blitzkrieg, ideology, and atrocity Rossino, Alexander B., 1966-
D805.G3 F7233 1985 Man's search for meaning; an introduction to logotherapy. Frankl, Viktor Emil
D805.P6 G68 2005 Conduct under fire : four American doctors and their fight for life as prisoners of the Japanese, 1941-1945 Glusman, John
D810 .C4 S72 2006 Witnesses of war : children's lives under the Nazis Stargardt, Nicholas
DA578 .S75 2001 Burying Caesar : the Churchill-Chamberlain rivalry Stewart, Graham.
DC146.R6 S38 2006 Fatal purity : Robespierre and the French Revolution Scurr, Ruth
DD247.S342 H6413 1995 Stauffenberg : a family history, 1905-1944 Hoffmann, Peter, 1930-
DR486 .F45 2006 Osman's dream : the story of the Ottoman Empire, 1300-1923 Finkel, Caroline
DR727.G74 V96 2005 The mechanics of catastrophe : the Turkish pogrom of September 6-7, 1955, and the destruction of the Greek community of Istanbul Vryonis, Speros, d1928-
DS79.76 .G67 2006 Cobra 2 : the inside story of the invasion and occupation of Iraq Gordon, Michael R., 1951-
DVD DS113.7 E487584 2005 Elusive peace [videorecording] : Israel and the Arabs Clinton, Bill, 1946-
DS119.7 .F723 2005 Understanding the Holy Land : answering questions about the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Frank, Mitch
DS119.76 .L475 2004 The Oslo syndrome : delusions of a people under siege Levin, Kenneth, 1944-
DS254.5 .I748 2005 Iran: the essential guide to a country on the brink Encyclopaedia Britannica, inc.
OVERSIZE DS261 .F67 2005 Forgotten empire : the world of ancient Persia Curtis, John
DS340 .B65 2006 A hundred horizons : the Indian Ocean in the age of global empire Bose, Sugata
DS597 .N27 2005 Learning to eat soup with a knife : counterinsurgency lessons from Malaya and Vietnam Nagl, John A., 1966-
DT407.4 .B69 2000 Black Hawk down : a story of modern war Bowden, Mark, 1951-
DT450.443.R87 A3 2006 An ordinary man : an autobiography Rusesabagina, Paul, 1955-
DT731.L8 C3 1930 Livingstone, Campbell, R. J.
American History
E99.C5 C716 2005 The Cherokee Nation : a history Conley, Robert J.
E99.I7 T299 2006 The divided ground : Indians, settlers and the northern borderland of the American Revolution Taylor, Alan, 1955-
E169.1 .A8525 2006 With amusement for all : a history of American popular culture since 1830 Ashby, LeRoy.
E169.12 .K463 2005 1973 nervous breakdown : Watergate, Warhol, and the birth of post-sixties America Killen, Andreas
E178.6 G55 2006 Ten days that unexpectedly changed America Gillon, Steven M.
E183.7 .C24 1995 The Cambridge history of American foreign relations Perkins, Bradford, 1925-
E183.8 .S65 O82 2006 Total Cold War : Eisenhower's secret propaganda battle at home and abroad Osgood, Kenneth Alan, 1971-
E184.A1 J23 2006 Roots too : White ethnic revival in post-civil rights America Jacobson, Matthew Frye, 1958-
E184 .C5 L523 2003 At America's gates : Chinese immigration during the exclusion era, 1882-1943 Lee, Erika.
E185.61 .A69 2006 Freedom riders : 1961 and the struggle for racial justice Arsenault, Raymond
E185.61 .E76 2005 I am a man! : race, manhood, and the civil rights movement Estes, Steve
E185.615 .O34 2005 Black power : radical politics and African American identity Ogbar, Jeffrey Ogbonna Green
E185.86 .C873 2006 The covenant with black America Smiley, Tavis, 1964-
E185.97.J25 F73 1996 Jesse; the life and pilgrimage of Jesse Jackson Frady, Marshall
E185.97.W4 W47 2006 The education of Booker T. Washington : American democracy and the idea of race relations West, Michael Rudolph, 1962-
E208 .M396 2005 1776 McCullough, David G.
E269.N3 N36 2006 The forgotten fifth : African Americans in the age of revolution Nash, Gary B.
E449.D75 C63 2006 Frederick Douglass and the Fourth of July : speaking truth to America Colaiaco, James A., 1945-
REF E450 .H855 2006 Encyclopedia of the underground railroad Hudson, J. Blaine
E467.1.S85 A3 1998 Recollections of Alexander H. Stephens : his diary kept when a prisoner at Fort Warren, Boston Harbor, 1865, giving incidents and reflections of his prison life and some letters and reminiscences Stephens, Alexander Hamilton, 1812-1883.
E547.M8 Y68 1914 Confederate wizards of the saddle : being reminiscences and observations of one who rode with Morgan Young, Bennett Henderson, 1843-1919.
SPECCOLL E649 .W27 1961 The legacy of the Civil War : meditations on the centennial Warren, Robert Penn, 1905-
E664.B87 K39 2006 A godly hero : the life of William Jennings Bryan Kazin, Michael, 1948-
E669 .J46 1975 The Alaska Purchase and Russian-American relations Jensen, Ronald J., 1939-
CD E842 .D27 2006 Let every nation know : John F. Kennedy in his own words Dallek, Robert
E842 .D27 2006 Let every nation know : John F. Kennedy in his own words Dallek, Robert
E865 .G74 1995 The presidency of Gerald R. Ford Greene, John Robert, 1955-
E872 .K38 1993 The presidency of James Earl Carter, Jr. Kaufman, Burton Ira.
E881 .G74 2000 The presidency of George Bush Greene, John Robert, 1955-
E902 .P47 2006 American theocracy : the peril and politics of radical religion, oil, and borrowed money in the 21st century Phillips, Kevin P.
F68 .P44 2006 Mayflower : the Pilgrims and their legacy Philbrick, Nathaniel
REF F106 .E53 2006 Encyclopedia of Appalachia Abramson, Rudy
REF F209 The new encyclopedia of Southern culture Wilson, Charles Reagan.
SPECCOLL F209 .G7 1963 The Democratic South. Grantham, Dewey W.
SPECCOLL F213 .O94 1982 Plain folk of the Old South Owsley, Frank Lawrence, 1890-1956.
SPECCOLL F216.2 .G67 1972 Let the glory out; my South and its politics. Gore, Albert
JUV F334 .M753 P38427 2005 Rosa: illustrated by Bryan Collier. Giovanni, Nikki.
F390 .H8494 2005 The raven; a biography of Sam Houston. James, Marquis, 1891-1955.
Geography, Geology Ecology, Anthropology, Recreation & Sports    
GC1020 .H45 2006 Blue frontier : dispatches from America's ocean wilderness Helvarg, David, 1951-
GE60 .D44 2002 Great jobs for environmental studies majors DeGalan, Julie.
GE195 .E588 2005 Environmental sociology : from analysis to action King, Leslie, 1959-
GF75 .M58 2005 Dancing at the Dead Sea : tracking the world's environmental hotspots Mitchell, Alanna
REF GR830 .V3 C87 2006 Encyclopedia of the undead : a field guide to creatures that cannot rest in peace Curran, Bob
GT610 .S62 2003 Women in pants : manly maidens, cowgirls, and other renegades Smith, Catherine, 1950-
GT2850 .P65 2006 The omnivore's dilemma : a natural history of four meals Pollan, Michael.
GV346 .G468 2006 Air ball : American education's failed experiment with elite athletics Gerdy, John R.
VIDEO GV722 1924 C473 2000 Chariots of fire [videorecording] Gielgud, John, Sir, 1904-
GV742.42.W36 W35 2006 No time outs : what it's really like to be a sportswriter today Walsh, Christopher J., 1968-
GV847 .B53 2000 Tropic of hockey : my search for the game in unlikely places Bidini, Dave
GV873 .S45 1997 Tales from the dugout : the greatest true baseball stories ever told Shannon, Mike.
OVERSIZE GV875 .L6 L87 1992 Los Angeles Dodgers 1992 commemorative yearbook : Dodger Stadium, 1962-1992 Los Angeles Dodgers.
GV881.4.C6 V47 2006 Coaching fastpitch softball successfully Veroni, Kathy J.
GV883 .A73 2005 Crashing the borders : how basketball won the world and lost its soul at home Araton, Harvey
REF GV942.2 .G54 2006 The Kingfisher soccer encyclopedia Gifford, Clive
GV1469.16.S63 P74 2006 Don't bother me, Mom, I'm learning! : how computer and video games are preparing your kids for 21st century success and how you can help! Prensky, Marc.
JUV GV1469.35 .P63 B27 1999 The Official Pokemon Handbook : Barbo, Maria S.
Business, Economics, Management    
HB94 .S69 2006 On classical economics Sowell, Thomas, 1930-
HB119.V6 T74 2004 Paul Volcker; the making of a financial legend Treaster, Joseph B.
HB1971.A3 G74 2006 The southern diaspora : how the great migrations of Black and White Southerners transformed America Gregory, James N. (James Noble)
HC800 .C245 2006 The trouble with Africa : why foreign aid isn't working Calderisi, Robert.
VIDEO HD30.3 .P855 1995 Positive employee relations [videorecording] : critical information for supervisors and managers on attaining effective employee relations. Deeny, Raymond M.
HD57.7 .B334 2006 Questions of character : illuminating the heart of leadership through literature Badaracco, Joseph.
HD57.7 .C645 2001 Good to great : why some companies make the leap--and others don't Collins, James C. (James Charles), 1958-
HD58.7 .G74 2005 A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about studying organizations Grey, Christopher, 1964-
HD58.7 .S5824 2005 Levers of organization design : how managers use accountability systems for greater performance and commitment Simons, Robert
HD60 .B766 2005 Corporate integrity : rethinking organizational ethics, and leadership Brown, Marvin T., 1943-
HD60.5.U5 B65 1996 Aiming higher : 25 stories of how companies prosper by combining sound management and social vision Bollier, David
HD62.25 .M54 2005 Managing for the long run : lessons in competitive advantage from great family businesses Miller, Danny, 1947-
HD4904.7 .D39 2005 Israel in the world : changing lives through innovation Davis, Helen.
HD8070 .W3 1990 The industrial worker, 1840-1860; the reaction of American industrial society to the advance of the industrial revolution, by Norman Ware. Ware, Norman Joseph, 1886-
HD8083.S9 M56 2005 Fighting against the odds : a history of southern labor since World War II Minchin, Timothy J.
HD8085.C53 G74 2006 Death in the Haymarket : a story of Chicago, the first labor movement, and the bombing that divided guilded age America Green, James R., 1944-
HD9415 .H67 2006 Putting meat on the American table : taste, technology, transformation Horowitz, Roger
HD9502.A2 T473 2006 A thousand barrels a second : the coming oil break point and the challenges facing an energy dependent world Tertzakian, Peter
HE8700.72.U6 R63 2002 Cable cowboy : John Malone and the rise of the modern cable business Robichaux, Mark
HE8700.9.Q22 M55 2005 Al-Jazeera : the inside story of the Arab news channel that is challenging the West Miles, Hugh
HF1131 .B68 2003 Your MBA game plan : proven strategies for getting into the top business schools Bouknight, Omari, 1977-
REF HF1131 .V376 2006 The business school buzz book. Vault (Firm)
HF1414 .P726 2005 Three billion new capitalists : the great shift of wealth and power to the East Prestowitz, Clyde V., 1941-
HF1455 .D48 2005 American trade politics Destler, I. M.
HF1746 .H85 2005 NAFTA revisited : achievements and challenges Hufbauer, Gary Clyde.
HF5381 .D317 2006 Great jobs for English majors DeGalan, Julie.
HF5381 .L3525 2006 I'm an English major--now what? : how English majors can find happiness, success, and a real job Lemire, Tim, 1967-
READY REFERENCE HF5381 .U62 2006-2007 Occupational outlook handbook United States. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
HF5386 .R665 2005 100 great businesses and the minds behind them Ross, Emily
HF5386.5 .G55 2006 The manager as politician Gilley, Jerry W.
HF5438.25 .S265 2006 The giants of sales : what Dale Carnegie, John Patterson, Elmer Wheeler, and Joe Girard can teach you about sales success Sant, Tom.
VIDEO HF5549.5 .E42 H236 1994 Handling the problem employee [videorecording] Deeny, Raymond M.
VIDEO HF5549.5 .I6 E27 2001 Effective interviewing and screening [videorecording] Deeny, Raymond M.
VIDEO HF5549.5 .M63 E92 2001 Evaluating employees : [videorecording] doing it right. Deeny, Raymond M.
HF5616.U5 G643 2005 Great jobs for accounting majors Goldberg, Jan.
HF5821 .H637 2005 Selling the dream : why advertising is good business Hood, John M. (John McDonald), 1966-
DVD HF5832 .P47 2004 The persuaders [videorecording] Goodman, Barak
HG172.A2 W75 2006 Financial founding fathers : the men who made America rich Wright, Robert E. (Robert Eric), 1969-
HG3090.F562 P37 2005 Medici money : banking, metaphysics, and art in fifteenth-century Florence Parks, Tim
HG4910 .L463 2002 The mind of Wall Street Levy, Leon, 1929-
DVD HM206 .G86 2005 Guns, germs, and steel [videorecording] Diamond, Jared M.
HM548 .J66 2006 Cultures merging : a historical and economic critique of culture Jones, E. L. (Eric Lionel)
HM826 .B47 2006 Flavor of the month : why smart people fall for fads Best, Joel.
HM851 .G65 2006 Who controls the Internet? : illusions of a borderless world Goldsmith, Jack L.
Sociology, Gender Studies, Criminal Justice    
HQ21 .H52 2006 The Shere Hite reader : new and selected writings on sex, globalization, and private life Hite, Shere.
HQ759 .E25 2006 Motherless mothers : how mother loss shapes the parents we become Edelman, Hope
HQ774 .E47 1989 What to expect the first year Murkoff, Heidi Eisenberg
HQ778.63 .C515 2005 Child care and child development : results from the NICHD study of early child care and youth development NICHD Early Child Care Research Network
HQ1075 .I52 2006 In her place : a documentary history of prejudice against women Joshi, S. T., 1958-
JUV HQ1410 .A133 2002 33 things every girl should know about women's history : from suffragettes to skirt lengths to the ERA Bolden, Tonya
HQ1438.A13 B48 2005 Beyond hill and hollow : original readings in Appalachian women's studies Engelhardt, Elizabeth Sanders Delwiche, 1969-
HT384 .U5 F55 2006 This land : the battle over sprawl and the future of America Flint, Anthony, 1962-
HV5293 .M16 M34 1996 Terry : my daughter's life-and-death struggle with alcoholism McGovern, George S. (George Stanley), 1922-
HV6322 .M36 2005 The dark side of democracy : explaining ethnic cleansing Mann, Michael, 1942-
HV6431 .M394 2005 Perfect soldiers : the hijackers : who they were, why they did it McDermott, Terry
HV6789 .N37 2004 Firearms and violence : a critical review National Research Council (U.S.). Committee to Improve Research Information and Data on Firearms
REF HV8073 .T55 2006 Forensic science : an encyclopedia of history, methods, and techniques Tilstone, William J.
HV8599.U6 M33 2006 A question of torture : CIA interrogation, from the Cold War to the War on Terror McCoy, Alfred W.
HV9713 .S6413 2002 The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956 : an experiment in literary investigation Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr Isaevich, 1918-
Political Science & Law    
JC359 .J35 2006 The Roman predicament : how the rules of international order create the politics of empire James, Harold, 1956-
REF JF5230 .T4 2005-2006 Tennessee blue book. Tennessee. Dept. of State.
REF JK9 .E526 2003 Encyclopedia of public administration and public policy Rabin, Jack, 1945-
JK526 2004 .C43 2005 Red over blue : the 2004 elections and American politics Ceaser, James W.
JK1896 .G695 1997 Southern strategies : southern women and the woman suffrage question Green, Elna C.
JK2007 .A33 2005 Election night news and voter turnout : solving the projection puzzle Adams, William C.
JK2683 .G56 2005 The hand of the past in contemporary southern politics Glaser, James M., 1960-
JZ148 .K85 2006 Blind oracles : intellectuals and war from Kennan to Kissinger Kuklick, Bruce, 1941-
VIDEO K1765 .A961 2001 Avoiding wrongful terminations [videorecording] Deeny, Raymond M.
VIDEO K1765 .L41 2001 Lawful and effective discipline and termination [videorecording] : avoiding wrongful terminations. Wymer, John F., III.
REF KF266 .L397 2006 The law school buzz book. Vault (Firm)
KF510 .Z9 W36 2005 Marriage on trial : a handbook with cases, laws, and documents Walzer, Lee.
VIDEO KF3369 .A961 1998 Avoiding employment law landmines [videorecording] : tips from Deeny and Wymer. Wymer, John F.
VIDEO KF3369 .E55 1996 Employment laws that every employer and manager needs to know [videorecording] Deeny, Raymond M.
VIDEO KF3369 .E551 1998 Employment law issues in the digital age [videorecording] Wymer, John F.
VIDEO KF3467 .C976 1998 Current issues in harassment [videorecording] : what managers and supervisors need to know. Deeny, Raymond M.
VIDEO KF3615 .Z95 B516 1996 The Bermuda triangle [videorecording] : ADA, FMLA, and workers' compensation laws. Wymer, John F.
KF4749 .A2 U14 2005 U.S. national debate topic, 2005-2006 : U.S. civil liberties Weibgen, Lara.
KF4865 .S26 2005 Sanctioning religion? : politics, law, and faith-based public services Ryden, David K.
KF8744 .D66 2006 The great justices, 1941-54 : Black, Douglas, Frankfurter, and Jackson in chambers Domnarski, William, 1953-
KF8771 .W37 2006 Sorcerers' apprentices : 100 years of law clerks at the United States Supreme Court Ward, Artemus, 1971-
REF L901 .P454 2007 Peterson's graduate schools in the U.S. Peterson's (Firm)
LA212 .R423 2005 America's public schools : from the common school to "No Child Left Behind" Reese, William J., 1951-
LA215 .K33 1983 Pillars of the republic : common schools and American society, 1780-1860 Kaestle, Carl F.
LA633 .H39 2006 Primary education : the key concepts Hayes, Denis, 1949-
REF LB15 .E47 2003 Encyclopedia of education Guthrie, James W.
LB1025.3 .R93 2004 Those who can, teach Ryan, Kevin.
LB1027.23 .I58 2005 Integrating inquiry across the curriculum Audet, Richard H.
LB1028.3 T255 2003 Technology, innovation and educational change: a global perspective Kozma, Robert B.
LB1050 .H567 2006 The knowledge deficit : creating a reading revolution for a new generation of American achievers Hirsch, E. D. (Eric Donald), 1928-
LB1051 .W74 2001 Educational psychology Hoy, Anita Woolfolk, 1947-
LB1139.23 .N88 2006 Key concepts in early childhood eduation and care Nutbrown, Cathy
LB1576 .M5244 2005 Improving early literacy : strategies and activities for struggling students (K-3) Miller, Wilma H.
LB1584 .T47 2005 Teaching social studies that matters : curriculum for active learning Thornton, Stephen J.
LB1775.2 .N55 2003 What keeps teachers going? Nieto, Sonia
LB2331 .F493 2005 The joy of teaching : a practical guide for new college instructors Filene, Peter G.
LB2351.52.U6 S74 1997 How to write a winning personal statement for graduate and professional school Stelzer, Richard J., 1949-
LB2366.2 .A84 2000 Graduate admissions essays : write your way into the graduate school of your choice Asher, Donald
LB2369 .R49 2004 Revising your dissertation : advice from leading editors Luey, Beth.
LB2371 .M85 1997 Graduate school : winning strategies for getting in with or without excellent grades Mumby, David Gerald, 1962-
LB2371.4 .P48 1997 Getting what you came for : the smart student's guide to earning a Master's or a Ph.D. Peters, Robert L., 1951-
REF LB2805 .E527 2006 Encyclopedia of educational leadership and administration English, Fenwick W.
LB2900.5 .B874 2005 Leading and managing people in education Bush, Tony.
LB3011 .B53 2005 Best classroom management practices for reaching all learners : what award-winning classroom teachers do Stone, Randi.
VIDEO LB3013.3 Bowling for Columbine [videorecording] Heston, Charlton.
LC2741 .D68 2005 Jim Crow moves North : the battle over northern school desegregation, 1865-1954 Douglas, Davison M.
LC2778 .R4 T22 2005 Teaching reading to black adolescent males : closing the achievement gap Tatum, Alfred W.
LC2802.S9 W55 2005 Self-taught : African American education in slavery and freedom Williams, Heather Andrea
Fine Arts
N6490 .S638 2003 The eclipse of art : tackling the crisis in art today Spalding, Julian.
REF NX510 .T2 H58 2004 A history of Tennessee arts : creating traditions, expanding horizons West, Carroll Van, 1955-
Language & Literature
P95.8 .M39 1992 Media, crisis, and democracy : mass communication and the disruption of social order Raboy, Marc, 1948-
PE1460 .W325 2005 Death sentences : how cliches, weasel and management-speak are strangling public language Watson, Don, 1949-
PL832.O395 A28 2005 Embracing family Kojima, Nobuo, 1915-
PL850.J5242 A2 2006 The bamboo sword and other samurai tales Fujisawa, Shuhei, 1927-
PL853.S4 W3313 2006 Undercurrents : episodes from a life on the edge Ishihara, Shintaro, 1932-
PL856.I8735 K56 2005 Autumn brocade : Kinshu Miyamoto, Teru
VIDEO PN1992.77 .S273 1999 Saturday night live 25 [videorecording] NBC Home Video (Firm)
PN1992.77.S43 M67 2005 Sesame Street and the reform of children's television Morrow, Robert W., 1954-
VIDEO PN1997.A653 A66 1992 Apocalypse now [videorecording] Coppola, Francis Ford, 1939-
VIDEO PN1997 .B87 2000 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid [videorecording] : Redford, Robert.
VIDEO PN1997 .C256 1997 The Candidate [videorecording] Redford, Robert.
VIDEO PN1997 F54 2001 Finding Forrester [videorecording] Connery, Sean.
PN4726 .M35 2003 The mammoth book of journalism Lewis, Jon E., 1961-
PN4756 .W37 2004 The invention of journalism ethics : the path to objectivity and beyond Ward, Stephen J. A. (Stephen John Anthony), 1951-
PN4867.2 .M48 2004 The vanishing newspaper : saving journalism in the information age Meyer, Philip
PN4888.T4 F46 2005 Bad news : the decline of reporting, the business of news, and the danger to us all Fenton, Tom, 1930-
PN6071.E74 M67 2005 The moral of the story : an anthology of ethics through literature Singer, Peter, 1946-
VIDEO PN19977 .B84 2000 Bull Durham [videorecording] Costner, Kevin.
PQ2631.R63 Z925213 2000 Marcel Proust Tadie, Jean-Yves, 1936-
PQ7288 .M49 2006 Mexico : a traveler's literary companion Mayo, C. M.
PR6005.O4 Z778 1991 Joseph Conrad : a biography Meyers, Jeffrey.
American Literature
PS153.N5 S56 2005 The Black Arts Movement : literary nationalism in the 1960s and 1970s Smethurst, James Edward
PS169.E25 B837 2005 The future of environmental criticism : environmental crisis and literary imagination Buell, Lawrence.
PS374.N4 W354 2005 Worrying the line : black women writers, lineage, and literary tradition Wall, Cheryl A.
PS541 .A667 2006 The American transcendentalists : essential writings Buell, Lawrence.
JUV PS1868 .A2 G8 2003 The scarlet letter Hawthorne, Nathaniel, 1804-1864.
PS3505.A87 Z59155 2005 The Cambridge companion to Willa Cather Lindemann, Marilee.
SPECCOLL PS3507 .A666 Z9 1965 Donald Davidson; an essay and a bibliography, Young, Thomas Daniel, 1919-
SPECCOLL PS3545 .A748 W5 1961 Wilderness; a tale of the Civil War, by Robert Penn Warren. Warren, Robert Penn.
PS3551.U36 P57 1990 The plains of passage Auel, Jean M.
PS3551.U36 V3 1983 The mammoth hunters Auel, Jean M.
PS3551.U36 V3 1983 The valley of horses Auel, Jean M.
PS3552.A73184 E53 1997 Endangered species Barr, Nevada.
PS3553.O692 C38 1998 Cause of death Cornwell, Patricia Daniels.
PS3554.I345 P75 1993 Primal fear Diehl, William.
SPECCOLL PS3554 .Y5 L6 1968 Look to this day. Dykeman, Wilma.
VIDEO PS3556.I79 .P63 1998 Bullitt [videorecording] Vaughn, Robert, 1932-
VIDEO PS3559.R68 .C56 1999 The Cider house rules [videorecording] : Caine, Michael.
PS3561.L334 C67 1993 Corruption Klavan, Andrew
PS3562.A865 P45 1998 The Pendragon cycle Lawhead, Steve
JUV PS3573 .A4795 W73 2005 A wreath for Emmett Till Nelson, Marilyn, 1946-
PS3604 .I45 H64 2004 Hohokam Bones: Dillard, Peter S.
PT8119 .A715513 2005 Hans Christian Andersen : a new life Andersen, Jens, 1955-
Children's Literature
JUV PZ7 .D625444453 1995 Walt Disney's Peter Pan. Off to Never Land  
PZ7.B327 WI 1985 The Wizard of Oz [videorecording] Baum, L. Frank (Lyman Frank), 1856-1919. Wizard of Oz.
JUV PZ7 .B6265 DE 1973 Deenie. Blume, Judy.
JUV PZ7 .B6265 ST 1977 Starring Sally J. Freedman as herself Blume, Judy.
JUVPZ7.B8163 LN 1946 The little island Brown, Margaret Wise, 1910-1952
JUV PZ7 .B9664 BAT 1988 Bathing ugly Busselle, Rebecca, 1941-
JUV PZ7 .C21476 MI 1984 The mixed-up chameleon Carle, Eric
JUV PZ7 .C21476 VE The very hungry caterpillar: Carle, Eric
JUV PZ7 .C57926 WH 1989 Where the lilies bloom Cleaver, Vera.
JUV PZ7 .C678 MY 1974 My brother Sam is dead Collier, James Lincoln, 1928-
JUV PZ7 .C81634 CH 2000 The chocolate war; a novel. Cormier, Robert.
JUV PZ7 .C962 MI 1995 The midwife's apprentice Cushman, Karen.
JUV PZ7 F73577 DI 1996 Disney's Toy story : a read-aloud storybook Fontes, Ron
JUV PZ7 .H389 LG 2005 Lilly's big day Henkes, Kevin.
JUV PZ7 .H389 WG 2000 Wemberly worried Henkes, Kevin.
JUV PZ7 .H74278 INN 2005 An innocent soldier Holub, Josef, 1926-
JUV PZ7 .J98 HE 2005 The hello, goodbye window Juster, Norton.
JUV PZ7 .K2253 SN 1966 The snowy day Keats, Ezra Jack.
JUV PZ7 .K336 MY 1987 My name is Rachamim Kendall, Jonathan P.
JUV PZ7 .K632 JU 1968 The jungle book Kipling, Rudyard, 1865-1936.
JUV PZ7 .L216 BL 2006 Black juice Lanagan, Margo, 1960-
JUV PZ7 .L5629 DA 2005 Day of tears: a novel in dialogue Lester, Julius
JUV PZ7 .M2225 SAR 1985 Sarah, plain and tall MacLachlan, Patricia
JUV PZ7 .M47835 DR 1985 Dr. Seuss' The cat in the hat : the movie! McCann, Jesse Leon
JUV PZ7 .M992 AU 2005 Autobiography of my dead brother Myers, Walter Dean, 1937-
JUV PZ7 .P64 LP 1976 The little engine that could : saves the Thanksgiving Day parade Piper, Watty, pseud.
JUV  PZ7.W689517 2000 Walt Disney presents The Tigger movie. Milne, A. A. (Alan Alexander), 1882-1956.
JUV PZ7 .W65535 DON 2003 Don't let the pigeon drive the bus Willems, Mo
JUV PZ8 JAM 2002 James and the giant peach Dahl, Roald.
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