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Summer through September 2007

(245 titles)

REF  LB1060 .P683 2006 The Praeger handbook of learning and the brain / edited by Sheryl Feinstein.  
REF AG105 .B773 2005 Notable last facts : a compendium of endings, conclusions, terminations, and final events throughout history / compiled by William B. Brahms. Brahms, William B.
REF AG5 .K315 1997 Famous first facts : a record of first happenings, discoveries, and inventions in American history / Joseph Nathan Kane, Steven Anzovin & Janet Podell. Kane, Joseph Nathan, 1899-2002.
REF AY67 .W7 2007 The World almanac and book of facts, 2007.  
REF BF31 .A63 2007 APA dictionary of psychology / Gary R. VandenBos, editor in chief.  
REF BF76.7 .A55 2007 What every student should know about citing sources with APA documentation / Chalon E. Anderson, Amy T. Carrell, Jimmy L. Widdifield, Jr. Anderson, Chalon.
REF E16.5 .A46 2007 The American history highway : a guide to Internet resources on U.S., Canadian, and Latin American history / edited by Dennis A. Trinkle and Scott A. Merriman.  
REF E176.1 .D43 2005 The complete book of U.S. presidents / William A. DeGregorio. DeGregorio, William A., 1946-
REF E176.1 .T59 2004  To the best of my ability  : the American presidents / general editor, James M McPherson   editor, David Rubel.  
REF G1046.E4 O2 2007 The atlas of religion / Joanne O'Brien and Martin Palmer   consultant editor, David B. Barrett. O'Brien, Joanne, 1959-
REF HD30.285 .A267 1999 101 mission statements from top companies : plus guidelines for writing your own mission statement / Jeffrey Abrahams. Abrahams, Jeffrey.
REF HD30.4 .A27 2006 Successful business research : straight to the numbers you need-- fast! / the Planning Shop with Rhonda Abrams. Abrams, Rhonda M.
REF HF5429.23 .L47 2007 Ultimate book of franchises : from the franchise experts at Entrepreneur magazine / Rieva Lesonsky and Maria Anton-Conley. Lesonsky, Rieva.
REF HV2475 .G35 2005 The Gallaudet dictionary of American Sign Language / Clayton Valli, editor in chief   illustrated by Peggy Swartzel Lott, Daniel Renner, and Rob Hills.  
REF KF2995 .B88 2004 Copyright for teachers and librarians/ Rebecca P. Butler. Butler, Rebecca P.
REF N6505 .M59 2007 The Oxford dictionary of American art and artists / Ann Lee Morgan. Morgan, Ann Lee.
REF PE1112 .H6 2007 Hodges' Harbrace handbook / [John C. Hodges], Cheryl Glenn, Loretta Gray. Hodges, John Cunyus, 1892-1967.
REF PE1625 .W27 2006 Webster's new explorer encyclopedic dictionary / created in cooperation with the editors of Merriam-Webster.  
REF PN167 .S74 2007 What every student should know about avoiding plagiarism / Linda Stern. Stern, Linda, 1947-
REF PN56.S9 F47 1999 A dictionary of literary symbols / Michael Ferber. Ferber, Michael.
REF QC981.8.C5 D69 2006 The atlas of climate change : mapping the world's greatest challenge / Kirstin Dow and Thomas E. Downing. Dow, Kirstin, 1963-
REF QK110 .R78 2006 National Geographic field guide to the trees of North America / by Keith Rushforth and Charles Hollis. Rushforth, Keith.
REF QK475 .L69 2004 Shrubs for Tennessee / Judy Lowe. Lowe, Judy.
REF QK475 .L72 2004 Trees for Tennessee / Judy Lowe. Lowe, Judy.
REF QL696.P2 T26 2003 Birds of Tennessee : field guide. Stan Tekiela. Tekiela, Stan.
REF TR645.N72 J483 2005 The Jewish identity project : new American photography / Susan Chevlowe   with essays by Joanna Lindenbaum and Ilan Stavans. Chevlowe, Susan.
REF Z665.2.U6 E243 2006 The whole library handbook 4 : current data, professional advice, and curiosa about libraries and library services / edited by George M. Eberhart.  
RSV HM 1126 .B69 2002 The conflict resolution training program / Prudence Bowman Kestner and Larry Ray. Bowman-Kestner, Prudence.
Philosophy, Psychology Religion    
B105.E46 S675 2007 True to our feelings : what our emotions are really telling us / Robert C. Solomon. Solomon, Robert C.
 BD21 .F73 1962 Basic teachings of the great philosophers  a survey of their basic ideas. Frost, S. E., b. 1899.
BF637.L4 M75 2006 Pathways to outstanding leadership : a comparative analysis of charismatic, ideological, and pragmatic leaders / Michael D. Mumford. Mumford, Michael D.
BF637.S4 A885 2006 The passion test : the effortless path to discovering your destiny / Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood. Attwood, Janet Bray.
 BF637.S8 C4777 2007 The art of war for women : Sun Tzu's ancient strategies and wisdom for winning at work / Chin-Ning Chu. Chu, Chin-Ning.
 BF698.35.O57 S445 2006 Breaking Murphy's law : how optimists get what they want from life-- and pessimists can too / Suzanne C. Segerstrom. Segerstrom, Suzanne C.
 BF723.B5 S9 1997 Born to rebel : birth order, family dynamics, and creative lives / Frank J. Sulloway. Sulloway, Frank J.
 BL42.5.U5 P76 2007 Religious literacy : what every American needs to know / Stephen Prothero. Prothero, Stephen R.
 BS652 .M33 2006 The creationist debate : the encounter between the Bible and the historical mind / Arthur McCalla. McCalla, Arthur.
 BS652 .P35 2007 The panda's black box : opening up the intelligent design controversy / edited by Nathaniel C. Comfort   foreword by Daniel J. Kevles.  
BV45 Rxx 2006 Christmas on Deery Street and other seasonal stories / Steven Roberts Roberts, Steven.
World History    
 CB69 .D86 2002 The greatest minds and ideas of all time / Will Durant   compiled and edited by John Little. Durant, Will, 1885-1981.
 CC77.H5 H565 2006 Historical archaeology / edited by Martin Hall and Stephen W. Silliman.  
 CT3260 .S35 2006 Lighting the way : nine women who changed modern America / Karenna Gore Shiff. Schiff, Karenna Gore.
 D521 2005 They called us devil dogs Byron Scarbrough
 D804.3 .C76 2006 Holocaust : a Q & A guide to help young adults really understand the Holocaust / M. Guyle Crispin. Crispin, M. Guyle.
 DS126.6.A2 T65 2006 The lemon tree : an Arab, a Jew, and the heart of the Middle East / Sandy Tolan. Tolan, Sandy.
 DS35.77 .G74 2003 Islam : a mosaic, not a monolith / Vartan Gregorian. Gregorian, Vartan.
DS318.84.N46 A3 2007 Prisoner of Tehran : a memoir / Marina Nemat. Nemat, Marina.
DS79.764 .D59 2007 Heart of war : soldiers' voices from the front lines in Iraq / Damon DiMarco. DiMarco, Damon.
 DT1768.C65 S76 2007 When she was white : the true story of a family divided by race / Judith Stone. Stone, Judith, 1950-
U.S. History    
 E169.1 .M546 2001 The Metaphysical Club / Louis Menand. Menand, Louis.
 E176.1 .R89 2004 Personality, character, and leadership in the White House : psychologists assess the presidents / Steven J. Rubenzer and Thomas R. Faschingbauer. Rubenzer, Steven J., 1957-
 E209 .B77 2004 The marketplace of revolution : how consumer politics shaped American independence / T.H. Breen. Breen, T. H.
 E263.P4 F575 2004 Washington's crossing / David Hackett Fischer. Fischer, David Hackett, 1935-
 E342.1.M2 A45 2006 A perfect union : Dolley Madison and the creation of the American nation / Catherine Allgor. Allgor, Catherine, 1958-
 E740.5 .M63 2007 Modern America : a documentary history of the nation since 1945 / Gary Donaldson, editor.  
 E902 .I73 2006 The Iraq Study Group report / James A. Baker, III, and Lee H. Hamilton, co-chairs  Lawrence S. Eagleburger ... [et al.]. Iraq Study Group (U.S.)
Geology, Geography, Anthropology    
 GN282 .D43 2007 Debating humankind's place in nature, 1860-2000 : the nature of paleoanthropology / Richard G. Delisle   with introductory and concluding essays by Milford H. Wolpoff and Bernard Wood. Delisle, Richard G.
 GN282 .G52 2007 The first human : the race to discover our earliest ancestors / Ann Gibbons. Gibbons, Ann.
 GN357 .S254 2001 Understanding culture : an introduction to anthropological theory / Philip Carl Salzman. Salzman, Philip Carl.
 GN69.8 .B37 2004 Death's acre : inside the legendary forensic lab the Body Farm where the dead do tell tales / Bill Bass and Jon Jefferson   foreword by Patricia Cornwell. Bass, William M., 1928-
GT2850 .C853 2005 The cultural politics of food and eating : a reader / edited by James L. Watson and Melissa L. Caldwell.  
GT75 .S8 2002 Folkways : a study of mores, manners, customs and morals / William Graham Sumner. Sumner, William Graham, 1840-1910.
GV361 .P56 2002 201 games for the elementary physical education program / Jerry D. Poppen. Poppen, Jerry D.
GV443   .L334 1992 Ready-to-use P.E. activities / Joanne M. Landy, Maxwell J. Landy. Landy, Joanne.
Economics, Business, Finance, Management    
 HB501 .J855 2006 Justice in a global economy : strategies for home, community, and world / Pamela K. Brubaker, Rebecca Todd Peters, Laura A. Stivers, editors.  
 HB501 .Y364 2006 Profit with honor : the new stage of market capitalism / Daniel Yankelovich. Yankelovich, Daniel.
 HB615 .C36 2006 The entrepreneur's strategy guide : ten keys for achieving marketplace leadership and operational excellence / Tom Cannon. Cannon, J. Thomas.
HC29 .P37 2006 The thinkers 50 : the world's most influential business writers and leaders / Ciaran Parker   foreword by Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove. Parker, Ciarán.
HC79.C6 B76 2006 Boom : marketing to the ultimate power consumer--the baby boomer woman / Mary Brown and Carol Orsborn   foreword by Paco Underhill. Brown, Mary, 1959-
 HC435.2 .I5326 2006 India goes global : its expanding role in the world economy / Catriona Purfield, Jerald Schiff editors.  
HD30.255 .E88 2006 Green to gold : how smart companies use environmental strategy to innovate, create value, and build competitive advantage / Daniel C. Esty and Andrew S. Winston. Esty, Daniel C.
HD42 .G47 2006 Leading through conflict : how successful leaders transform differences into opportunities / Mark Gerzon. Gerzon, Mark.
HD57.7 .M663 2006 Leading from the front : no excuse leadership tactics for women / Angie Morgan and Courtney Lynch. Morgan, Angie.
HD62.5 .A96 2006 The entrepreneur's information sourcebook : charting the path to small business success / Susan C. Awe. Awe, Susan C., 1948-
HD9199.U54 S736 2007 The Starbucks experience : 5 principles for turning ordinary into extraordinary / Joseph A. Michelli. Michelli, Joseph A., 1960-
HF5387 .G574 2005 Corruption in corporate America : Who is responsible?  Who will protect the public interest? / Abraham L. Gitlow. Gitlow, Abraham L. (Abraham Leo), 1918-
HF5549.15 .S76 2006 Cases in human resource management / Steven Austin Stovall. Stovall, Steven Austin.
HF5549.5.P35 M33 1997 Analyzing performance problems, or, You really oughta wanna : how to figure out why people aren't doing what they should be, and what to do about it / Robert F. Mager, Peter Pipe. Mager, Robert Frank, 1923-
 HD2346.U5 S55 2006 The small-mart revolution : how local businesses are beating the global competition / Michael H. Shuman. Shuman, Michael.
 HD30.28 .F64 1994 Team-based strategic planning : a complete guide to structuring, facilitating, and implementing the process / C. Davis Fogg. Fogg, C. Davis.
 HD30.37 .S5 2007 SEND : the essential guide to email for office and home / by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe. Shipley, David, 1963-
 HD38.25.U6 B457 2007 The Mormon way of doing business : leadership and success through faith and family / Jeff Benedict. Benedict, Jeff.
 HD38.7 .F865 2006 The secret language of competitive intelligence : how to see through and stay ahead of business disruptions, distortions, rumors, and smoke screens / Leonard M. Fuld. Fuld, Leonard M.
 HD4483 .R64 2005 Gone tomorrow : the hidden life of garbage / Heather Rogers. Rogers, Heather, 1970-
 HD57.7 .G4582 2007 True north : discover your authentic leadership / Bill George with Peter Sims   foreword by David Gergen. George, Bill (William W.)
 HD5708.55.U6 B49 2003 Beyond the ruins : the meanings of deindustrialization / edited by Jefferson Cowie and Joseph Heathcott       foreword by Barry Bluestone.  
 HD58.7 .S935 2007 The no asshole rule : building a civilized workplace and surviving one that isn't / Robert I. Sutton. Sutton, Robert I.
 HD58.9 .B343 2006 What happy companies know : how the new science of happiness can change your company for the better / Dan Baker, Cathy Greenberg, Collins Hemingway. Baker, Dan, 1946-
 HD60 .B766 2005 Corporate integrity : rethinking organizational ethics, and leadership / Marvin T. Brown. Brown, Marvin T., 1943-
 HD6057.5.U5 C37 2007 Double outsiders : how women of color can succeed in corporate America / Jessica Faye Carter. Carter, Jessica Faye, 1972-
 HD6060 .D43 2006 The declining significance of gender? / Francine D. Blau, Mary C. Brinton, and David B. Grusky, editors.  
 HD62.7 .B835 2005 Small giants : companies that choose to be great instead of big / Bo Burlingham. Burlingham, Bo.
 HD69.S8 .M33 1993 Harvey Mackay Rolodex network builder Harvey Mackey Mackay, Harvey
 HD6955 .G717 2006 Demanding work : the paradox of job quality in the affluent economy / Francis Green. Green, Francis.
 HD6957.U5 A485 2006 America at work : choices and challenges / edited by Edward E. Lawler III and James O'Toole.  
 HD6957.U5 A485 2006 Understanding workplace violence : a guide for managers and employees / Michele A. Paludi, Rudy V. Nydegger, Carmen A. Paludi, Jr. Paludi, Michele Antoinette.
 HD6957.U6 O86 2006 The new American workplace / James O'Toole, Edward E. Lawler III. O'Toole, James.
 HD7125 .E96 2005 The evolving pension system : trends, effects, and proposals for reform / William G. Gale, John B. Shoven, Mark J. Warshawsky, editors.  
 HD7125 .T847 2006 Individual accounts for social security reform : international perspectives on the U.S. debate / John Turner. Turner, John A. (John Andrew), 1949 July 9-
 HD7256.U5 R55 2006 Disability and business : best practices and strategies for inclusion / Charles A. Riley II. Riley, Charles A.
 HD82 .B395 2006 The origin of wealth : evolution, complexity, and the radical remaking of economics / Eric D. Beinhocker. Beinhocker, Eric D.
 HD9000.5 .F765 2006 Organic, inc. : natural foods and how they grew / Samuel Fromartz. Fromartz, Samuel.
 HD9130.8.U5 B72 2007 The cigarette century : the rise, fall, and deadly persistence of the product that defined America / Allan M. Brandt. Brandt, Allan M.
 HD9710.C52 G34 2006 China shifts gears : automakers, oil, pollution, and development / Kelly Sims Gallagher. Gallagher, Kelly Sims.
 HD9999.S74 P745 2007 What really matters : service, leadership, people, and values / John Pepper. Pepper, John, 1938-
 HE5903.U545 N54 2007 Big Brown : the untold story of UPS / by Greg Niemann. Niemann, Greg, 1939-
 HF1359 .C64813 2006 Mondialisation et ses ennemis. English;"Globalization and its enemies / Daniel Cohen   translated by Jessica B. Baker." Cohen, Daniel, 1953-
Career Preparation    
CAREER HF5381 .W436 2005 What can you do with a major in business? / Kate Shoup Welsh. Welsh, Kate, 1972-
CAREER HF5381.15 .F3618 2005 50 best jobs for your personality / Michael Farr and Laurence Shatkin   foreword by Kristine Dobson. Farr, J. Michael.
CAREER HF5382.7 .D54 2006 Guide to internet job searching / Margaret Riley Dikel, Frances E. Roehm. Dikel, Margaret F.
CAREER HF5549.2.U5 T73 2002 Opportunities in human resource management careers / J. Steven McKenzie, William J. Traynor  foreword by Helen G. Drinan. McKenzie, J. Steven.
CAREER HF5383 .I78 2003 The career change resume / by Kim Isaacs and Karen Hofferber. Isaacs, Kim.
 HF5387 .W378 2005 How honesty pays : restoring integrity to the workplace / Charles E. Watson. Watson, Charles E.
 HF5414 .A527 2006 Social marketing in the 21st century / Alan R. Andreasen. Andreasen, Alan R., 1934-
 HF5415 .L4764 2005 Guerrilla marketing for the new millennium : Lessons from the father of guerrilla marketing/ by Jay Conrad Levinson. Levinson, Jay Conrad.
 HF5415 .M85 2006 The marketing gurus : lessons from the best marketing books of all time / Chris Murray and the editors of Soundview Executive Book Summaries. Murray, Chris.
 HF5415.1 .H463 2006 From submarines to suburbs : selling a better America, 1939-1959 / Cynthia Lee Henthorn. Henthorn, Cynthia Lee, 1963-
 HF5415.1265 .S92 2006 3G marketing on the internet : third generation internet marketing strategies for online success / Susan Sweeney, Andy MacLellan, Ed Dorey. Sweeney, Susan, 1956-
 HF5415.153 .K33 2006 New product forecasting : an applied approach / Kenneth B. Kahn   foreword by Martin Joseph and Alec Finney. Kahn, Kenneth B.
 HF5415.2 .M35545 2006 Market opportunity analysis : text and cases / Robert E. Stevens ... [et al.].  
 HF5415.2 .M35585 2006 The marketing research guide / Robert E. Stevens ... [et al.].  
 HF5415.32  .M34 2005 Married to the brand : why consumers bond with some brands for life   lessons from 60 years of research into the psychology of consumer relationships / by William J. McEwen. McEwen, William J.
 HF5415.32 .J64 2006 Mind your x's and y's : satisfying the 10 cravings of a new generation of consumers / Lisa Johnson   with Cheri Hanson. Johnson, Lisa, 1967-
 HF5415.32 .T95 2006 Niche envy : marketing discrimination in the digital age / Joseph Turow. Turow, Joseph.
 HF5415.33.U6 M53 2006 The affluent consumer : marketing and selling the luxury lifestyle / Ronald D. Michman and Edward M. Mazze. Michman, Ronald D.
Human Resource Management    
 HF5549.12 .D36 2004 Performance management : changing behavior that drives organizational effectiveness / Aubrey C. Daniels and James E. Daniels. Daniels, Aubrey C.
 HF5549.5.E43 P35 2006 Understanding workplace violence : a guide for managers and employees / Michele A. Paludi, Rudy V. Nydegger, Carmen A. Paludi, Jr. Paludi, Michele Antoinette.
 HF5549.5.M5 E17 2006 CQ : developing cultural intelligence at work / P. Christopher Earley, Soon Ang, Joo-Seng Tan. Earley, P. Christopher.
 HF5549.5.T7 P434 2003 Return on investment in training and performance improvement programs / Jack J. Phillips. Phillips, Jack J., 1945-
 HF5549.5.T7 P4344 2005 ROI at work : best-practice case studies from the real world / Jack J. Phillips and Patricia Pulliam Phillips. Phillips, Jack J., 1945-
 HF5821 .G87 2006 Humor in advertising : a comprehensive analysis / Charles S. Gulas and Marc G. Weinberger. Gulas, Charles S., 1962-
 HG4028.B2 B422 2006 Financial intelligence : a manager's guide to knowing what the numbers really mean / Karen Berman and Joe Knight   with John Case. Berman, Karen, 1962-
 HG4028.B2 T47 2007 Annual reports 101 : what the numbers and the fine print can reveal about the true health of a company / Michael C. Thomsett. Thomsett, Michael C.
Sociology, Women's Studies,Child Development    
 HM548 .J66 2006 Cultures merging : a historical and economic critique of culture / Eric L. Jones. Jones, E. L. (Eric Lionel)
 HN90.S6 U53 2007 Understanding inequality : the intersection of race/ethnicity, class, and gender / edited by Barbara A. Arrighi.  
 HQ1155 .L48 2006 Female chauvinist pigs : women and the rise of raunch culture / Ariel Levy. Levy, Ariel, 1974-
 HQ777 .K56 2006 Alpha girls : understanding the new American girl and how she is changing the world / Dan Kindlon. Kindlon, Daniel J. (Daniel James), 1953-
 HV636 2005.N4 H66 2006 Breach of faith : Hurricane Katrina and the near death of a great American city / Jed Horne. Horne, Jed, 1948-
 HV8694 .D3814 2006 The death penalty : opposing viewpoints / Diane Andrews Henningfeld, book editor   Bonnie Szumski, publisher   Helen Cothran, managing editor.  
 HV888.5 .D57 2006 Children with disabilities in America : a historical handbook and guide / edited by Philip L. Safford and Elizabeth J. Safford.  
Political Science, Law    
 JF1351 .P838 2007 Public personnel administration and labor relations / edited by Norma M. Riccucci.  
 JV6450 .G73 2004 Unguarded gates : a history of America's immigration crisis / Otis L. Graham. Graham, Otis L.
 KF3030.1.Z9 H644 2005 Copyright in cyberspace 2 : questions and answers for librarians / Gretchen McCord Hoffmann. Hoffmann, Gretchen McCord.
KF4750 .A436 1998 The Bill of Rights : creation and reconstruction / Akhil Reed Amar. Amar, Akhil Reed.
 KF9351 .F73 2006 Trust and honesty : America's business culture at a crossroad / Tamar Frankel. Frankel, Tamar.
 LA229 .S312 2005 Thirteen years of school : what students really think / Lisa Scherff. Scherff, Lisa, 1968-
 LB1025.3 .G517 2006 What successful teachers do in diverse classrooms : 71 research-based classroom strategies for new and veteran teachers / Neal A. Glasgow, Sarah J. McNary, Cathy D. Hicks. Glasgow, Neal A.
 LB1025.3 .L55 2007 A life in classrooms : Philip W. Jackson and the practice of education / edited by David T. Hansen, Mary Erina Driscoll, Renâe V. Arcilla.  
 LB1025.3 M3387 2007 The art and science of teaching : a comprehensive framework for effective instruction / Robert J. Marzano. Marzano, Robert J.
LB1025.3 .P65 2007 Improving student learning one teacher at a time / Jane E. Pollock. Pollock, Jane E., 1958-
 LB1027.9 .A24 2005 School choice and the future of American democracy / Scott Franklin Abernathy. Abernathy, Scott Franklin, 1966-
 LB1033.5 .J64 2004 Choice words : how our language affects children's learning / Peter H. Johnston. Johnston, Peter H.
 LB1044.87 .H649 2006 E-learning : concepts and practice / Bryn Holmes and John Gardner. Holmes, Bryn.
 LB1050.44 .B43 2008 Words their way : word study for phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction / Donald R. Bear ... [et al.].  
 LB1050.5 .C56 1994 Reading recovery : a guidebook for teachers in training / Marie M. Clay. Clay, Marie M.
LB1050.5 .C536 2007 Children's comprehension problems in oral and written language : a cognitive perspective / edited by Kate Cain and Jane Oakhill.  
LB1050.5 .J584 2006 One child at a time : making the most of your time with struggling readers, K-6 / Pat Johnson. Johnson, Pat, 1950-
 LB1050.5 .R473 2003 Research in reading recovery. Volume 2 / edited by Salli Forbes & Connie Briggs   foreword by P. David Pearson   afterword by Marie Clay.  
 LB1050.5 R473 1997 Research in reading recovery / edited by Stanley L. Swartz & Adria F. Klein   foreword by Gay Su Pinnell.  
 LB1062.6 .G54 2007 Human competence : engineering worthy performance / Thomas F. Gilbert. Gilbert, Thomas F.
 LB1068 .B87 2002 Visual literacy : learn to see, see to learn / Lynell Burmark. Burmark, Lynell, 1946-
 LB1139.5.L35 M35 2000 Interactive writing : how language and literacy come together, K-2 / Andrea McCarrier, Gay Su Pinnell, Irene C. Fountas. McCarrier, Andrea.
LB1139.5.R43 S83 1999 Starting out right : a guide to promoting children's reading success Committee on the Prevention of Reading Difficulties in Young Children. Committee on the Prevention of Reading Difficulties in Young Children.
LB1581 .D23 2003 Enlivening secondary history : 40 classroom activities for teachers and pupils / Peter Davies, Rhys Davies and Derek Lynch. Davies, Peter, 1966-
LB1585.3 .A415 Priorities in practice : the essentials of science, grades K-6 : effective curriculum, instruction, and assessment / Rick Allen. Allen, Rick, 1959-
LB1585.5 .R53 2006 What was it like? : teaching history and culture through young adult literature / Linda J. Rice   foreword by Alleen Pace Nilsen. Rice, Linda J.
LB3051 ..L37 2002 Helping schoolchildren cope with anger : a cognitive-behavioral intervention / Jim Larson, John E. Lochman   foreword by Donald Meichenbaum. Larson, Jim, 1942-
 LB1525.56 .W35 2007 Differentiated reading instruction : strategies for the primary grades / Sharon Walpole, Michael C. McKenna. Walpole, Sharon.
 LB1555 .J27 1990 Life in classrooms / Philip W. Jackson   reissued with a new introd. Jackson, Philip W. (Philip Wesley), 1928-
 LB1573 .F64 1996 Guided reading : good first teaching for all children / Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell. Fountas, Irene C.
 LB1573.3 .C86 2005 Phonics they use : words for reading and writing / Patricia M. Cunningham. Cunningham, Patricia Marr.
 LB1585 .A785 2006 Assessment in science : practical experiences and education research / edited by Maureen McMahon ... [et al.]  
 LB1585.5 .S55 2006 Mathematics and beauty : aesthetic approaches to teaching children / Nathalie Sinclair   foreword by William Higginson. Sinclair, Nathalie.
 LB1632 .K25 2006 Bringing the outside in : visual ways to engage reluctant readers / Sara B. Kajder   foreword by Linda Rief. Kajder, Sara B., 1975-
 LB1775.2 .L54 2005 Teach with your strengths : how great teachers inspire their students / by Rosanne Liesveld and Jo Ann Miller with Jennifer Robison. Liesveld, Rosanne.
 LB3051 .C4483 2005 Differentiated assessment strategies : one tool doesn't fit all / Carolyn Chapman, Rita King   foreword by Marti Richardson. Chapman, Carolyn, 1945-
 LB3051 .M4573 2006 Classroom assessment & grading that work / Robert J. Marzano. Marzano, Robert J.
 LB3051 .S523 2006 Using test data for student achievement : answers to  no child left behind  / Nancy W. Sindelar. Sindelar, Nancy W., 1944-
 LB3067.4 .M434 2007 Learning like a girl : educating our daughters in schools of their own / Diana Meehan. Meehan, Diana M., 1943-
 LB41 .E777 2007 Ethical visions of education : philosophies in practice / edited by David T. Hansen.  
LC212.92 .J67 2002 The Jossey-Bass reader on gender in education   foreword by Susan M. Bailey.  
LC237 .P37 2005 Partnerships for smart growth : university-community collaboration for better public places / Wim Wiewel and Gerrit-Jan Knaap, editors.  
 LC1099.3 .W48 2006 White teachers, diverse classrooms : a guide to building inclusive schools, promoting high expectations, and eliminating racism / edited by Julie Landsman and Chance W. Lewis.  
LC1099.3 .D395 2006 How to teach students who don't look like you : culturally relevant teaching strategies / Bonnie M. Davis. Davis, Bonnie M.
LC2802.S9 W55 2005 Self-taught : African American education in slavery and freedom / Heather Andrea Williams. Williams, Heather Andrea.
LC4802 ..Cxx 2006 Intensive kides, intensive interventions / Designing school programs for behaviorally disordered children and youth Kevin I. Coats Coats, Kevin I.
 LC111 .K86 2006 Grappling with the good : talking about religion and morality in public schools / Robert Kunzman. Kunzman, Robert, 1968-
 LC1201 .S28 2007 Widening the circle : the power of inclusive classrooms / Mara Sapon-Shevin. Sapon-Shevin, Mara.
 LC4019 .I49 2005 Individualized supports for students with problem behaviors : designing positive behavior plans / [edited by] Linda M. Bambara, Lee Kern.  
 LC4704 .H378 2001 Complete learning disabilities handbook : ready-to-use strategies & activities for teaching students with learning disabilities / Joan M. Harwell. Harwell, Joan M., 1936-
 LC4704 .L386 2007 Learning disabilities : from identification to intervention / Jack M. Fletcher ... [et al.].  
 LC4802 .D36 2005 Engaging troubling students : a constructivist approach / Scot Danforth, Terry Jo Smith. Danforth, Scot.
 LC6631 .D36 2002 Literature circles : voice and choice in book clubs and reading groups / Harvey Daniels. Daniels, Harvey, 1947-
 LC6651 .M68 2002 Moving forward with literature circles : how to plan, manage, and evaluate literature circles that deepen understanding and foster a love of reading / Jeni Pollack Day ... [et al.].  
 ML3477 .Z57 2001 Easy to remember : the great American songwriters and their songs / William Zinsser. Zinsser, William Knowlton.
 ML74.4.I48 L48 2006 The perfect thing : how the iPod shuffles commerce, culture, and coolness / Steven Levy. Levy, Steven.
Language and Literature    
 P301.5.P47 H45 2007 Thank you for arguing : what Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson can teach us about the art of persuasion / Jay Heinrichs. Heinrichs, Jay.
 PE1404 .M654 2006 Writing to teach   writing to learn in secondary schools / Susan M. Leist, Pamila Marchewka-Cornwell. Mondschein Leist, Susan R.
 PE1404 .M657 2006 Writing to teach  writing to learn in higher education / Susan M. Leist. Mondschein Leist, Susan R.
 PE1449 .T68 2006 Totally weird and wonderful words / edited by Erin McKean   illustrations by Roz Chast and Danny Shanahan   with forewords by Richard Lederer and Simon Winchester.  
 PE1574 .S74 2006 The life of language : the fascinating ways words are born, live & die / Sol Steinmetz and Barbara Ann Kipfer. Steinmetz, Sol.
 PN4162 .K285 2006 The human voice : how this extraordinary instrument reveals essential clues about who we are / Anne Karpf. Karpf, Anne.
 PN56.I64 S55 2006 From Gutenberg to Google : electronic representations of literary texts / Peter L. Shillingsburg. Shillingsburg, Peter L.
 PN56.I65 W56 2007 The big book of irony / Jon Winokur. Winokur, Jon.
 PQ2663.A78 E3613 2006 Einstein, s'il vous plait. English;"Please Mr. Einstein / Jean-Claude Carriáere   translated from the French by John Brownjohn." Carriáere, Jean-Claude, 1931-
English Literature    
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