Tip of the Month Archives

September  2012
To speed up wireless access for your laptop when in the Library or campus labs,  be sure all wireless connections used by smart phones (Iphone or Android) in the area are DISABLED OR OFF.

October 2012

Three wireless networks in the Garland Library Greeneville Campus:  LibStudy, Garland2 and Reference.  If you have trouble connecting contact a library staff person and we will  be glad to assist you in troubleshooting and getting your laptop connected.  

November 2012

Study rooms are available for use by TC individuals and groups.  Maximum time for use of a study room is 4 hours and rooms should be left tidy upon departing.  Please report untidy rooms to the library staff. Thanks!

December 2012

Proquest Central was added this Fall to the library's research databases.  It contains full text articles from journals and other publications covering all disciplines from social sciences like business, psychology and education to history, life sciences and nursing.   Check it out!