As a member of SSS, you have access to a full-time Counselor on staff. The Counselor provides personal, academic, and career counseling.

Some reasons students seek counseling include: stress/anxiety, relationship problems, low self-esteem, depression, family concerns, academic issues, career choices, loneliness, alcohol/drug issues, money issues, and grief/loss.

All information provided to Counselor is Confidential. Amount of counseling depends on student needs, which means there is no set number of sessions or visits.

Participation in counseling is completely voluntary. Counselor may refer students to other resources. Counseling is provided at no charge to SSS participants as are all SSS services.


Student Support Service's provide peer mentoring to all freshmen. The purpose of Freshmen Mentoring is "to strengthen the SSS community through outreach and support of new students."More experienced participants volunteer to mentor new students.

Our goals include helping students feel welcome and increasing new student participation in SSS activities. We also do special activities just for freshmen. On the second day of the block, mentors & freshmen meet to share lunch. At these meetings two mentors speak on topics that are helpful for new students at Tusculum.

Contact Elizabeth Davison, SSS Counselor, if you would like to participate in the mentoring program.


Summer Phase is an intensive 5 day, 4 night immersion experience which seeks to prepare incoming First time Freshman for academics and college life at Tusculum.

Students who successfully complete Summer Phase will earn 2 credit hours toward graduation.



2 hours of college credit for attending all classes and activities

Study Skills help

Time management skills

Money Management skills

Computer skills

Assistance with reading and writing

Information from various campus offices

A brief tour of the city

Educational activities

Meeting other new students

Campus Acclimation

Academic classes from 8 a.m. to noon daily

Afternoon activities and skill development

Night-time trips or activities such as a trip to Gatlinburg Aquarium and bowling

3 good meals and snacks daily

A "goody" bag with personal and academic items