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Q.  How do I become a member of Tusculum College Upward Bound? 
A.  To be considered for Upward Bound, you need to fill out an application.Email us at dbible@tusculum.edu   or call to request an application at 1-800-729-0256, ext. 5325 or 423-636-7325.   You must attend one of the high schools that our program serves.   Those schools are: Chuckey-Doak High School, Cherokee High School, Cocky County High School, Cosby School, David Crockett High School, Greeneville High School, Morristown East High School, Morristown West High School, North Greene High School, South Greene High School, Unicoi High School, Volunteer High School, and West Greene High School. 
Q.  How much does it cost to participate in Upward Bound?
A.  Upward Bound services are provided at no cost to eligible participants.  If you are accepted into Upward Bound, we foot the bill for everything.   U.B. is funded by the U.S. Department of Education.  
Q.  How do I become eligible to participate?
A.  When we speak of eligibility we are speaking of many different and related things.  We follow the U.S. Department of Education guidelines.   We also look for students who have the desire to learn and who will put forth the effort to become a part of the UB community.  We do not always look for students who have 4.0 averages, though that is not discouraged.  We look for students who will agree to take advantage of the many opportunities the program affords. 
Q.  What happens after I fill out the application?
A.  The staff reviews applications on a regular basis, and we accept applications  throughout the year. Sometimes we receive more applications than we have space, and we have to place eligible students on a waiting list for later admission. Students may enter the program during their 9th, 10th, or 11th grade years.  
Q.  What is my commitment to Upward Bound?
A.  Students who are accepted into Upward Bound are accepted for the remainder of their high school careers provided they keep their grades up and continue to participate.  We ask that students attend Upward Bound sponsored events when possible and come to the fall, spring and summer phases.   Remember, you can't get anything out of a program you don't put anything into.   We promise to make an investment in your education, if you promise to invest your time and energy in Upward Bound. 
Q.  If I am accepted to Upward Bound, will I be allowed to participate in sports at my high school?
A.  We encourage students to participate in extra-curricular activities in their high schools, whether it be sports,  clubs, drama or band.   Although we stress commitment to the UB program, we also realize that the best of our students are the ones who participate in various activities.  
Q.  Does Upward Bound offer high school or college credit?
A.  Students who participate in Upward Bound will eventually receive one high school credit for their participation.   Students who attend the summer after they graduate from high school, will have the opportunity to receive 4 college credits which can be transferred to the college you plan to attend.
Q. Where are the UB offices located?
A. Upward Bound is housed in the Annie Hogan Byrd Fine Arts Building on the Tusculum Campus in Greeneville.    If you need directions to Tusculum, please call our offices at 1-800-729-0256, ext. 5325. 
Q.  Which member of the Upward Bound staff serves my school?

A.  For more information about the Upward Bound staff, please click on our staff link

Q.  What are the services UB provides?
A.  UB provides almost too many activities to list.  Specifically, we provide exposure to cultural activities, financial-aid workshops, study skills seminars, college planning, free tutoring, and career education and job shadowing.  We also pride ourselves on our academic advising and personalized counseling which we do on a regular basis at your high school.
Q.  What sorts of cultural activities does UB offer?
A.  We offer exposure to a wide range of cultural activities.   A  few years ago, we took students to see the national touring company of Phantom of the Opera.    When we went to New York City, we saw Mama Mia.   We've seen Les Miserables, Chicago, The Producers and Lion King.  We also hold season tickets to the Community Concert series which offers performances at Tusculum's own Annie Hogan Byrd Auditorium.  We've sponsored Jazz and Celtic Bands, authentic Italian dinners, and various trips to museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Institution. 
Q.  What are UB classes like?
A.  UB classes are challenging.   We seek to offer students something different that what they are used to getting in their high schools.   Instead of offering just a math course, we would be more likely to offer a course dealing with the way math and art are inter-related.  We might teach students about interpersonal relations through theatre performances.  One of our goals is to teach our students how to think for themselves, and we encourage creativity by allowing each student to follow his or her own path to success.    
Q.  How does the freshmen program work? 
A.  Please click here to find out about our unique Freshmen Math/Science Program.