Annie Hogan Byrd Fine Arts Building

The Annie Hogan Byrd Fine Arts Building is the home to a frequent variety of events on campus, ranging from guest speakers and musicians to major theater productions.

"The Byrd" isn't just a performance hall, however. Besides containing an auditorium, a small theater, and an art gallery, it is also home to a number of offices. Tusculum's three TRIO Programs, which are federally funded to assist both Tusculum students and area high school students, are located on both the upper and lower levels of the building. One of the programs, Student Support Services, maintains a fully functioning Tutoring Center.

The offices of Tusculum College's Arts Outreach programs are also located here; Artist-in-Residence Marilyn duBrisk and her staff coordinate a number of theatre productions and countless other cultural activities for the benefit of the campus and the public at large.


"In 1960, Tusculum College officials undertook construction of a new combination fine arts-chapel building that would replace the cramped auditorium in McCormick Hall and provide the first proper chapel in the history of the College. The building was also conceived of as a home to the music, art, theater, philosophy and religion faculty....sufficient cash and pledges were in hand to allow construction to begin in May 1964.

"When ready in late 1966, it was dedicated in honor of Annie Hogan Byrd, wife of trustee Thomas H. Byrd, a major donor to the construction cost. As finished, the building offered a 700 seat auditorium, many faculty offices, classrooms, and, on the basement level, a small 200-seat arena or theater-in-the-round later named for drama teacher Professor David F. Behan.

"In later years, Doak-Balch art gallery [now the Allison Gallery] was located on the main floor and student art is often displayed in the lobby. Offices and classrooms for Upward Bound were eventually situated on the lower floor, where the history, political science, religion, and philosophy instructors' offices once were.... [The lower floor also now houses the Arts Outreach program.]

"The finest facility of its type in Greene County, Annie Hogan Byrd helps to provide a foundation for the cultural well-being of many." --From Glimpses of Tusculum