The Charles Oliver Gray Complex

Home to most of Tusculum's female students, the Charles Oliver Gray complex consists of four buildings. Known around campus as "the COGs", three of the buildings (South, East, and West) serve as residence halls. The fourth building, North, contains the Education & History departments, classrooms, office space, and guestrooms.


In August 1965, new president Dr. Douglas G. Trout asked the Board of Trustees to approve an increase in Tusculum's resident student population. As the postwar baby boomer generation came of age and the Vietnam conflict intensified, the pressure on colleges and universities to provide additional dormitory space increased.

The College requested and was granted a Federal Housing and Urban Development loan in the summer of 1967. These funds allowed groundbreaking on February 12, 1968 for The Charles Oliver Gray Residence Hall Complex, located just south of Craig Hall and west of Rankin Hall.

Designed as four buildings around a grass common, the complex was opened in the fall of 1969. These buildings were converted from men's to women's housing in 1987. -- From Glimpses of Tusculum College