Haynes Hall

Haynes is one of Tusculum's most historic buildings, having been built in 1914. Its original character has survived remodeling and renovations as recent as 1998, when dropped ceilings, new furniture, an updated sprinkler system, and new carpet in the common areas were added.

One of the most appealing parts of this men's hall is that every room in the building has its own individual features and characteristics. This isn't your run of the mill, cookie cutter hall - every room has its own flavor. Also, the rooms on the backside of the building have a spectacular view of the Unaka Mountains.


The building was originally designed as a women's dormitory, and it included space for the home economics department (moved over from Virginia Hall), hospital rooms, and domestic science laboratories. Again the building was funded primarily by Mrs. McCormick who sent her own architect to campus to supervise every detail of construction and who also completely furnished the building for the college, as she had done for Virginia Hall. Some of the original furnishings chosen by Mrs. McCormick are still on campus and in use today.

The use of extended portions of the building in front and back, two interior staircases, and dormer windows on third floor create unique and individual room designs. Haynes Hall is also known for its striking and unusual placement of windows on the back side of the building.