Tredway Science Building

Tredway serves as the main location for scientific and mathematic classes, labs, and research at the College. Three stories tall (four if you count the basement), this building has a large, auditorium-style classroom, as well as a number of smaller to mid-size classrooms and laboratory space.


The building was constructed only through the issuance of interest bearing bonds by the college, but it relieved the burden of many other buildings trying to provide science laboratory facilities in buildings not designed for such purposes.

The three story classroom and laboratory building has a half basement, and is constructed of red brick.

"Known simply as 'The Science Building,' the three-story brick building with a striking pillared portico was formally dedicated in the mid-afternoon of June 2, 1930....A major refurbishment was undertaken at the end of the 1980s and on April 3, 1989, the building was rededicated in honor of 1933 alumnus and the second Benefactor of the College, William L. Tredway of Chester, New Jersey. A new lab, entirely designed by the science faculty, was opened in early 1993." -- From Glimpses of Tusculum College