Virginia Hall

Virginia Hall stands at the main entrance to the Tusculum campus and is a striking and towering greeting for visitors. The beautiful lobby on the first floor is where you would make your first stop on a visit to campus. Virginia Hall houses classrooms, the Greeneville offices of the Graduate and Professional Studies Program, the offices of Admissions and Financial Aid, the registrar's office, faculty offices, and two computer labs.


The building was funded by Nettie Fowler McCormick, the widow of Cyrus Hall McCormick, and she chose the most famous architect of the time, Louis H. Sullivan, to design the building. The original blueprints of the building are available and are stored in the office of a local architect.

The building was originally designed as a women's dormitory and was Tusculum's first modern building with baths, fire escapes, and furnace heat. Virginia Hall originally housed the home economics department, a dining hall, a girl's gymnasium, parlors, reception rooms, and an art studio in addition to the student rooms (which at the time rented for 50 cents a week).