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Traditional/Residential College Information Request
Please Read Below

This form is for students interested in the Traditional/Residential Program at Tusculum College.

The Traditional/Residential program is for recent or upcoming high school graduates who are of "traditional" college age (typically 18-22 yrs.) The Traditional/Residential program is offered only on the campus in Greeneville.

If you are interested in the Graduate and Professional Studies program,please use this form.

We are pleased that you are interest in Tusculum College! And we know that you might like to know more about the College's academic programs!

With this form, you can request general information about the College or specific information about a program of study. Or you can request both! We will promptly mail your requested information to you as soon as we receive your information.

Please fill in all the required boxes, which are marked with an asterisk (*). Improperly filling out this form may cause it to not submit properly.

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How did you learn about Tusculum College?

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* What information are you requesting?
General Information
Information about a specific major or program of study

If you checked the second box, which program is of interest to you?
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Majors & Minors:

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